Pool Fence Ideas: 10 Ways To Improve Your Pool’s Security And Safety

Last Updated on January 30, 2023

So you’ve got yourself a brand new swimming pool, and now you’re looking for the best pool fence ideas to improve the security and safety in your pool area.

What’s the best pool fence to install around your pool?

That’s the question we’ll be answering on this guide, but before that, we’ll talk about the importance of having a pool fence installed. And the different pros and cons of using each type of pool fence.

Top Reasons Why You Need A Pool Fence Installed

The pool fence serves as a barrier between your pool area and the outside world. And it keeps certain things or creatures out of your pool area for good measure.

So why would you need to install a swimming pool fence?

To protect your children

The primary reason why parents install a pool fence is to protect their small children from going in their pool without them knowing. Children are mischievous creatures and one way to protect them from drowning is by using a strong fence that they could not climb on.

To keep your pets away

Unlike children, animals are good swimmers even when young, so why would you need to use a fence to keep them out?

Well, for starters, their fur can mess your pool water, and they usually bring dirt to the pool too. Also, wet dogs can make a lot of mess when they go inside after a good dip in your swimming pool.

So to save you from a lot of stress and headache in cleaning this type of mess, it would be best for you to install a pool fence around your pool.

To repel wild animals

Your pets are not the only animals you have to keep out of your pool if you don’t want to spend more time cleaning it.

Wild animals can also enter your pool any time they want without a barrier to keep them out of your pool area.

And unlike your pets, we’re not sure you want to interact with them while they’re at your pool. They’re also a small chance that they could bring disease to your pool water without you knowing, so it would be best to have something to stop them from entering your pool.

To secure your pool

The most important reason why you should install a fence around your pool is to improve the safety and security of your family and any other living creatures that may go in your pool and drown.

Also, pool repairs are not affordable, so it’s best to have a barrier to keep vandals or anyone who would sabotage your pool out of your property.

To abide by the law

In some counties and states, they require pool owners to install a swimming pool fence to prevent animals and children from drowning.

The most common rule here is if you have a pool that’s more than 18 inches, then you’re required to install a pool fence.

It would be best to familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations in your area regarding this to avoid any fines.

In conclusion, the need to put a fence around your pool is to avoid serious accidents, prevent unsupervised access to your pool, and keep clear of expensive repair costs.

How To Choose The Best Pool Fence

Before you can install a fence around your pool there are many important things to consider. Your needs and preference will greatly determine which type of pool fence is right for you. Before you decide, here are some things you should be thinking about:

  • How large is your pool area and are you planning to upgrade any time soon?
  • Do you prefer a permanent fencing or just a temporary one?
  • How much privacy do you need?
  • How much money are you willing to invest in your pool fence?

Types Of Pool Fence

Before we go to our best pool fence ideas, let’s talk about the different types of pool fence first. The different types of fence you can put around your pool are often classified based on their materials.


This pool fence is made from thick safety glass and metal posts to secure your pool area. It’s well-regarded for its aesthetic look and durability. It can cost anywhere between $100 to $200 per foot to install.


Another durable pool fence is using materials made from iron, steel, or aluminum. The most expensive to build among them is wrought iron fencing that can cost anywhere from $30 to a couple hundred dollars per foot. Tubular steel fencing is the most affordable since it will only cost $7 to $10 per foot to build. Meanwhile, aluminum tube fencing can cost you $12 to $30 per foot.


If you live in a region with a warmer climate, wooden fences can be a great option for you. A tall wooden fence gives your property a classic look. The cost of installing wooden fence around your pool will cost anywhere between $10 and $30 per linear foot coverage depending on the the wood that you will be using.


Vinyl pool fences are best for those pool owners who do not experience strong winds in their area. It only costs around $20 to $35 per foot to install and is very easy to setup.


A concrete pool fence is permanent and the best type of fence to protect your family’s privacy whenever you are using your pool. It also extremely easy to customize since you have the option to tile or paint it using the color of your preference. You can construct a bare concrete wall for only $6 to $8 per square foot.


If you want a more natural feel to your pool area, you can install a stone wall as your pool fence. It will cost you anywhere between $10 and $30 per square foot depending on the type of stone you’ll be using.


Among the types of fences you can use for your pool, a mesh pool fence is the most versatile. It keeps your pool secure and it can be adjusted easily without asking for any professional assistance. It can cost you $1,500 to $3,000 to install mesh fencing around your pool.

