What To Put Under An Inflatable Hot Tub – 3 Ideas For Longevity

Last Updated on March 30, 2022

So you got yourself a new hot tub for your outdoor living space? And I’m sure that you can’t wait to use it with your friends and family. But what do can you put under it to make it last longer? The answer is either a ground cloth, interlocking foam tiles, or plastic resin base tiles. Read on for our suggestions…

If you’re like most first-time inflatable hot tub owners, you might be wondering how to set it up properly. And like all other hot tub owners, you’re also asking the same question, what to put under an inflatable hot tub“?

Similar to above-ground pools, inflatable hot tubs need a barrier to separate your hot tub’s liner from the ground itself. Figuring out the perfect item or material to place under your hot tub can significantly prolong its lifespan.

What to Use at a Glance

After reading this article, you’ll be able to answer the following questions.

  • What’s the best way to prevent my hot tub from getting punctured?
  • What kind of products or materials can I put under my inflatable hot tub?
  • Where should I place or set up my inflatable hot tub?

Here are 3 Great Ideas of What to Put Under An Inflatable Hot Tub

There are a handful of options you can use under your inflatable hot tub, but we only recommend the following materials since they’re easy to find, functional, and durable.

Good Choice: Ground Cloth

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If you recently bought a hot tub that comes with a ground cloth similar to those Intex inflatable hot tubs, then you can just simply use that for your inflatable hot tub.

If it didn’t come with a ground cloth, then you can get this best seller Rhino Pad Ground Cloth, it is available in a variety of sizes. This is manufactured out of a thick and long-lasting textile fiber. Protect your liner from cuts and punctures caused by rocks, roots, nutgrass, glass, and other dangerous ground debris.

Using ground cloth is also the most affordable option to ensure that the bottom of your hot tub is properly protected.

Better Choice: Interlocking Foam Tiles

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Interlocking foam tiles can add a thicker amount of padding under your hot tub’s bottom than ground cloth. They are also very easy to set up and depending on the size of your hot tub, 30 to 40 tiles of these 12″ by 12″‘ foam tiles should be enough to cover its needed floor space.

If you’re setting up your hot tub on grass, we highly recommend this option. You can even add a ground cloth or tarp above your interlocking foam tiles to better protect the bottom of your inflatable hot tub.

Best Choice: Plastic Resin Base

Confer Plastics Handi Spa Pad - 3 Pack (4'x8') Concrete Pad Alternative: Durable, Quick Setup & Easy Installation, Ideal Concrete Substitute Base for Hot Tubs and Spas
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  • Connectable Design: Hot tub floor mat pieces lock together with built-in connectors to reduce shifting which eliminates the need to pour costly concrete and time-consuming installation
  • Versatile: Ground mat suitable for under pool filter equipment, plastic sheds, under trash cans, and inside the garage; Avoid placing beneath gas heaters as it can pose safety risks

Are you looking for only the best material to put under an inflatable hot tub?

Well, these plastic resin base pads should be on top of your list, since these are recommended for either outdoor or indoor tubs. Similar to the other materials on this list, these pads are fairly easy to set up and just like those foam tiles, their pieces also interlock.

These are made of high-quality, durable polyethylene resin. They’re also very easy to clean using a garden hose.

You can also easily dismantle this base pad if the need arises. For example, in case you want to move your hot tub from your backyard to your newly built patio.

Their versatility and durability make them the perfect padding to protect the bottom of any inflatable hot tub whether it’s from Intex, Coleman, or some other brands.

Frequently Asked Questions About Portable Hot Tubs

What’s the best place to set up an inflatable hot tub?

When it comes to looking for the perfect location to set up your new inflatable hot tub, we highly suggest looking for a place in your home with a level, smooth, and solid surface. If you set it up on uneven ground or a slope, you might get uncomfortable when you’re using your hot tub.

It should also be close enough to a power source that you don’t have to use an extension cable. Also, do your best to place your hot tub near a windbreak, like a hedge or a small stone wall. This helps your hot tub maintain its warmth and can lessen your energy cost.

Can I put my inflatable hot tub on the driveway or concrete patio?

Yes. Your driveway or concrete patio is a great place to set up an inflatable hot tub on. Make sure you use one of the materials we recommend above to protect the bottom of your portable hot tub. This ensures that everything goes well and you can use your hot tub for a very long time.

If you ask us, what will be the best material to put under an inflatable tub on a driveway or concrete patio, we’ll just tell you to get those plastic resin base pads since they can be used anywhere.

How often should I clean my inflatable hot tub’s bottom padding?

This highly depends on the material that you chose to use and the number of times you use your hot tub for each week or month.

If you don’t have much free time to do a whole lot of cleaning, we highly recommend that you place your hot tub in a location that does not get much traffic to minimize the dirt and dust in its surrounding.

This way you can get away in cleaning your hot tub’s ground cloth, tiles, or padding for just once or twice a month.

How long do these products last?

For interlocking tiles, ground cloth, and plastic resin base pads, their longevity highly depends on the quality of materials used in making them. Among them, the base pads last the longest and can even outlast your current inflatable hot tub.

Final Thoughts About Setting Up An Inflatable Hot Tub

We hope these simple but important tips have been helpful to you and your new inflatable hot tub. Now that you have your portable hot tub up and running, you might be interested in checking these great vacuums for your hot tub to keep your water clean and clear.

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  1. So I live in Northeast Florida where it is sandy soil. I do not have a concrete slab only pavers. I do not feel safe laying it on the payers since they have shifted through the years and I had to raised them several times. So my choice is a grassy area. My plan is to remove the grass in a 8’x8′ square, frame it and fill with peat gravel approx. 4″ deep. What do you think? I am getting an INTEL SimpleSpa (inflatable) with a 210 gallon capacity (approx weight 1300 lbs in a 57 inch diameter footprint 2552 in^2 at a calculated 0.51 psi) Would that be ok?

  2. I use and would suggest p50 and soul board it’s just foam board and it’s fairly inexpensive any kind would be better than nothing I then just saying the two pieces together with strong duck or Gorilla Tape I also use carpet tape to take the boards to the deck and the tub mat to the foam boards


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