Pool Drinking Games – 10 Ideas for Your Next Party

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A swimming pool plus alcohol is the perfect formula for a great party.

You and your guests can just lounge and hang around the pool while drinking your favorite drinks. You will then share stories and jokes and maybe laugh here and there.

But when there are no more stories to tell, then what?

While having a party at the pool in itself already sounds great, it can get pretty boring for some.

So why not spice things up and add in some games?

With these pool drinking games, there won’t be any dull moments at your party. Plus, you can guarantee everyone a fun time!

Here are our top 10 ideas for making your next party amazing. 

10 Pool Drinking Games for Your Next Party

1. Floating Beer Pong

Yes, you can now play your favorite drinking game IN THE POOL. Thanks to inflatable tables, you and your friends can take your beer pong tournament to the next level. 

The same rules apply. You need two teams playing against each other and take turns throwing your ping pong balls into the other team’s cups. The first team to sink a ball into each of the other team’s 10 cups wins. Of course, you have to drink every time a ball lands into one of your cups.

Don’t know where to get a floating table?

You can check out GoPong’s Floating Beer Pong Inflatable Table on Amazon. It can fit 10 cups on each side, includes 6 ping pong balls, and it even has sideline cup holders.

So when you’re done playing, you can still use it as a floating table to hold your drinks while in the pool with your friends. 

2. Kings Cup

Get the party started with the Kings Cup social drinking game. You can play this with a regular deck of cards. In this game, players need to flip cards and follow the instructions that go with it. 

For example, when you draw the “Me” card, you drink. When the “Guys” card comes out, all the men drink. There’s also a card for “Rhyme” where everyone should say words that rhyme. The first one who fails to give a rhyming word loses and drinks. Here’s a link to all the Kings Cup Rules.     

If you’re already familiar with this game but hate having to explain the rules to everyone, we do too.

This is why we prefer playing it with the Kings Cup cards where all the rules are already written on the cards. So you just have to read each one and act it. These cards are waterproof so you can play it around the pool and not have to worry about spilling your drinks on it.  

3. Never Have I Ever

Here’s a popular game that everyone already knows so you don’t have to explain anything to anyone.

You just have to tell something you’ve never done before and those who have done it takes a drink. It’s simple and all you need are drinks!

4. Flip Cup Relay Race

Are you looking for a more exciting pool drinking game?

The flip cup relay race is the perfect game for you.

Start by setting up a flipping cup table on one side of your yard and have 2 teams ready. The first 2 players from each team dive into the pool and swim to the other side. They have to climb out and proceed to the flip cup table. They then drink their beer and flip their cups. 

Once they’re done, they’ll give a signal to the next waiting players and it’s their turn to dive. The first team to finish swimming across the pool and flip their cup wins.

If you don’t have your cups yet, here’s a pretty good plastic party cups on Amazon. 

5. Swimming Pool Volleyball

Pool volleyball is another classic swimming pool game. It’s a great activity that can include a lot of players. Plus, it allows your guests – even the not-so-athletic ones – to move around more.

The team that loses takes a shot. Simple, right?

6. Most Likely

So you’re sitting near the pool and no one’s talking.

What do you do?

You can play the “Most Likely” game. You can start asking a simple “most likely” question like “Who’s most likely to forget to shower?”

Then count to three and everyone should point to a person who they think fits the question. The one who has the most number of fingers pointing at them drinks.

7. Dodge Beer

If you’re getting tired of beer pong, you can opt for Dodge Beer instead.

Similar to beer pong, you have two teams with two players on each side of a floating table (each team can have up to 4 players if you want). But instead of having 10 cups, there’s only one can of beer for each player. 

Your goal is to hit the other team’s beer with a ping pong ball. If you hit their can, you can start chugging your drink until the owner of the can (or the opposing team) retrieves the ball and place it on top of his beer. Once you’ve finished your drink, you are out of the game and can no longer participate. The winning team is determined by who finishes their drinks first.

If you don’t have a floating table yet, check out this inflatable beer pong table at Amazon. 

8. Drinko

Drinko is a fun game of fate. To start the game, just put your shot glasses at the bottom and grab a token, each one containing a different type of alcohol. Take turns dropping your tokens through the board and wherever your chip lands, drink the shot. Refill, and let others take their turn. If your chip lands on your slot or glass, you get the pass and everyone else must drink their shots. 

Don’t have a board yet? Here’s a Drinko drinking game you can purchase on Amazon. It includes 6 shot glasses and colored chips. 

9. Pool Pick Up Sticks

When you’re having your party at night or dusk, here’s a nice game to play. Use glow sticks, snap them, and throw them in the pool.

The goal is to pick up more glow sticks than others. You can grab each other and play a little rowdy if you must. The one with the least amount of sticks at hand gets to drink. 

If you don’t have glow sticks yet, you can check out this 100-piece glow stick pack on Amazon. It is waterproof, safe, and guaranteed non-toxic. 

10. Drinking Card Games

Nowadays, your favorite playing cards are more durable, waterproof, and they can float. So you can play drinking card games like Up and Down the River and F*ck You Pyramid while in the pool.

You can take out these cards whenever your party starts getting quiet or boring. Just don’t forget to take out the alcohol too. 

Still don’t know how to play these games? Here are the rules for Up and Down the River card game. Here are also the rules for the F*ck You Pyramid drinking game.

Pool Drinking Games – Final Thoughts

Having fun with your friends in your swimming pool is one of the best perks of having a pool at home.

Just a reminder, while the swimming and drinking seem all fun and all, it can turn into a tragedy real quick.

So at your next party and when playing any of the games mentioned above, do take precautions.

Remember, party responsibly!

If you need more pool party ideas, check out our list of 99 Pool Games you can do with your friends and family.

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