How To Winterize An Intex Pool The Right Way – Complete Guide

Last Updated on November 17, 2021

All good things must come to an end.

No matter how much we want to enjoy our pool more, the summer season for each year will always reach its conclusion. Unfortunately for those people living in places with extreme winter conditions, learning how to winterize an Intex pool is required to still have a working above ground pool when summer begins again.

Now, winterizing your above ground pool is not only for those who want to prepare for winter, but it can also be done by those who want to close their pool for an extended period but do not want to set it up all over again.

If you need to completely take down your Intex pool based on your geographic location, then you need to know how to drain an intex pool.

How To Winterize An Intex Pool

Cold winters can be hard on above ground pool owners. But having the right equipment and knowing how to do it properly can help prolong the lifespan of your Intex pool.

Also, winterizing your Intex pool isn’t that difficult. The good news for those doing this for the first time is all you have to do is to follow our instructions here.

1. Gather your winterizing materials

Before you start preparing your Intex pool for the winter, you should gather all the materials that you will need first, this will include the following:

  • Intex pool cover
  • Pool pillow
  • Winterizing kit (includes pH increaser, Pool shock, algaecide, alkalinity increaser, and calcium hardness increaser)
  • Pool cover clips
  • Cable and winch for pool cover

2. Remove your pool equipment

Once you have all the materials that you will be needing to winterize an Intex pool, do not forget to store your pool ladder, toys, and any other pool accessories you may have. Leaving them in your Intex pool can damage your pool.

For your Intex pool pump, you need to remove all drain plugs, pumps, and hoses. Store all the drain plugs in the pump basket so that you keep them all together and you won’t have a hard time locating them when you reopen your pool.

3. Remove old filter cartridge

Drain your filter, then rinse off the cartridge with a hose. Be sure to leave the valves open, and store the cartridge indoors for the winter.

We also suggest replacing your filter cartridge, so that you will have a clean one once the new pool season starts.

For those using a sand filter on their Intex pools, you should set your multiport valve to “Winterize,” and remove the drain plug at the bottom to allow your filter to drain completely.

4. Clean your pool and its equipment

Make sure that you thoroughly clean your above ground pool and all your pool equipment. Some equipment can be hosed off while other pieces of your pool equipment like hoses might need to be submerged in soapy water to remove all the chemicals.

Let them dry first, then store your pool equipment in a clean, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

You don’t want to store a dirty cup that’s why you wash it first, right?

The same can be said when you winterize your Intex pool, you should vacuum and brush the entire pool before you close it down for good.

5. Balance your pool water

You must balance your pool water as you would before you would safely swim in your pool. Test the water and add chemicals until your water is properly balanced. You may refer to this table on what levels you should target.

Pool WaterIdeal Level
pH7.4 to 7.6
Chlorine1 to 3 ppm
Calcium Hardness175 to 225 ppm
Alkalinity100 to 150 ppm

We suggest that you aim to get on the high side of those ranges above before you close your Intex pool since it’ll take a while before you can adjust your pool water balance during the winter season.

6. Add winter chemical kit

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  • (2) bags of 99% sodium dichlor (Di-Zap), which will get your pool water clean, clear, and safe to swim in.
  • Clarifier keeps your water crystal clear by coagulating dirt, which helps your filter be more efficient.
  • Algaecide works in conjunction with pool shock to defend against multiple types of algae from invading your swimming pool.

There are different winterizing pool chemicals for Intex pools you can use when you won’t be using it for more than a month or a whole season. These chemicals will help keep your pool water balanced while it is not in use without the need for you to clean your pool weekly. You have the option to get a pool winter chemical kit or buy these pool chemicals one by one.

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  • Main active ingredient is 68% Calcium Hypochlorite (Cal-Hypo) for quick sanitizing.
  • Dosage: 1 Pound per 10,000 gallons

If you prefer using a regular shock, then you must add it to the pool the night before you want to close it so the shock has time to work. This is why we strongly advise using a fast-dissolving shock instead of regular shock before you cover your Intex pool.

7. Install the pool air pillow

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For those Intex pool owners living in cold climates, placing a pool air pillow, because it compensates for the pressure of the snow and ice on top of the cover, is a must. It helps protect the sides of your Intex pool cover and the walls of your pool from damage.

You can use a pool air pillow to keep water and debris off to the side of the pool. This makes it easier for you to reopen your Intex pool.

Make sure you put it at the center of your Intex pool for better protection from snowfall. You can use a cable and winch to tie your pool air pillow and ensure it stays in the center.

8. Cover your Intex pool

Intex 28031E N/AA 12 ft. Metal Frame Above Ground Pool Cover, 1 Pack, Blue
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  • DRAIN HOLES: When not in use, drain holes prevent water accumulation and allow for easy removal.

To avoid any dirt and debris from falling into your Intex pool and the cold weather from affecting your pool’s water balance and chemistry, using a pool cover to cover your pool is recommended.

Throughout the winter season, regularly check your Intex pool cover and do your best to keep it dry.

How To Winterize An Intex Pool

Final Thoughts About Winterizing Your Pool

This should help you enjoy your swimming pool for many pool seasons to come. You don’t have to hire a pool professional to show you how to winterize an Intex pool, with the right equipment and this guide, you can do it all by yourself.

Sure, it can be difficult at first, but it should get easier for each passing year that you’re preparing your pool for the cold months.

If you have any questions, feel free to let us know in our comments section.

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  1. I followed these instructions but the instructions on the pool chemicals all indicated that the filter should be run for several hours after adding the chemicals. However, following the instructions given above I had already dropped the water level and disconnected the filter system.

    Why do you have the chemical treatment after the filter removal? What is your recommendation for applying the chemicals at this point?


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