Intex Pool Sizes – Everything You Need to Know

Last Updated on February 21, 2021

Intex produces many of the best above ground pools in the market today.

If you’re looking for an Intex pool with a specific dimension in mind, then you’re in the right place as we’re going to discuss all Intex pool sizes available for you and your family to choose from.

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First, let’s talk about the different pool sets that Intex offers to their customers.

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The Different Intex Pool Sets

intex pool sizes

Easy Set

Metal Frame

Prism Frame

Ultra XTR Frame

intex pool sizes
intex pool sizes
intex pool sizes
intex pool sizes

Construction Type

Laminated PVC Liner

Laminated PVC Liner and Steel Frame

3 Ply Liner and Powder Coated Steel Frame

3 Ply Liner and inner and OUter Coated Galvanized Steel

Price Range








Round, Oval, Rectangular

Round, Rectangular

Size Range

6 ft-18 ft

10 ft-18 ft

10 ft-20 ft

18 ft-32 ft


90 Day Limited

90 Day Limited

90 Day Limited

2 Year Limited

Kiddie Pool Sets

Intex Swim Center Family Inflatable Pool, 103" X 69" X 22", for Ages 6+
  • The dimensions are 103" x 69" x 22", 14 gallon vinyl pool
  • Capacity is 198 gallons. Also comes with a shelf box. Includes a repair patch
  • 2 air chambers each with double vavle intake and free-flow exhaust vavle
  • Do not lean, straddle, or exert pressure on the inflatable wall or side wall as injury or flooding could occur. Do not allow anyone to sit on, climb, or straddle the sides of the pool. Pools are...

The Intex Kiddie pool sets have a wide range of designs and features.

Intex Kiddie pool sets have the most number of pool designs than any other Intex pool sets combined.

These pool sets’ shapes range from round pools, rectangular pools, and also irregular-shaped ones.

Intex Kiddie pool sets are perfect for your young kids who are looking for water fun and action.

Easy Set Pools

On Sale Now!
Intex Easy Set Up 10 Foot x 30 Inch Pool
  • 10 ft diameter x 30" (2.5 ft) height. No filter pump is included with the pool. A filter pump would need to be purchased separately.
  • Very easy to set up, no tools needed
  • Super easy set-up! Ready for water in 15 minutes!
  • Set-up & maintenance DVD is included

The Intex Easy Set Pools are the most affordable set among bigger Intex pool sets. They’re very easy to set up and use. Most of the easy set pools can be ready for water in 10 minutes.

Unlike the Kiddie Pool Sets, Easy Set Pools only have one available shape.

Intex Pool Sets Review and Buying Guide 2020

Metal Frame Pool Sets

Intex 12' x 2.5' Round Pool w/ Filter Pump & Pool Cleaning Kit w/ Vacuum & Pole
  • Intex 12 x 2.5 Foot Metal Frame Above Ground Pool with Filter and Intex 28002E Cleaning Maintenance Swimming Pool Kit w/ Vacuum Skimmer & Pole
  • An affordable alternative to more complicated steel walled pools, and a more durable alternative to inflatable models
  • Provides both value and convenience for years of family enjoyment
  • Includes 1 type "A" filter cartridge

If you’re looking for an above ground pool with more depth, then the Intex Metal Frame Pool Sets are the best choice. They’re one of the most affordable big-sized pools available today and they’re very easy to set up.

These pool sets are built with solid, yet easy to assemble frame. Some models are ready for water within 30 minutes.

Prism Frame Pool Sets

Intex 26743EH Greywood Premium Prism 18ft x 48in Steel Frame Outdoor Above Ground Round Swimming Pool Set with Cover, Ladder, and 1500 GPH Filter Pump
  • LARGE FAMILY SIZED POOL: The Intex prism frame pool is the perfect backyard pool set that measures 18 feet x 4 feet and at 90% full holds up to 6,423 gallons; Recommended for ages 6 and up;...
  • POWERFUL FILTER PUMP INCLUDED: This package comes with a 110-120V cartridge filter pump with a pump flow rate of 1,500 gallons per hour
  • KEEP YOUR WATER CLEAN AND CLEAR: Hydro Aeration Technology pump for improved circulation, filtration, improved water clarity, and increased negative ions at the water surface.
  • FAST, EASY SETUP: This pool is durable, easy to assemble, and ready for water in 60 minutes; Constructed with puncture-resistant, 3 ply material

An upgraded version of the Metal Frame Pool Sets, these Prism Frame Pool Sets are great for families with enough space in their backyard for a large above ground pool.