Pool Fence Ideas: In-ground vs Above Ground Pools

The main difference when it comes to fencing in-ground pools and above ground pools is the cost you have to pay for.

Fence around an in-ground pool tends to be more expensive than above ground pools since in-ground pools often have larger pool areas.

Also, some counties and states may only require you to build a pool fence if you have an in-ground pool.

Most types of pool fence can be used on both above ground and in-ground pools to secure them. But for above ground pool owners, we highly suggest getting a mesh fencing or vinyl fence around the pool itself.

Best Pool Fence Ideas In 2023

Here are some of the best pool fence ideas you can implement in your own backyard.

Build a glass pool fence

glass pool fence ideas
Photo by roger4336 pool fence ideas

Glass pool fence can be a great addition not only to your pool area’s security, but also to its overall look. Most pool owners use thick sheets of safety glass and support them with metal posts. As beautiful as it may be, you should be prepared for the expenses to construct this in your yard. Also, maintenance can be tedious and costly as well.

Beautiful to look atHigh upfront costs
Kids would have a hard time climbing on itCan be hard to maintain
Secure your pool without blocking your view

Surround your pool area with bamboo

bamboo fence
Photo by Adrian F pool fence ideas

Using bamboos as a pool fence is an affordable way to secure your pool area and add a natural look into your yard. You can either plant them around your pool area or construct a wall made from bamboo slats. Compared to other pool fence ideas on this list, this one is more affordable to build.

Backyard X-Scapes Natural Rolled Bamboo Fence 1in D x 6ft H x 8ft L
  • Natural Rolled Tonkin bamboo fencing panel. 1"D x 6't x 8'W. Commercial quality for indoor or outdoor use
  • Characteristics: earth tone varied colors. Fire straitened poles exceptional strong with a tensile strength of Steel and the compression strength of cement.
  • Ease of installation and fitting: flexible for curved surfaces. Can be cut to length.
  • Usage: perfect eco-minded alternative to other wood products. Commercial and residential interior or exterior environments.
Brings a tropical look to your pool areaMay attract panda bears 😜
Makes your pool area more private

Use metal frames as fence

metal pool fence photo
Photo by Phil Roeder pool fence ideas

Using a metal pool fence is one of the most popular ways to secure your pool area. They’re very easy to set up and with proper maintenance, it can last long. We advise painting your metal fence for better rust prevention, and it’ll look better that way.

DurableProne to rust
Easy to installKids may climb on them

Use an aluminum pool fence

Unlike metal frames made from iron wrought, aluminum pool fence is rust-resistant and it can effectively prevent wild animals from entering your pool area if installed properly.

Rust-resistantCan be climb on by kids
Strong and durable fenceHas some open space in between that makes you visible to other people on
Secures your pool area wellProne to denting

Build a concrete wall around your pool

concrete photo
Photo by jetheriot pool fence ideas

If you’re looking for ways to have s more secure and private pool area, then building a concrete pool fence might do the trick. Similar to the bamboo fence, this pool fence does not require you to spend a lot for it to be built. You can also customize it based on your preference. You have the option to paint it or put tiles on it to improve its overall design.

Improves the privacy in your pool areaCan impede air circulation
Hard to climb onCan be an eyesore if not designed right
Sturdy fence

Use vinyl for your pool fence

vinyl fence photo
Photo by pb3131 pool fence ideas

Another affordable way to fence your pool area is by using a vinyl pool fence. It does not require much maintenance. One of the good reasons why it had gain popularity among pool owners.

You can get a set of vinyl fence directly from Amazon and you can do the installation yourself to save money. We recommend the Zippity Semi-Permanent Vinyl Fence Kit.

Zippity Outdoor Products ZP19018 (2 Panel) Vinyl Picket Kit, Manchester Fence, White
  • FENCE APPLICATION: This fence is designed for semi-permanent residential applications that are not subject to intense wear and tear; not recommended to contain large dogs
  • SEMI-PERMANENT: Fence can be easily removed and re-installed
  • INSTALLATION: Assembles and installs with relative ease- little to no digging required compared to a normal fence; simply insert included pointed stakes into the ground or use a cordless drill and...
  • PREMIUM-GRADE VINYL: Made with virtually maintenance-free weather resistant vinyl with a 10 year warranty; won't crack, warp, yellow, splinter, or rot; no painting

For above ground pool owners, you should check out the GLI Above Ground Pool Fence Base Kit. It’s very easy to set up and should effectively prevent your kids from entering your pool without your permission.

