My Intex Pool Is Unlevel By A Few Inches – What Should I Do?

Last Updated on March 30, 2022

So you’ve got yourself a brand new Intex pool, installed it in your backyard, but there’s only one slight problem.

Your Intex pool is unlevel, and you are wondering if you can still use it without any grave consequences.

Most Intex pool owners often ask us what they can do if their Intex pool is unlevel by a couple of inches, so we’ve decided to create this guide just for them. We will tackle everything you need to know how to deal with unlevel ground and what kind of leveling blocks or materials you can make use of so you can start using your swimming pool soon.

To get started, let’s discuss if you can use your Intex pool if it’s on uneven ground and what are the risks of using an unlevel Intex pool, even if it’s just for a couple of inches.

Intex Pool Level Tolerance

Intex pools or any above ground pools should only be used on level ground as much as possible.

However, Intex and other pool manufacturers give their customers some leeway when it comes to setting up their above ground pools on unlevel surfaces.

You may set your Intex pool on a sloping yard as long as it does not make your Intex pool unlevel by more than 2 inches. Of course, having this lower than 2 inches is still a much better option. Intex pool materials are strengthened to support a slight slope on your above ground pool.

If it is more than 2 inches, you need to do some precautionary measures as this makes your pool vulnerable to damage. We draw the line at 3 inches, if it’s three inches or more, we highly advise you to try and level your Intex pool first.

Risks When Intex Pool Is Unlevel

Here are some of the things that might happen if your Intex pool is unlevel.

Trouble with your pool’s walls. Unlevel Intex pools may have one part of the pool lower than other parts, and this unevenly distributes pressure on your pool’s walls. A part of your pool may have the highest weight due to it being on uneven ground. This will can cause your wall to collapse and leave permanent damage on your Intex pool. This applies to both framed pools and inflatable pool sets.

Damage to your pool liner. Another part of your Intex pool that can be damaged by it being unlevel is your pool liner. If your pool liner is on an uneven surface, it may have folds and wrinkles on it. These folds and wrinkles may get caught up when you clean your pool using your pool vacuum, and this may cause your liner to rip or tear apart. Even if Intex pools use strong and durable pool liners it is still suspect to damage if it is set on unlevel ground. If you need to, check out our article on how to patch an Intex pool.

Danger to small children. Having an unlevel Intex pool will cause a side of your pool to be higher than the other side. This is risky if you have small children who cannot reach the base of your Intex pool. Also, as mentioned earlier, there is a risk of collapse or tear of your pool’s interior, and you don’t want that occurring when your kids are using your Intex pool.

For these reasons, we highly suggest you level the area first where you’ll set up your Intex pool set.

For those who don’t have kids using their above ground pool, you may opt to swim on an unlevel Intex pool. Hopefully, your pool will hold. It’s a risk you can take. But for those with kids using their Intex pool, we recommend leveling the ground for your Intex pool for their safety.

How to Level the Ground for Intex Pools

We can think of two ways you can level the ground for Intex pools, first is you can do it yourself and learn the ways others level their own Intex pools. Or you may consider hiring someone else, a professional pool installer, to do your above ground pool installation which includes leveling the area you plan to set up your swimming pool.

Both options will cost you money, but since you’re already reading this guide, we’ll assume you’re planning to do everything on your own.

Here are the instructions on how to level the ground for Intex pools if it’s on ground soil.

Step-by-Step Guide On How To Level The Ground For Your Pool

Gather the necessary materials and equipment

Before you start leveling the ground for your Intex pool, get the needed materials and equipment first. You may need a tape measure, shovel, hammer, leveling blocks (pressure-treated lumber or patio pavers), and something you can put under your Intex pool for added protection like an old tarp.

Measure how much your Intex pool is unlevel

You can easily check your Intex pool water to determine how many inches your Intex pool is unlevel by visual inspection. Since most Intex pools have square tiles on their pool walls, you can just count how many squares are showing on one side, and how many squares are on the opposite side.

If you cannot properly determine how many inches your Intex pool is unlevel, you can use a tape measure or a level tool to have a more accurate measurement.

Drain your pool

If your Intex pool is unlevel by more than 3 inches, we suggest draining the whole pool.

If it’s only by a few inches or is less than 2 inches, you may drain only half the water on your Intex pool. However, if it’s one of those large-sized Intex pools, you might be better off draining it completely to minimize the risks of your pool getting damaged while we level the ground underneath it.

Put blocks under your Intex pool

To level your inflatable Intex pool, you may put blocks on the ground to have a level Intex pool. You may have to dig the ground first, so you can easily level the ground using the soil on it and either a concrete block or patio pavers.

For framed Intex pool that is unlevel, you may put a block of wood or concrete underneath the legs of your Intex pool to level it.

Check if your Intex pool is leveled now

Now that you’ve put the blocks underneath your Intex pool, verify if it’s properly leveled before refilling it with water. Check if there is any difference between the water levels of your swimming pool. Go around your pool to check each side.

Avoid refilling your pool without making sure that the ground is leveled properly to avoid having to re-do these steps all over again.

Tools To Help You Level Your Intex Pool

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Intex Pool on Unlevel Concrete Fix

One of the best surfaces to setup your Intex pool is on concrete, but what if the concrete is unlevel?

For Intex pool owners that are setting their above ground pools on an unlevel concrete surface, you have to measure first how many inches your Intex pool is off-level. If it’s under two inches, you may choose to install your pool without leveling the concrete surface.

If it’s more than 2 inches, then you may have to gather some leveling blocks like pressure-treated lumber, patio pavers, or concrete blocks. The leveling blocks you’ll be using depend on how off-level your Intex pool is.

