How To Drain an Intex Hot Tub – Complete Guide

Last Updated on November 27, 2021

Having an Intex inflatable hot tub at home gives you the luxury to enjoy a nice and warm spa experience at the convenience of your own home.

However, it’s not always about relaxing and having fun when it comes to owning a portable hot tub.

You should also know how to maintain your Intex hot tub to prolong its lifespan, and one of the most vital aspects of maintaining it is knowing how to drain an Intex hot tub.

Reasons Why You Should Drain Your Intex Hot Tub

The top reason why you should drain your Intex hot tub is to prevent bacteria from settling inside your hot tub. Since it has a nice and warm temperature, it can be a suitable home for bacteria and mold to thrive on.

Depending on your usage, you must maintain and clean your Intex hot tub every 3 months to ensure it’s in good condition.

Another reason why you should deflate your Intex hot tub is to store it during the winter season. Most hot tubs are not meant for use during the cold months, so it’s wise to store them to keep them safe and prevent damage.

Also, if you want to free up some needed space in your home, then storing your Intex hot tub would not be a bad idea. Once your drain an Intex hot tub, all you have to do is wait for it to dry and you can store it afterward.

Since Intex hot tubs are designed for easy set up, you can just set it up again after deflating it whenever you want to enjoy a relaxing spa experience at home.

Complete Guide On How To Drain An Intex Hot Tub

How To Deflate An Intex Hot Tub: Step-by-Step Guide

Total Time: 4 hours

Gather necessary tools and equipment

Before draining your hot tub, you must gather all the necessary tools and equipment first for easy draining and cleaning.

Some of the items you might need include hose/s, garden hose valve, brush/es, new filter cartridge, cleaning towels, and of course, cleaning solution.

Turn off the power

Make sure you’ve unplugged the main power source of your hot tub before draining it for your safety.

Locate your drain valve

The drain valve is usually located at the outside bottom of your Intex hot tub. Attach the cleaning nozzle into a hose and connect it to your drain valve.

Insert the nozzle to your drain valve. If your Intex hot tub did not come with a cleaning nozzle, you may get a hose adaptor so you can insert your hose to the drain valve.

Start draining your hot tub

Once you’ve inserted the hose to your hot tub, open the drain valve in your Intex hot tub to start draining the water. This is usually located on the bottom inside your hot tub.

It might take a while for the water to drain, usually it will take two to 3 hours to drain the whole hot tub completely.

Clean your filter system

While you’re waiting for your hot tub to drain completely, you may proceed in cleaning your filter system.

Check your filter cartridge if it requires replacement, you should be changing it whenever enough debris has already accumulated on it.

Clean your interior walls

Once your hot tub’s water is drained, it’s time to start scrubbing your interior walls to remove debris and grimes that accumulated on your hot tub’s walls.

The cleaning solution that you use for your hot tub can just be a simple water and soap combination.

The only time you would need a stronger solution is if it’s not enough to remove the stains on your hot tub liner.

Wait for it to dry before deflating your Intex hot tub

After cleaning your hot tub’s walls, you have to dry it completely if you’re going to store it for an extended period.

You can dry your Intex hot tub under the sun if possible to expedite this process.

Making sure it’s dried well, with no water or moisture, will prevent stains from forming on your hot tub liner.

Deflate Intex hot tub

Once everything is cleaned out, you can start deflating your Intex hot tub for easy storage.

Make sure to use proper equipment when doing so to avoid damaging your hot tub. Once you’re done deflating the Intex hot tub, make sure to store it in a cool and dry location.

How To Deflate Intex Hot Tub

If you must deflate your Intex hot tub for easy storage, then you can do so by using the pump and heating system that came with the product.

You just have to reinsert the hose to the valve where you put it when you inflate your Intex hot tub. This time, change the setting to deflate to easily remove the air inside your inflatable hot tub.

If you don’t have that option, then you may have to do the traditional way of inflating any inflatable products, and that is by manually pressing on it while the valve is open to drain the air inside.

It’s the same way as deflating an inflatable bed, but the time it takes to deflate an Intex hot tub is usually longer.

How To Drain An Intex Hot Tub – Recommended Accessories

To make things easier for you to drain an Intex hot tub, we recommend getting some of these accessories if you don’t have them included with your Intex hot tub set.

For eliminating scum line from lotions, body oils, and makeup, you can use these scum eliminating balls.

If you want an all-in-one cleaning kit from Intex that can be used on any type or brand of inflatable hot tubs, then you can get this Intex PureSpa Hot Tub Maintenance Accessory Kit.

Intex PureSpa Hot Tub and Spa Maintenance Accessory Kit with Curved Brush, Mesh Net Skimmer, and Scrubber for Inflatable PureSpa Home Hot Tubs
  • Maintenance kit allows you to easily maintain and upkeep your hot tub so you're always able to unwind and relax
  • Features multiple tools to keep your hot tub running optimally; Includes a curved brush, mesh skimmer, and scrubber
  • Scrub the inner sidewall with the curved brush, freeing your hot tub of grime for a spotless shine
  • Remove twigs, leaves, bugs, and other debris using the mesh skimmer, ensuring your water is clear and ready for a soak

If you can’t find your Intex garden hose connector, you can easily order one from Amazon.

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For an effective tub cleaning without much work on your end. You can use the Oh Yuk Jetted Tub Cleaner to remove grimes and stains on your interior walls.

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  • 15 MINUTES PER CLEANING - Cleans your tub in just 15 minutes: just run your water, pour in our cleaner, and run your jets!
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If you’re running out of replacement cartridge filters, you can easily get them via Amazon. You may also consider getting them in bulk to save money.

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Final Thoughts

Cleaning and maintaining your Intex hot tub should not be such a tedious process once you have the right tools and equipment. And of course, the right instructions for draining and deflating your Intex hot tub.

We hope that you’ve found this guide on how to drain an Intex hot tub useful. If some instructions might feel different for your Intex hot tub model, please refer to your Intex hot tub’s product manual for more specific instructions.

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