Summer Waves vs Intex Pools – Who Has Better Pools?

Last Updated on October 20, 2021

So, you’re choosing a pool and deciding between Summer Waves vs Intex Pools and you’ve got some hard to answer questions about the two pools.

Which of these pools is a better fit? What are the differences between them?

They almost look alike and it’s hard to tell their differences.

Intex and Summer Waves Pools are both very good above ground pool manufacturers.

Rather than finding out which one is “better“, let’s find out which one is “best for you and your family“.

Now, adding a swimming pool to your backyard can be a very exciting moment. But it can also be a difficult decision to make with all the choices in front of you.

Of course, you want to make sure you pick the right product that will last for years. But you also want to feel certain about the decision you make.

The good thing is we’re here to help you make the best possible decision when it comes to selecting between Summer Waves pools and Intex pools.

Summer Waves vs Intex Pools At A Glance

Best For…Summer WavesIntexOur Pick
Small ChildrenQuick SetEasy SetEasy Set
Adults With Playful KidsActive FrameMetal FrameMetal Frame
AdultsElite FramePrism FrameElite Frame
Big BackyardsElite ProUltra XTR FrameUltra XTR Frame

Summer Waves Quick Set vs Intex Easy Set

Both Summer Waves and Intex offer easy to set up inflatable above ground pools.

For Intex, it’s their Easy Set pools.

For Summer Waves, it’s their Quick Set Pools that comes in two different colors: blue and brown.

These two are almost identical with their top inflatable rings and almost the same shade of blue. If it’s not because of their label on the pool’s sides, you can easily be mistaken telling which one is an Intex pool and which one comes from Summer Waves.

Both pools come with a handy filter pump and are constructed with durable PVC for its pool liners.

What Summer Waves Love

  • Easy assembly.
  • Great quality.
  • Good for those with small kids.

Summer Waves Customers’ Main Complaints

  • Customers are not happy with Summer Waves’ customer service.
  • Some customers said the pool is easily damaged.

What Intex Customers Love

  • Great value for money.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • The pool liner is sturdy enough.

Intex Customers’ Main Complaints

  • Some feedback that the pool gets flimsy.
  • Reports that says the pool’s inflatable ring will not inflate.

For this one, we give the edge to the Intex Easy Set. Customers love the pool for its easy setup and good value for money.

Summer Waves Active Frame vs Intex Metal Frame

Summer Waves and Intex also have framed above ground pools.

Much like their pools with inflatable top rings, the Metal Frame and Active Frame are almost identical.

Both pools are easy to assemble according to those who bought them and are very durable because of the high-quality pool liner and sturdy frames that the pools come with.

The pool filter pump system is included in both Metal Frame and Active Frame pool sets.

The large-sized sets come with a pool ladder. For Intex, it includes the ground cloth and a pool cover.

What Summer Waves Customers Love

  • Easy assembly.
  • Good for families.

Summer Waves Customers’ Main Complaints

  • Some customers report leak/s in the pool’s corners.
  • Customers received a damaged product with holes in them.

What Intex Customers Love

  • Great value for money.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Low maintenance required.

Intex Customers’ Main Complaints

  • Some customers reported receiving the wrong item.

Between the Metal Frame Set and Active Frame Pools, customers like the Intex Metal Frame Sets more. They report better experience with the Metal Frame as opposed to Active Frame that has more negative feedback than good ones. For this set, we’ll recommend the Intex Metal Frame.

Summer Waves Elite Frame vs Intex Prism Frame

An improved version of their more affordable framed pool sets are the Elite Frame for Summer Waves and Intex Prism Frame for Intex.

Both pool sets come in different shapes such as round and rectangular. Both are good large-sized above ground pools that can accommodate at least four adults.

They both come with a pool ladder, ground cloth, pool cover, and a pump and filtration system.

If you’re looking for the perfect pool for you and your friends to chill out, these are two of the best options out there.

What Summer Waves Customers Love

  • Easy assembly.
  • Great quality at a decent price.
  • Unique design color.

Summer Waves Customers’ Main Complaints

  • The pool ladder that comes with it is not that sturdy.

What Intex Customers Love

  • Good value for money.
  • Uses high-quality materials.
  • Good size for big families.

Intex Customers’ Main Complaints

  • The pump included with the pool set is too weak and incapable of filtering the pool well.

We have to give the edge here to Summer Waves Elite Frame Pools. Since Intex is a more recognized brand, its pools are a bit pricey for some families. And a good alternative for those looking for a large pool is Summer Waves’ Elite Frame pool sets. They almost have the same features yet they differ in pricing.

Summer Waves Elite Pro Series vs Intex Ultra XTR Frame

Unlike Best Way pools, Summer Waves have a pool set that can rival the Intex Ultra XTR Frame Pool Set.