On Sale Now!
Blue Wave NE145 Above Ground Pool Fence Kit (8 Sections) - White
  • SAFETY AND SECURITY - Designed to keep your friends and family safe from accidents, this pool barrier prevents anyone from accessing your above-ground pool from the outside and falling into the water....
  • FITS MOST POOLS - This above-ground pool fence kit can be mounted on any above-ground pool with flat, metal uprights and top rails. Mounting brackets have rounded edges that easily attach to a...
  • FENCE SECTIONS NEEDED - Manufactured from durable, UV-protected vinyl, this 24-in high fence is sold in kits. Start with the basic 8-section fence kit and add additional kits to match your specific...
  • READY TO INSTALL - Start the easy, do-it-yourself installation right out of the box. All fence sections, fence posts, stainless steel hardware, and instructions needed for installation are included in...
AffordableKids may climb on it
Secures your pool area wellMay block the visibility of your pool water
Can be designed using any color you want

Build your pool fence using wood

wooden pool fence photo
Photo by danhurt pool fence ideas

Wood fence was one of the most popular pool fences before. But because it can be home to pests, some pool owners are opting to use other pool fence ideas. With proper care and maintenance, by painting and treating it at least once a year, a wood pool fence can be a great addition to your pool area.

Brings a natural feel to your backyardRequires regular maintenance
Improves privacy in your poolHigh upfront costs
Blocks wild animals from entering your poolProne to pests infestation like termites

Install a mesh pool fence

mesh pool fence
Photo from Wikipedia.org

Mesh pool fences are very affordable and easy to set up. Making it the popular choice of pool owners who do not want much hassle when it comes to selecting and installing a pool fence in their backyard.

You can easily get a set of mesh pool fences at your local store or directly from Amazon. You have the option to install this pool fence on your own or contact a contractor to install it for you.

VersatileMesh fabrics may deteriorate over time
Great value for money
Secures your pool without hindering the visibility of your pool area

Build a stone wall pool fence

Another great pool fence idea similar to building a concrete wall is constructing a stone wall in your backyard. Unlike concrete, stone wall gives you a more natural look. However due to its construction, dust and dirt might accumulate, so it would be better if you regularly rinse it with water.

A great addition to your backyardHigh upfront costs
Improves privacy in your pool areaNeeds regular cleaning to prevent dirt from accumulating

Hedge pool fence

hedge photo
Photo by wallygrom pool fence ideas

A type of fence that adds a luxurious tone in your pool area. If you have the time and patience to wait for your pool fence as it builds itself up, then having a hedge pool fence is the right choice for you. Sure, you can get adult shrubs, but it would still take some time for them to acclimate and thicken.

Can easily blend in any yardHigh upfront costs
A good way to keep your children and pets off the poolRequires regular trimming
Improves the quality of air around your poolNeeds time to thicken

Best Pool Accessories To Improve Your Pool’s Safety and Security

If you’re still not that convinced that your pool fence can prevent pool accidents, and you want to make sure you have every member of your family safe and secured, then you might want to check out these pool accessories.

Pool Alarms

Sometimes having a pool fence installed may not be enough to keep your children out of your pool without your permission.

Getting a pool gate alarm or pool fence alarm that provides access to your pool is a good idea. It can notify you whenever there’s unwanted access to your pool area.

We suggest checking out the Poolguard DAPT-2 Water Hazard Pool Door Alarm.

PoolGuard DAPT-2 Water Hazard Pool Door Alarm, White
  • UL Listed UL 2017 (Water Hazard Entrance Door Alarm)
  • Made in the USA
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Battery Powered; Outdoor wireless transmitter pass-thru feature. 85 DB Horn at 10 Feet.

Pool Safety Covers

Another great way to ensure the safety of your children is by installing a pool safety cover. This type of cover is usually used during the winter season, but to avoid any serious accidents you may also use it during the summer.

It can take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes for you to remove and reinstall the cover depending on your pool size.

If you have an in-ground pool, then you might want to check out the WaterWarden Inground Pool Safety Cover.