You can easily assemble these pools with no tools required. The materials used for the frame and liner are of high-quality, so you can be certain that these pools will last.

The Prism Frame Pool Sets come in different shapes like rectangular, oval, and round. These pool sets are ready for water in approximately 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the Intex pool size that you’ll be getting.

Ultra XTR Frame Pools

Intex 26355EH Ultra 18ft x 9ft x 52in Ultra XTR Rectangular Frame Pool with Solar Cover, Ladder, Ground Cloth, and 120V 1,200 GPH Sand Filter Pump
  • POOL: The Ultra Frame design provides excellent durability and a sleek gray finish, all while making setup quick and easy.
  • INCLUDES: This pool includes everything you need for a great pool experience, including the powerful Krystal Clear 110-120V 1,200 gallon per hour sand filter pump, ladder, debris cover, and ground...
  • PUMP: Hydro aeration technology in the pump improves circulation, filtration, and water clarity while increasing the water's negative ions; Sand filter pump has a pump flow rate of 1,200 gallons per...
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Dimensions (L x W x D): 18' x 9' x 52"; Water capacity: 4,545 gallons at 90%

The Ultra XTR Frame Pools are the top-of-the-line pool sets from Intex with their elegant design and amazing features. They’re one of the biggest above ground pools available today and comes in different shapes like round and rectangular.

Intex Ultra XTR Frame Set Review

The pool’s frame is made of strong and durable materials. The frames are made of strong galvanized steel that’s also protected against rust. Its pool liner is made from a combination of high strength Polyester mesh and extra-thick PVC layers to increase resistance from puncture and tear.

These pool sets come with a powerful circulation and filtration system, some models even include a saltwater system.

Different Intex Pool Sizes

Kiddie Intex Pool Sizes

Pool SetPool ShapeLength (inches)Width (inches)Height (inches)
Swim Center Family Lounge PoolRound908631
Swim Center Shootin’ Hoops Family PoolIrregular1017451
Swim Center Family Lounge Inflatable PoolRectangular909026
Swim Center Family Pool (Large)Rectangular1207222
Swim Center Pinwheel PoolRound909022
Beach Wave Swim Center PoolRectangular909022
Swim Center Family Pool (Medium)Rectangular1036922
Ocean Reef PoolRound757024
Mandarin Swim Center Family PoolRectangular905818
Sun Shade PoolRectangular626248
Whale Spray PoolRound797736
Mini Frame PoolRectangular484812
Clearview Aquarium PoolRectangular62.562.519.5
Deep Blue Sea Snapset PoolRoundn/a96 (diameter)18
Soft Side PoolRoundn/a74 (diameter)18
Rainbow Arch Spray PoolIrregular585134
Royal Castle Baby PoolRoundn/a48 (diameter)5
Crystal Blue PoolRoundn/a66 (diameter)15
Just So Fruity Pool SetRoundn/a48 (diameter)10
Lazy Snail Shade Baby PoolRound574029
Sunset Glow PoolRoundn/a66 (diameter)18
Cool Dots PoolRoundn/a66 (diameter)15
Fun at the Beach Snapset PoolRoundn/a60 (diameter)10
intex pool sizes kiddie set

Kiddie Size Intex Pool Gallons Chart

Pool SetGround Covered (Sq. Feet)Volume (gallons)
Swim Center Family Lounge Pool54156
Swim Center Shootin’ Hoops Family Pool52180
Swim Center Family Lounge Inflatable Pool56262
Swim Center Family Pool (Large)60269
Swim Center Pinwheel Pool56222
Beach Wave Swim Center Pool56330
Swim Center Family Pool (Medium)50203
Ocean Reef Pool37135
Mandarin Swim Center Family Pool37159
Sun Shade Pool2778
Whale Spray Pool4253
Mini Frame Pool1690
Clearview Aquarium Pool2790
Deep Blue Sea Snapset Pool50539
Soft Side Pool30209
Rainbow Arch Spray Pool2122
Royal Castle Baby Pool1320
Crystal Blue Pool24154
Just So Fruity Pool Set1340
Lazy Snail Shade Baby Pool2014
Sunset Glow Pool27206
Cool Dots Pool27154
Fun at the Beach Snapset Pool20117
intex easy set pool sizes