If it’s just an inch or inch-and-a-half off-level, you may use interlocking foam tiles to level your Intex pool and also serve as an added protection for your pool liner.

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Now, there is also the option for you to hire a professional to level the concrete in your home. Unfortunately, we cannot quote an exact price for this one since it highly depends on the total area you need to level and the costs of the needed materials in your area.

If you have the extra money, we consider hiring a professional the best solution to level your concrete for your Intex pool properly.

Intex Pool Leaning Fix

There’s a higher chance that your Intex pool won’t last long if it’s clearly leaning on one side. Since this can cause stress on both your pool liner and your frame legs if you have any.

For framed Intex pools that are leaning on one side, you may use a ratchet rope to keep your pool’s frame legs in place. If it’s being caused by an uneven ground surface, you may put a leveling block under your above ground pool’s steel frame/s to level your pool.

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For inflatable Intex pools that are leaning, you may have to level the ground first. Since it would be impossible to use a rachet rope around your Intex Easy Set pool. We highly recommend leveling the ground first and using interlocking foam tiles to add protection to your pool liner.

Frequently Asked Questions About Unlevel Intex Pools

How many inches can a pool be unlevel?

It’s possible to have your Intex pool unlevel to be two inches off. This won’t cause any structural issues so you can still use your swimming pool. Any more than two inches is unacceptable. Intex pools that are more than two inches off won’t last long and can be too dangerous for you and your family to use.

What happens if your pool is unlevel?

If you have an unlevel pool, then the water level in your pool will vary. The pool water will generate more force on one part of your pool than the other. This uneven weight distribution can cause your swimming pool to buckle, twist, or even collapse your pool walls. Someone can be injured or your property will probably need repair if your pool structure collapsed so never use an outdoor pool that is unlevel.

What do I put under my Intex pool?

When you want to level your Intex pool, the easiest way to do it is by putting some materials to even the surface under your Intex pool. Any type of pool will benefit from using a tarp. Although a tarp can help level your Intex pool, there are far more superior materials that you can make use of like interlocking foam tiles.

Final Thoughts On Fixing Unlevel Intex Pools

Having an unlevel Intex pool should not stop you from using your pool, just make sure you fix the issue first.

Some pool owners have been with their Intex pools for years despite being installed on an uneven ground surface. Most of them either using a rachet rope to keep the frames in place and/or are utilizing leveling blocks under their pool to at least lessen the unevenness of their Intex pools.

Also, if you’ll think it will be difficult to fix your unlevel Intex pool on your own, it might be better for you to contact a pool professional to get the job done.

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13 thoughts on “My Intex Pool Is Unlevel By A Few Inches – What Should I Do?”

  1. My Intex frame pool was unlevel and I put pavers under 5 of the legs but now part of the frame is higher than the other part is that ok?

  2. so for some reason… after the pool being filled, my Coleman 22’*52″ pool frame is off by 1.5″ to 1.7″. but the water in the pool for some reason is level when u put a line across it. though it does have areas on the liner where the water is higher or lower. is it ok for me to leave it up this way? i have done this twice now and this is the best i could get it. i cant afford a pro and i just wanted to give my kids a pool. is this a huge risk?

  3. The real problem is you can level it, but after adding 56,000 pounds you may find the ground is softer in some places than others. We had to drain ours twice to even get it close. We thought we had it, then had a long, hard rain and it was off again. Next time I would pour a concrete slab.

  4. Was curious about the water that has been filtered and is being pushed back into the pool by the pump. Does the white “exit” valve need to be submerged? Or is it just the black one that sucks water in need to be under water?

  5. So I have a 15×33 inflatable Intex pool and we have had a lot of rain lately . Now our pool is leaning it isn’t off by more than 2 inches inside the pool. But one side doesn’t round out on the bottom like the other side now . It basically straight up and down. Is there any way to fix this without draining the pool? Plz tell me that there is so magical way lol

    • It’s not recommended to have it more than 2 inches unlevel. It could work now but it can compromise the integrity of your pool.

  6. Put aside the levelness of ground. I understand all about that. Would there be any reason at all other than that as to why the pool would be lopsided when filled? Do you actually have to stand there and pay attention to how it’s filling to ensure it’s filling the bottom perfectly level when you start out for the first 6-12 inches or does that not matter at all as it’ll level itself out? I’m trying to not waste my time or water if the same identical thing is going to happen. There’s no doubt I’m on a slope but when I put a 2×4 and a level next to it I’m not getting 3 or more inches. It’s driving me nuts.

  7. How can I level the ground that is uneven cheaply as I can’t afford concrete we tried using pallets but half way though the season boards got week and cause it to lean with a tarp under it was to protect the pool .. we thought on stones or sand but it would cost me quite a bit to cover a 12×12 area for a pool any cheap way to level a ground or would it be better to not do inflatable and use the pole base pools ?? Any advice be greatful before we try to put one up or invest in one again .

  8. PLEASE HELP ME! I brought a 16x42in inflatable pool to surprise my grandkids but I can’t because my back yard is uneven in different places. Im also a 67 female and Iwant to put it on my porch because it’s more level but it’s not wide enough I need about 4 more feet but it’s run in the grass and it’s uneven Please Help me figure out what to do. Please Thanks for the support

  9. we built a frame and put sand in and boards across. everything was level. put the pool in place and it is about 2″ off on one side. you put board across and measure across the pool and it is all level.
    we just cannot figure this out why the water is higher on one side when everything was leveled.


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