Intex vs Bestway Pools Review: Which Pool Set Is Best For You?

Last Updated on January 10, 2021

So, you’ve decided an above ground pool is right for you. Now you are deciding on Intex vs Bestway pools for your backyard this summer.

They seem very similar, but what are the differences? Which one is better?

Spoiler Alert: Intex and Bestway Pools are actually both very good brands that consumers love! Rather than finding out which one is “better”, find out which one is “best for you”.

Adding a pool to your backyard is an exciting time, but can also be a time full of questions. You want to make sure you pick a quality product that will get plenty of use. But you also want to feel confident in the decision you make.

Intex vs Bestway Pool Sets at a Glance

Intex Equivalent

Bestway Equivalent

[asa2_img align="center"]B000MBUOOO[/asa2_img]

Easy Set

  • PVC Construction

  • 6ft. - 18ft.

  • $50 - $300

[asa2_img align="center"]B0161CQE32[/asa2_img]

Fast Set

  • PVC Construction

  • 6ft. - 18ft.

  • $50 - $300

[asa2_img align="center"]B00LCJIQUE[/asa2_img]

Metal Frame

  • Steel Frame

  • 10 - 18 ft.

  • $150 - $500

[asa2_img align="center"]B0799D1LDP[/asa2_img]

Steel Pro Max

  • Steel Frame

  • 10 - 15 ft.

  • $100 - $300

[asa2_img align="center"]B07F3RGWTS[/asa2_img]

Prism Frame

  • Powder coated frame

  • 10 - 20 ft.

  • $200 - $800

[asa2_img align="center"]B07G2FGDKW[/asa2_img]

Power Steel

  • Rust-resistant steel frame

  • 9 - 24 ft.

  • $250 - $1100

[asa2_img align="center"]B07T32W8L6[/asa2_img]

Ultra XTR Frame

  • Coated galvanized steel frame

  • 16 - 32 ft.

  • $600 - $2500

No Bestway Equivalent

Intex and Bestway are the two leading brands in the above-ground pool industry.

They both have a solid reputation for making quality products with high customer satisfaction.

Intex & Bestway Individual Reviews

Here at Own The Pool we have published in-depth reviews of both Intex & Bestway pools.

Intex Pools Review – In Depth Details

Bestway Pools Review – In Depth Details

Here I will help you to understand the products both companies offer so you can feel positive the pool chosen is the best one to fit your needs.

Intex Easy Set Vs. Bestway Fast Set

SpecificationsIntex Easy SetBestway Fast Set
Construction TypeLaminated PVCTri-tech material: 2 Layers of PVC surrounding a center layer of polyester mesh
Price Range $35-$300$30-$385
Range of Size6 ft-18 ft6 ft-18 ft
Sets Including Ladder, Ground Cover, Pool Cover15 ft, 18 ft18 ft
Warranty90 Day LimitedManufacturer

For both companies, this is the simplest pool option. With a top inflatable ring, these pools are easy to assemble and ready for water quickly. As the pool fills, the water completes the assembly for you.

Both pool sets include a 110-120 V filter pump, and the larger sizes include a pool ladder, ground cover, and pool cover. The pools are also fitted with a built-in drain control valve that attaches to a hose to control the flow of water as you drain the pool at the end of the season.

Customers say these pools are easy to assemble, good value for the money, and durable.

What Intex Customers Love

  • Easy assembly and great value.
  • Some 5-star reviews even provide solutions for customer complaints in 1 and 2-star reviews.

Intex Customers’ Main Complaints

  • The inflatable ring gets holes easily which leaks water from the pool.
  • The walls struggle to rise to the appropriate height.

What Bestway Customers Love

  • Sturdy and good value for the price paid.

Bestway Customers’ Main Complaints

  • Inflatable ring does not hold air allowing water to leak out.
  • Some people reported receiving a product with holes in it.

Intex Metal Frame Vs Bestway Steel Pro Max

Intex Metal FrameBestway Steel Pro Max
Construction TypeLaminated PVC Liner and rust-resistant, powder-coated Steel FrameTri-tech material and Steel Frame with rust-resistant coating
Price Range$140-$500$100-$280
Range of Size10 ft-18-ft10 ft-15ft
Sets Including Ladder, Ground Cover, Pool Cover15 ft, 18 ft15 ft
Warranty90 Day LimitedManufacturer

The Intex Metal Frame and Bestway Steel Pro Max have very similar construction. Both pools have a liner set on a frame surrounded by an all-around band for added stability. They are quick to assemble and ready to fill with water.

Both Intex and Bestway offer pool sets with a 110-120 V filter, and a dual suction outlet to improve water circulation. They also have a drain control valve built in to control where water is drained when it is time to empty the pool.

The larger sizes come with the ladder, ground cover, and pool cover. Most customers feel these pools are easy to assemble, sturdy, and a good value for the money.

What Intex Customers Love

  • Quick and easy assembly.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Good value for the price.

Intex Customers’ Main Complaints

  • Several complaints about new liners leaking.
  • Unhappy with the warranty.
  • Pump included is not strong enough.

