Pool Filter Balls – What You Need To Know

Last Updated on June 21, 2024

The worst thing about owning a pool that uses a sand filter is having to clean it. But, you don’t have to worry about that for much longer because there are some great products on the market today such as pool filter balls that will make pool filter maintenance a lot easier.

You may be wondering what they do? Well, these balls work like the regular sand you put inside your filter, except it does a better job trapping debris and dirt while requiring less maintenance.

What are Pool Filter Balls?

Filter balls are the perfect way to keep your pool clean. Made of polyethylene and 100% recyclable, these filter media will not only save you time but also reduce your pool’s operating expenses. Pool filter balls have a longer lifespan than other filter types while reducing the strain on pumps that would otherwise be used with traditional sand or diatomaceous earth filter systems.

Pool filter balls offer a faster and more efficient way to filter your water. They form a flatbed in the tank that is non-abrasive, so you get clean water while keeping contaminants behind.

Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions or your water could become hazy. But if that happens, you just toss a few more filter balls in your skimmer basket and the water should become clearer the following day.

Do Pool Filter Balls Work?

Pool filter balls are made from polyethylene fiber weave and offer an excellent level of porosity. Unlike filters using sand, they don’t clump or harden over time so you can be confident that the whole filtration cubic area is being used to remove particles and debris from your pool water. They’re highly resistant to pool chemicals, high temperatures, alkalis, and acids, which makes them virtually indestructible.

We think they work well as these filter balls won’t break down like other materials; saving you money on replacements while giving a much better filtering performance every single day.

Best Pool Filter Balls To Use In 2024

Misscat 1.5 lbs Pool Filter Balls Eco-Friendly Fiber Filter Media for Swimming Pool Sand Filters

Misscat pool filter balls are designed to replace the traditional sand for filtration in your swimming pools. Unlike more common methods of filtering, Misscat’s pool filter balls do not clog and require less backwashing than many other materials that are used as a sand replacement.

These lengthen the life of any standard pump or filter system while offering superior filtering quality at an affordable price point.

Rx Clear Blue Luster Eco-Friendly Filter Media for Swimming Pool Sand Filters

On Sale Now!
Rx Clear Blue Luster Filter Media for Swimming Pool Sand Filters | Alternative to Sand and Filter Glass | Specialty Technology Helps Keep Pools Clean | Lasts for Several Seasons | Individual Pack
  • CLEANER WATER – The blue Luster Filter Media is made from technology which helps fight to keep your swimming pool clean and prolongue it's lifespan. Luster Filter Media can last up to five years...
  • A REPLACEMENT FOR SAND - Rx Clear Luster Filter Media is designed to be an alternative to pool filter sand for pool filters. One box of filter media (1.5 lbs) equals 50 lbs of sand.
  • GREAT WATER CLARIFIER - Made from 100% polyethylene these tiny balls will clean your freshwater, filtering down to 3 to 5 microns making for a more enjoyable swim in your pool.
  • LONGER LIFE SPAN - With proper care and handling, the swimming pool balls can last for several seasons. These reusable filter balls are machine wash friendly and you can clean them whenever needed....

The Rx Clear Luster Filter Media is the answer to your pool’s filtration needs. This alternative to sand provides a more effective, efficient clean than ever before and without any of the issues with clogging or backwashing.

The best part? These filter media balls are so lightweight you’ll have no problem cleaning them out yourself. With proper care and handling, these reusable filter balls can last for several seasons. If you get them dirty or need to clean them up a little bit. you can just toss them into your washing machine and put them back into your filter afterward.

BWOU 2.2 lbs Fiber Pool Filter Ball

2.2 lbs Fiber Pool Filter Ball, Reusable Sand Filter Cartridges Replacement for Swimming Pool Filter Pump and Aquarium(Equals 75 lbs Pool Filter Sand)
  • Stop Carry Large and Heavy Sandbags - BWOU pool filter ball is designed for pool filter sand replacing, as 2.2 lbs filter ball is equivalent to 75 lbs pool filter sand, lighter and more efficient.
  • Comparison of Fiber Ball and Sand - The filter ball can trap tiny suspended solids that are not easily precipitated and removed, and it will not block your filter(unlike sand) and requires less...
  • Details of BWOU Fiber Pool Filter Ball - It is made of polyester, polypropylene spherical filter and acrylic fiber, each one is about 1.37in-1.96inch with the filters down 5 to 3 microns.
  • Reusable, Washable & Durable - With proper care and handling, the swimming pool filter balls can last for several seasons, they are machine wash friendly and you can clean them whenever you need.

The BWOU pool filter balls are the perfect choice for anyone who is looking to lighten their load. The 2.2 lbs filter balls can do what a 75-pound bag of sand does- but with less maintenance, it won’t clog your filters and you don’t have to worry about frequent backwashing.

Benefits Of Using Sand Filter Balls

If you’re looking for a product that will save space, time, and money without sacrificing effectiveness when it comes to pool maintenance then look no further than these filters.
What’s so great about them? Let us tell you the many benefits of using sand filter balls.

  • Pool filter balls are like little, magical vacuum cleaners for your pool. They can effectively clean down to 3 – 5 microns in size.
  • They never clump or harden like other filter media. That means you always get an even and consistent flow rate in your pool.
  • More affordable to buy compared to a high-quality pool sand filter media.
  • Less backwashing needed means less wasted water and you can save on pool chemical replacements.
  • They’re simple to remove and machine washable, which means they can be washed and reused as many times as you can.
  • With less resistance to overcome, pumps tend to run quieter when using pool filter balls.
  • They last as long as sand, sometimes even more.

How To Clean Filter Balls

You can easily clean your filter balls using a washing machine. Just put them in the machine and make sure that they have no soap residue left on them before returning to your pool. Otherwise, it can cause an undesirable bubbling effect for you while swimming.

Are Filter Balls Better Than Sand?

Pool filter balls are much more effective at clearing the water than sand because they can trap particles that are as small as 3 microns. That means you will have clearer, cleaner pool water in almost half the time with a lot less work needed from your pool pump and filter system.

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  1. I was told that I won’t need any other chemical to clean pool. What should I do if I have high PH? Can I add Murrieta acid?

      • What do you suggest using for a sanitizing product with the filter balls? Do you use chlorine as well as a shock? If so, anything special? I have spent hours on Google and cannot find anything relating to chemicals to use with filter balls.

  2. How many MONTHS will the balls last per season, before needing to take them out and machine wash? I live in Indiana and pool season is May-August. Will they last 4 minths before needing washed?


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