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Hi, I’m Pearl Haskins and along with my husband Rick we run this site, Own The Pool.

Pearl Haskins - Own The Pool
Rick Haskins - Own The Pool

Like you, we have a swimming pool at our home, and it is a great source of joy for our family.

Whether you already have a pool, or are just here investigating the idea of installing one, we hope you find the right resource you are looking for.  We work hard to make quality content that is helpful to all pool owners.

We focus on five main categories here at Own The Pool.

  • Care and Maintenance – here we focus on how-to’s and product reviews that help you care for your swimming pool and keep it clean and functioning.
  • Safety & Security – owning a swimming pool is a great responsibility and here we focus on ways to ensure the safety of your family and those around you.
  • Fun & Games – isn’t this why we all own a pool in the first place?  We provide ideas, inspirations, and reviews of products to ensure your pool is the happening place to be!
  • Intex Pools – We know how popular Intex pools are and how intimidating pool ownership can be for new owners. We try to provide helpful information to make your pool ownership experience great!
  • Hot Tubs – There are many similarities between pool ownership and hot-tub ownership. We have content dedicated to choosing the best hot tubs and how to keep them running clean and efficient.

Our Mission is to provide information to you so that you can Own The Pool!

We provide tutorials, buying guides & reviews, and inspirational ideas to empower you.  We try to do so in clear, concise language that everyone can understand, rather than lots of industry jargon and non-sensical technical terms.

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Affiliate Disclaimer:

Some of the links you see on this site are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to purchase a product, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.  Keep in mind, we link to these products because of their quality and suitability for the task at hand.  We will try to steer you clear of products to avoid.