What Bestway Customers Love

  • Easy assembly.
  • Great for kids and adults.
  • Sturdy construction.

Bestway Customers’ Main Complaints

  • Some customers reported their pools being delivered with missing parts.
  • Customer Service was unsatisfactory.
  • Overall poor quality.

Intex Prism Frame Vs. Bestway Power Steel

Intex Prism FrameBestway Power Steel
Construction Type3 Ply Liner and Powder Coated Steel FrameTri-tech material and Steel Frame with rust-resistant coating
Price Range$105-$800$220-$1070
Range of Size10 ft-20 ft9 ft-24 ft
Sets Including Ladder, Ground Cover, Pool Cover14 ft and above14 ft and above
Warranty90 Day LimitedManufacturer

One unique feature of both pools is that they are offered in round, rectangle, and oval shapes. The basic construction is similar to the Intex Metal Frame and Bestway Steel Pro: a liner set on a steel frame supported by an all-around band. However, these are offered in larger sizes with varying shapes.

All pools come with a 110-120 V pump and the larger sets also come with the ladder, ground cover, and pool cover. A special feature you will only find on the Bestway Swim Vista series is the reinforced, fortified windows built into the sides of the pool. This allows for supervision from the outside and fun interaction between spectators and swimmers.

However, there have been complaints of the windows leaking within months of purchase. Most customers feel that these pools are sturdy, good value, and easy to assemble.

What Intex Customers Love

  • Easy assembly.
  • Great quality.
  • Good for families.

Intex Customers’ Main Complaints

  • Pool ladder is poor quality, some customers have reported the legs buckling when they add water.

What Bestway Customers Love

  • Great value for money.
  • Sturdy construction.

Bestway Customers’ Main Complaints

  • Some customers reported receiving the wrong item.
  • Included pump is too weak for pool size.
intex vs bestway pools

The Intex Ultra XTR Frame Pool Set

Intex Ultra XTR Frame
Construction Type3 Ply Liner and Inner and Outer Coated Galvanized Steel
Price Range$600-$2000
Range of Size16 ft-32 ft
Sets Including Ladder, Ground Cover, Pool CoverAll
Warranty2 Year Limited

Intex also offers the Ultra XTR Frame, their largest top of the line pool.

Intex 18ft X 52in Ultra XTR Pool Set with Sand Filter Pump, Ladder, Ground Cloth & Pool Cover
  • Uniquely designed frame combines high quality galvanized Steel with Precision engineered locking system, enhancing the overall quality, durability and stability of the pools
  • Rust resistance: encapsulating inner and outer powder coating ensures the ultimate resistance to rust
  • 2-year manufacturer's Warranty
  • Includes 110-120V sand filter pump with pump flow Rate 2, 100 gallons per hour, pool ladder, ground cloth and pool cover

This pool is a 3-ply puncture-resistant liner set on a galvanized steel frame. Each set includes a 100-120 V sand filter pump, ladder, ground cover, and pool cover. This option is offered in both round and rectangular, as well. The frame is made of locking t-joints, so there are no tools required in the quick, and easy assembly.

Intex Ultra Frame XTR Pool Set Review

Customers find it easy to install, sturdy, and feel they get good value for their money.

What Intex Customers Love

  • Nice size pool.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Great for families.

Intex Customers’ Main Complaints

  • Customer service is difficult to work with.
  • Some reports of leaking liners.

What about accessories?

After you have purchased your pool, you will need the proper accessories to keep it maintained and a place for relaxation. Intex and Bestway both offer pool accessories, however, I found that Bestway’s accessories seem to focus mostly on pool maintenance, while Intex offers accessories for maintenance and relaxation.

Bestway offers a robotic cleaner, replacement filters, upgraded pumps, and more. Intex also offers these maintenance items. They also offer other accessories such as a pool bench and hydro flow swim trainer.

Many customers of both Intex and Bestway recommend upgrading the included 110-120 V pump, stating it is simply not strong enough to efficiently maintain the pools. Both companies sell upgraded pumps that are compatible with their pools, and customers who made the investment said it was money well spent.

Intex or Bestway Pools – Final Thoughts

Both companies are pretty comparable when it comes to customer satisfaction. Each company has created its own take on different versions of the above ground pool, giving you many options to choose from to fit your needs.

I feel that Intex offers a little more variety as far as pool size and overall accessories go. I also find their website to be more user-friendly.

However, Bestway offers a better variety of cleaning and sanitation accessories, making pool maintenance even easier.

No matter which option you choose, you will be making a great investment that everyone is sure to love.

Frequently Asked Questions About Intex and Bestway Pools

Are Intex and Bestway pools the same?

Yes and No. Both companies manufacture above ground pools, but they have their differences when it comes to their sizes, shapes, style, and design.

Intex has more reach and customers than Bestway. However, their products are very comparable to one another.

How many years do Intex or Bestway pool lasts?

Both Intex and Bestway pools can last many years if you’re able to maintain your pool properly. The number of years may vary depending on several factors like your usage, maintenance routine, and what you put under the pool.

Most pool owners report that they’re able to use their above ground pools for at least 8 years before they have to change its liners.

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