Introducing the Summer Waves Elite Pro Series pool set.

Summer Waves P43216521 32ft x 16ft x 52in Outdoor Rectangular Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool Set w/Sand Filter Pump, Cover, Ladder, & Ground Cloth
  • Splash the day away in the comfort and privacy of your own backyard with this above-ground frame pool
  • Measures 32 feet by 16 feet and 52 inches deep, providing enough space for the whole family to enjoy; Water Capacity: 8,939 gallons
  • Made of a durable triple-layer polyester mesh and a durable metal frame that will stand up to heavy use and the elements
  • SureStep A-frame pool ladder is constructed of sturdy lightweight steel to make entry and exit simple
INTEX 26329EH Ultra XTR Deluxe Above Ground Swimming Pool Set: 18ft x 52in – Includes 2100 GPH Cartridge Sand Filter Pump – SuperTough Puncture Resistant – Rust Resistant – Easy to Assemble
  • EXPERIENCE THE ULTRA DIFFERENCE – Uniquely designed frame combines high quality galvanized steel with precision engineered locking system, enhancing the overall quality, durability and stability of...
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE – Ready for water in just 60 minutes; Ultra XTR swimming pools above ground are designed with an Easy Lock System, making it easy to assemble; frame components simply snap together...
  • RUST RESISTANT – Encapsulated with inner and outer powder coating ensures the ultimate resistance to rust; the T-Joints are engineered for high strength and infused with UV inhibitor to ensure...
  • SUPER-TOUGH – Made with puncture-resistant 3-Ply PVC material, this above ground pool is built to resist the wear and tear of summer fun; in case of any damage, a patch is included for easy fixes

Both pool sets have a 3-ply puncture-resistant liner supported by a high-strength and durable steel frame.

The Ultra Frame XTR and Elite Pro Series pool sets include a sand filter pump, ladder, ground cover, and pool cover.

Both pools come in round and rectangular-shaped pools. The rectangular-shaped pool offering the largest volume and bigger dimensions.

The pool sets are made of easy to assemble parts, so no sophisticated tools are required for assembly despite their large size.

What Summer Waves Customers Love

  • Easy to assemble.
  • A large pool at a decent price.
  • Modern and stylish exterior.

Summer Waves Customers’ Main Complaints

  • You have to get the pool pump upgraded as it’s not capable of filtering the pool well.

What Intex Customers Love

  • Good value for money.
  • Uses high-quality materials.
  • Good size for big families.

Intex Customers’ Main Complaints

  • Some reports of a leaking pool liner.

The better pool to get among the two is the Intex Ultra XTR Frame pool set based on customers’ feedback. It is made of higher quality and more durable materials and comes with a more powerful filter pump.

You can check out our Intex Ultra Frame Set Review for a more comprehensive review of this pool.

What about accessories?

After you have purchased your pool, you will need the proper accessories to keep it maintained and a place for relaxation. Summer Waves and Intex both offer pool accessories, however, I found that Summer Waves’ accessories are mostly for maintaining your above ground pool, while Intex offers accessories for maintenance and relaxation.

Many customers of both Intex and Summer Waves suggest upgrading the included filter pump, stating it is simply not strong enough to efficiently maintain the pools. Both companies sell upgraded pumps that are compatible with their pools, and customers who invested for a better pool pump said it was money well spent.

FAQs About Intex and Summer Waves Pool Sets

Is Summer Waves and Intex the same?

No, they are both different brands and each is owned by a different company. Both pool brands offer easy to set up inflatable above ground pools. Intex calls it their Easy Set pools set while Summer Waves market their inflatable pools as Quick Set Pools.

Can I use an Intex pump on a Summer Waves pool?

Yes, you can use an Intex pump on an above ground pool from Summer Waves. Make sure that the pool has 1-1/4″ fittings attached to it, either of these is what you would use when you connect the Intex hoses and valves.

Which pool is better Intex or Summer Waves?

Intex is the more popular brand but when it comes to their pool sets, both pool companies offer quality above ground pools that you can use for years. However, larger pool sets from Intex with metal frames are hands down better than Summer Waves framed pool sets. This is because Intex adds powdered and steel coating to their frames to make them more durable.

Summer Waves vs Intex Pools – Final Thoughts

Both Summer Waves and Intex are pretty comparable when it comes to customer satisfaction. Each company has their unique versions of their above ground pools, giving you a variety of pools to choose from to fit your wants and needs.

I feel that Intex offers a little more variety as far as pool size and overall accessories go. I also find their website to be more user-friendly which helps when you need urgent support for your pool.

However, Summer Waves products are of good quality too and offer great above ground pools at a decent price.

No matter which pool you go with, you will be making a great purchase that everyone is sure to love.

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