How To Store An Inflatable Pool

Last Updated on October 19, 2021

It’s that time of that year again when you have to start thinking about how to store an inflatable pool for the winter to ensure you can still use it for the next pool season.

We know, it’s not that enjoyable task to do or prepare for compare to setting up your pool, but it is still an important responsibility to ensure that you still have a pool to use when the summer season comes around again.

If you’re a first-time pool owner, then this guide should be helpful, the same can be said to those who struck out before keeping their inflatable pools safe from mice and other pests.

We don’t know what those creatures think about your pool, but we believe they just want to mess with you by ruining your beautiful inflatable pool. The good thing is this plan of theirs can be easily prevented by having the right equipment, and of course, knowing how to store your inflatable pool properly.

Steps On How To Store An Inflatable Pool

Before you can store your pool, you have to make sure that you got everything covered, and that means all these steps must be done before you start folding your pool and putting it for storage.

  1. Remove all your pool equipment (e.g. pumps, hoses, ladder), and let them dry.
  2. Completely drain your pool and allow it to dry for about an hour. It is best to disassemble your pool near midday, so it will dry faster.
  3. Start deflating the top ring of your inflatable pool.
  4. Use talcum powder to prevent your pool liner from sticking together during storage. Sprinkle it over your pool to prevent mildew.
  5. Start forming a square by folding the liner of your pool to about two-thirds of its size. This means at each end measure one-sixth of its overall size and fold that part.
  6. Once done, fold it again to make it look like a rectangle. This means you have to fold the two opposing sides of the square together.
  7. Along the center seam, fold your pool again. At this stage, it should start looking like the first time you opened your pool’s package.’
  8. Start removing the air from one side of your pool liner to the other end.
  9. Now, start folding the pool again to make a smaller square without any of its edge exposed.

After doing those steps, it’s now time to store your inflatable pool for good.

Ways To Store An Inflatable Pool

As much as we want to recommend just using the box that came with the pool, and store them inside a secured room, we don’t want to risk your pool’s safety against the cleverness of some creatures that might be lurking inside your household.

Pool equipment is suspect to damage as well if they are not stored properly, so here are better and more durable storage solutions to keep your pool and its equipment safe until you have to use them again.

Use a large trash bin

The most common way that most inflatable pool owners use to store their pool is by getting a large enough trash bin with a lid. This is very straightforward, all you got to do is deflate and fold your inflatable pool properly and put it inside the trash bin and make sure to close the lid well.

For hygiene purposes, we highly recommend getting a new trash bin to store your pool in.

For example, a 10 feet by 30 inches Intex inflatable pool can be stored inside a 50-gallon trash bin as long as its properly folded.

If you do opt for this storage solution, then you should check out these trash bins in Amazon. They all have their covers and are equipped with wheels so you can move them around easily.

Now, you might be wondering about your other pool equipment like your pumps and hoses, where should you store them?

If you don’t have a secured cabinet to put them on, then you might like our next storage suggestion better.

Use storage tote boxes

Storage tote boxes similar to trash bins can keep your inflatable pool safe for the whole period that you won’t be using it. They are also a great place to store your inflatable pool equipment like your pool pumps, hoses, and chlorine dispenser.

Unlike trash bins that are often tall, storage tote boxes are longer and can be easily stacked. Making them the perfect solution to store your inflatable pool during the cold months.

We highly recommend getting these storage boxes since they have the adequate size to fit most inflatable pools and you can also store your pool equipment and chemicals in them.

We suggest putting in some mothballs inside the boxes to keep pests out and prevent them from ruining your pool or your pool equipment.

Don’t forget to keep your boxes inside a secure and dry location like in your basement or attic. Also, it will be best to keep them in locations that your kids may not easily reach to prevent them from opening the boxes without your supervision.

A Good Alternative For Large Inflatable Pool Owners

Since the available storage boxes and trash bins are limited in terms of their size, and setting up a large pool all over again can be a very tedious task for most pool owners. We highly suggest that you consider this alternative way of preparing your pool for the end of summer.

Now, as you may have already known, some people residing in areas that do not experience extreme winter conditions often choose to leave their pool outside. And what they often do is just add the necessary chemicals to prepare the pool for winter and ensure that it’s covered properly.

If you don’t want to set up your pool over again, you should check out this guide on how to winterize inflatable pools.

Final Thoughts

Storing your pool properly is not that hard of a task to do. As long as you have the right equipment with you, and know the dos and don’ts in keeping your pool safe from mice and other pests, then you should be able to use your inflatable again when the new pool season starts.

By simply doing the right measures to properly store your inflatable pool, you will be able to keep it in good working condition even in storage. For great results, you should keep everything in a location that is cool, dry, and away from sunlight.

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