Easy Set Intex Pool Gallons Chart

Diameter (feet)Depth (inches)Ground Covered (sq. ft.)Volume (gallons)
intex metal frame gallons chart

Metal Frame Intex Pool Gallons Chart

Diameter (feet)Depth (inches)Ground Covered (sq. ft.)Volume (gallons)

Prism Frame Intex Pool Gallons Chart

Prism Frame Round-shaped

Diameter (feet)Depth (inches)Ground Covered (sq. ft.)Volume (gallons)
intex pool sizes

Prism Frame Oval-shaped

Length (feet)Width (feet)Depth (inches)Ground Covered (sq. ft.)Volume (gallons)

Prism Frame Rectangular-shaped

Length (Feet)Width (feet)Depth (inches)Ground Covered (sq. ft.)Volume (gallons)

Ultra XTR Frame Intex Pool Gallons Chart

Ultra XTR Frame Round-shaped

Diameter (feet)Depth (inches)Ground Covered (sq. ft.)Volume (gallons)
ultra frame pool sizes

Ultra XTR Frame Rectangular-shaped

Length (feet)Width (feet)Depth (inches)Ground Covered (sq. ft.)Volume (gallons)

Note: Ground covered were rounded to the nearest whole number
Data from

Now, you might be asking what’s the best Intex pool size to get?

Well, it highly depends on the space you have at home, if you have enough space, then you should maximize it. A bigger pool means more swimming space for you and your family.

Also, most big Intex pool prices don’t have much difference between them, so it’s better to get the one with more depth and bigger dimensions if you could.

Fun Fact

If you’re going to examine the data we presented, you’ll notice that the pools with the highest number of gallons are not oval or rectangular-shaped, but those that are round-shaped.

intex pool sizes

If we’re going to rank them by the ratio of how many gallons they’re able to accommodate and how much ground space they need, it’ll be round-shaped at first, next is rectangular, and last will be the oval-shaped pools.

Frequently Asked Questions About Intex Pools

Are Intex pools any good overall?

If you’re looking to add an above ground pool in your backyard, then Intex is definitely a brand you should consider.

Intex pool sets are built to last long and are considered the best above ground pool available in the market today.

How long do Intex pools last?

Intex pools are known to last for at least 5 years. Of course, it will highly depend on what pool set you’re getting, and how you’re going to use and maintain your pool.

To make sure that your pool lasts longer than it’s lifespan you should put something under your Intex pool to protect it from the ground itself. This minimizes risk from tear or puncture.

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  1. Hello could you ship the biggest ultra xtr pool to the netherlands 32×16

    What should be the shipping and expected delivery date and the total cost in cluding shipping

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    • Due to the pandemic, most above ground pools are currently out of stock. You may check your local Amazon website in the Netherlands to order your Intex Ultra XTR when it’s made available again.

  2. Most of the local stores around me didn’t have any stock either, but I tried one of those services off google and it alerted me when I could buy the pool. Got it delivered a few days ago, pretty awesome!

    Tracker I used was Pretty easy and simple to use. Highly recommend it.

  3. I have a question I have a 18’x10’x42” deep oval Intex inflatable pool and I need to know how many gallons of water can it hold?

  4. Want to set up a stay in place lap swim pool in the basement. We are high risk family and my daughter needs this for her occupational therapy. If we get the 30 inch depth rectangular pool, not, gallons, but what height would the water level actually be?

  5. I have a older 24×12 easy set. Can I get just the liner. The inflatable ring loses air daily. The rest of it is fine. I have all the other parts I just get tired of pumping air.

  6. I am interested in this pool: Intex Ultra XTR Frame Pool Rectangular – 18ft however, I have limited space in my backyard.

    The dimensions are 5.49 length and 2.74 width. Are these the dimensions of just the pool or of the supports as well.

    Is this the ground space that I need or do I need ore with the supports?


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