How To Drain An Intex Pool – Complete Guide

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There are several different reasons why you have to know how to drain an Intex pool. One of the most obvious one is to store your pool.

Storing your pool can free up some needed space in your yard or deck.

Draining your Intex pool is also a must if you want to store your pool during the cold months. And if you don’t want to go to the whole process of winterizing your pool.

We already covered the different reasons why you should drain your swimming pool, you can check that out if you want to know more information about the importance of draining your pool.

Different Ways On How To Drain Above Ground Pools

Before we go ahead and discuss the different ways on how to drain an Intex pool, make sure that you are draining your pool water that would not harm any plants or animals.

What we’re saying is you should follow the guidelines or laws on where you should discharge your pool water.


Siphoning is the most common way most people drain their Intex pools, especially if it does not have a built-in drain valve.

You will need a simple garden hose and some stuff that’ll keep the hose in place.

First, you must stick one end of the garden hose into the water, and the other one should be outside end below the level pool.

Make sure that there are no air bubbles in your garden hose, so water can easily pass through it.

When siphoning, it will not be possible to drain all the water on your pool. After reaching a certain level, you will have to do it manually.

For this reason, this is only a recommended way to drain an Intex pool if you have a limited budget.

Using Submersible Pump

A faster and more efficient method to drain an Intex pool is by using a submersible pump that will suck the water out of your pool.

This will cost you money but it will save you the time you’ll have to spend waiting for your Intex pool to drain.

It does not matter how much you’re going to spend for your submersible pump since even the most affordable one can do get the job done.

We highly recommend getting the Goplus Utility Water Pump for Intex pool owners. It’s affordable and it’s also a very efficient submersible pump.

Price: $65.99
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  • 【Long-term Operation】Its motor adopts water cooling technology to cool the machine itself by pumping up water during operation, which can make the machine work continuously for a long time with a steady temperature.
  • 【Safety Protection Design】The motor of this thermoplastic utility pump is wrapped in pure copper coils, so it will stop operating when the operating temperature is too high. Plastic shell is an electrical insulator to prevent leakage and ensure the safety of users.
  • 【Wide Scope of Application】Our water pump is compact and easy to carry. It can be used in various situations not only in farmland and fish pond production activities, but also in residential and commercial water conveyance systems and so on.

Using The Drain Valve

Another inexpensive way to drain your pool is by utilizing the drain valve of your Intex pool if it’s equipped with one.

Just a reminder. Never open your drain valve without connecting a hose in it first. You don’t want to drain your pool water where your Intex pool currently stands. It might affect the integrity of the ground or surface your pool is currently on.

You can connect the female end of your garden hose to the drain connector. For other Intex pools, you may have to screw a hose adapter with your female garden hose end before you can connect it to your drain valve.

This process is faster than siphoning your pool water, but not as fast compared to using a submersible pump.

Complete Guide On How To Drain An Intex Pool

How To Drain An Intex Pool: Easy Set or Pools with Inflatable Top Ring

Knowing how to drain your Intex kiddie pool or Easy set pool is an important process in maintaining and cleaning it.

For Intex kiddie pools with inflatable top rings or the Easy Set pools, they often don’t have a drain valve to drain the pool water, so you’ll have to do it using a garden hose or a submersible pump.

For this guide, we will use a simple garden hose.

Step-by-Step Guide In Draining An Intex Easy Set Pool

Total Time: 4 hours

Test your pool water

If you have one of those large-sized kiddie pools or Easy Set pools, we recommend testing the water first to check if you have low PH levels or high chlorine levels. If your pool water is not acidic or has low levels of chlorine, you can use them to water your plants.

Set up the garden hose in your pool

As mentioned earlier, siphoning uses a garden hose to drain your pool water.

Make sure that the hose is properly submerged and that no air inside the hose could block the water from going out of your pool. If set up properly, your siphon should start immediately.

Drain the last few inches of water

Since your garden hose cannot drain all your pool water.

You can either carefully pull up one of your pool’s side to drain the water or use a sponge to gather the remaining water and collect it in a bucket.

This all depends on the size of your pool and which one would be the easier option for you.

Dry the pool

Before storing your pool, you have to ensure that it’s completely dry.

Either you let it stay outside for a while under the sun for it to air dry or you can wipe your pools with towels to expedite the process.

The pool’s inside and outside walls should be dry to avoid the vinyl from sticking together when you fold it.

How To Drain An Intex Pool: Framed Intex Pool Sets

Draining your Intex pool framed set is going to be a little different than draining an Easy set pool.

Since we already discussed siphoning your pool water using a garden hose on the earlier guide.

For draining Intex framed pool sets, we will be using the drain valve.

The first step is still to test your pool water chemistry levels.

After that, you must locate your drain valve and gather the necessary equipment to drain your pool water out.

Set up your garden hose to an area where you want the drained pool water to go to.

Connect your hose adapter to your garden hose and then connect this to your drain valve to start draining your pool water.

Remove the cap in your Intex framed pool set. This is on the bottom inside your Intex pool. Removing it will let water pass through your drain valve.

Once removed, all you have to do now is wait for the pool water to be drained.

We recommend doing this at night, so by morning, your pool is completely drained.

Give it some time to dry completely, then you could start folding your Intex pool for storage.

What To Avoid When Draining Your Intex Pool

Draining your pool may cause damage to your Intex pool, and that is something we are trying to prevent from happening. Here are some of the things you should avoid doing when draining your Intex pool.

Not checking your pool water chemistry

As mentioned earlier, always check your pool water chemistry before draining it to avoid damaging your plants or hurting other living creatures near your place.

There’s a good reason why guidelines were set when it comes to where you should discharge your pool water.

Do not open the drain valve as is

Never open your Intex pool’s drain valve without connecting an adapter and a hose to it.

We know how easy it seems to drain your pool by just opening up your drain valve, but we highly suggest not doing that.

Draining your pool water that way, especially if it’s on your backyard, may cause your pool to sink to where it’s standing.

And it will make it harder for you to dry your pool if outside of it is a pool of water.

Not drying your pool completely

If you’re going to store your pool for an extended time, then you should make sure that it is dried completely.

Folding your pool when there’s still noticeable moisture on it may cause the vinyl to stick together and it may also stain your pool while it’s in storage.

Recommended Accessories For Draining An Intex Pool

Since draining your pool does not require any complex equipment or tools, here are some of the accessories we use to drain ours. And it may be of good use to you too.

For our garden hose, we bought the GrowGreen Heavy Duty Expandable Garden Hose. It has different sizes, but for our pool, we got the 25 feet hose.

If you need a hose adapter, but it seems you can’t find one that’ll work for your specific Intex pool set. You can try purchasing this Intex Garden Hose Drain Plug Connector that fits all Intex above ground pool sets.

For submersible pumps, we highly suggest getting the Goplus Utility Water Pump.

If you don’t have a complete set of maintenance kit for your Intex pool, you may also grab this Intex Deluxe Maintenance Kit at an affordable price. The kit includes a 110″ telescoping aluminum shaft, a vacuum that will utilize your pool filter system, debris skimmer, and scrub brush heads.

Final Thoughts

Draining your Intex pool should not be a tedious process with the right tools and equipment and of course, the right instructions too.

We hope that this guide on how to drain an Intex pool helped you, and if some instructions may seem different for your Intex pool model, please refer to your pool’s product manual for more specific instructions.

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