WaterWarden SCMB1224 Safety Cover for 12' x 24' Inground Pools, 15-Year Warranty, UL Classified to ASTM F1346, Triple Stitched for MAX Strength, Hardware Included, 12'x24', Blue Mesh
  • SUPERIOR THICKNESS AND STRENGTH – Made of thick and durable polypropylene, this pool safety cover has a break-strength of over 4,000 lbs. Abrasion-resistant pads protect the cover from wear at its...
  • ADDED SAFETY AND DURABILITY – This swimming pool cover features 2-ply strapping that’s triple-stitched throughout for maximum strength. All straps have non-corrosive aluminum tips and large...
  • HIGHEST QUALITY STANDARDS – In addition to its 15-year warranty, this cover is UL classified in accordance with ASTM Standard F1346, giving you peace of mind that your inground pool will be properly...
  • INSTALLATION HARDWARE INCLUDED – A tamping tool, installation rod and hex key are included for installation. The solid brass anchors recess flush into the pool deck so they don’t pose a tripping...

For above ground pool owners, you may use the cover that came with your pool set or get the right-sized pool cover from Amazon like the Blue Wave Above Ground Pool Winter Cover.

Blue Wave Bronze 8-Year 24-ft Round Above Ground Pool Winter Cover
  • PROTECTS YOUR POOL - Blue Wave Winter Covers are perfect for regions that have winter weather. Designed to endure repeated exposure to harsh conditions, these covers provide protection for your...
  • EASY TO SECURE - A vinyl-coated cable and a metal winch keep your pool cover secured tightly and efficiently. The cover features metal grommets spaced every 2-feet to ensure your pool remains...
  • STRENGTH AND DURABILITY - Crafted from woven, laminated polyethylene strands, every Blue Wave winter cover is treated to protect it from sunlight degradation. For additional protection, each cover has...
  • REDUCES SPRING MAINTENANCE - This solid cover with heat-sealed seams keeps dirt, leaves, and branches from decaying in your pool all winter, ensuring the water will be ready for another season of fun...

Pool Nets

Another great option to secure your pool is by installing a pool safety net on it. You can get your own pool net from WaterWarden, they have pool nets available for both above ground pool and in-ground pool owners.

WaterWarden Inground Pool Safety Net, 12’ x 24’, Blue – DIY System, Made of Durable UV Polyethylene Material, Water Resistant Reel Included, WWN1224, 12'x24'
  • HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Durably crafted using 100% polyethylene netting, the WaterWarden Pool Safety Net is built for long term use. Each safety net is treated with UV inhibitors to prevent sun...
  • OPTIMAL PROTECTION: This pool safety netting is available in a variety of sizes to safeguard any pool and protect children and pets from pool access. Our pool safety products are meticulously designed...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Available for your specific pool size and shape, you’ll receive your pool net cover ready for attachment. Simply trim the edges for an exact fit to your pool and install the...
  • VERSATILE USE: This pool safety net cover is great for homeowners with little deck space. Extremely lightweight, durable and easy to install, it’s pool safety netting that can be installed on almost...

Pool Lights

Pool lights do not necessarily keep your children or wild animals out of your pool, but they could help you monitor your pool area even at night for any unwanted intruders.

You can ask someone to install lights around your pool or get a portable/floating pool light.

Frequently Asked Questions When Putting Fence Around Your Pool

How long do pool fences last?

A pool fence should last for several years depending on the material that they’re made of.

Some pool owners had their pool fence longer than they had their pool.

This makes having a pool fence a worthy investment, especially if you want a specific place in your backyard to be your permanent pool area.

What is the best pool fence?

We prefer using a mesh pool fence. It’s best for both in-ground and above ground pools, and it’s very easy to set up.

The price depends on the size of your pool, and it seems quite reasonable since it keeps our pool well-secured and it does not block our visibility. It makes it easy for us to monitor our pool area.

How tall does a fence need to be around a pool?

The minimum height recommended when installing a pool fence around your pool is 4 feet. This should be sufficient in blocking any unwanted visitors to your pool like your dogs, wild animals, or your kids.

If you suspect that your kids might climb over your pool fence, you might consider installing a taller fence.

How long does it take to install a pool fence?

You can get your pool fence installed within 4 hours, or it could take the whole day or two depending on the materials you’ll be using and the size of your pool area.

Did Not Find The Pool Fence You’re Looking For? Check These Out.

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  2. It’s not enough to put up a fence. The gate needs to lock, and it needs a spring to automatically pull it closed.

    Adding alarms on all doors and windows that lead to your pool area is another security step.

    There are additional barriers you can put up around your pool so children may play outside safely without access to the pool.


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