How Much Does It Cost To Run A Hot Tub?

Last Updated on October 18, 2020

This guide about how much does it cost to run a hot tub is perfect for those who are still in the planning stage and want to find out what to expect in having a hot tub. Of course, hot tub owners can also use this to check if they are overspending on running their hot tubs or not.

Most hot tub manufacturers advertise the cost to run their products will only cost you a dollar per day, but how true is this statement?

Is $30 enough to run your hot tub for the whole month? Or will it cost more than that?

Let’s find out by analyzing how much electricity your hot tub needs, the chemicals and accessories you’ll be using to maintain it, and how much you have to set aside to repair your hot tub in case something unexpected happens.

How Much Electricity Does a Hot Tub Use Per Month?

The energy cost of a hot tub is determined by how much electricity the heater and pump consumes. Keeping the water warm and well-circulated can cost you anywhere from less than a dollar per day for energy-efficient hot tubs or up to $50 per month for high-end ones.

A hot tub heater usually needs between 1,500 watts to 6,000 watts while the pump needs another 1,500 watts to operate. The actual energy cost will vary on how much your local electric company charge for each kilowatt-hour (kWh), your local climate, and how often you use your hot tub.

For those living in areas with mild winters, heating a hot tub will cost less compared to those in northern climates since the heater won’t have to work overtime. You also have to consider the quality and age of your water heater, the size of your hot tub, and the number of times you use it to properly determine the actual cost of heating your hot tub.

A great way to reduce your hot tub’s energy costs and save money is by using a right-sized hot tub cover with enough insulation to help keep your tub water warm when it’s not in use. This will lessen the time needed to reheat your hot tub water to your ideal temperature whenever you plan on using it.

How Much Water Do Hot Tub Needs Per Month?

This highly depends on the size of your hot tub and how you maintain the water when it’s already there.

A hot tub needs to be drained and cleaned at least once every 3 months. To estimate the monthly water cost, you can multiply the water capacity of your tub to the number of times you have to drain and refill it every year, then divide it by 12. The number you come up with is your monthly water use, all you have to do is multiply it by the cost per gallon of water.

For example, a 600-gallon hot tub cleaned four times a year, with water at $0.002 per gallon, will result in a $0.40 increase to your water bill each month.

How Much Do Hot Tub Chemicals Cost Per Month?

Similar to how you maintain a swimming pool, a hot tub will also require you to use certain chemicals to keep your water clean and clear.

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The most basic level of hot tub water care will cost you around $20 per month. This will require you to add bottled chemicals yourself to ensure that your tub water is safe to use.

You do have the option to upgrade your water care system to save money and reduce the number of times needed to maintain your hot tub.

A good example is a saltwater system that maintains the cleanliness of the water by converting salt to chlorine. It’s known to improve your spa experience and require less maintenance than other water care system.

How Much Do Hot Tub Accessories Cost?

If your hot tub did not come as a complete set, then you still have to purchase a durable insulated hot tub cover, a ground cloth for those with inflatable hot tubs, a chemical dispenser, and some luxury items such as hot tub seats and headrests.

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Among the items mentioned, the hot tub cover should be your top priority since it will protect your hot tub against dirt, insects, and weather elements and help keep your tub water warm. The cost of a good hot tub cover highly depends on the size of your tub and how much insulation it has.

How Much Does It Cost To Maintain and Repair A Hot Tub?

You should also prepare for your hot tub’s maintenance and repair costs. Hot tub filters must be replaced every 1 to 2 years. Depending on your chosen hot tub, you will either have to replace a single filter cartridge or multiple ones at least once a year. Hot tub filters usually cost about $45 per piece.

Whenever you clean your tub, make sure that you clean the filter as well to extend its life and keep your hot tub running efficiently.

When it comes to repairs, you can add $200 to $500 for your hot tub to your home maintenance costs, and that should be enough to cover any future repair.

How Much Does It Cost To Run A Hot Tub?

Overall, having a hot tub and keeping it in tip-top shape may not be that expensive as you might think. Since most of the hot tubs today are energy-efficient, the most you might spend on a hot tub’s energy costs is at $50 per month, and this is for high-end hot tubs. Add in the $20 per month you need to buy the needed chemicals to maintain it, another $20 per month to your home maintenance fund, and the minimal increase to your water bill.

You should be able to enjoy your hot tub for less than $100 a month. And you can easily reduce that $50 to $70 per month by simply doing some of the following steps.

  • Get a high-quality hot tub that’s proven to be very energy-efficient.
  • Place your hot tub in a location that gets a good amount of sunlight but do not get strong winds often.
  • Use the best hot tub cover you can get that’ll keep your hot tub clean and warm.
  • Lower the temperature of your outdoor spa by a few degrees in winter.
  • Change your water care system to a saltwater system.
  • Close the spa’s air jets when no one is using the hot tub.
  • Keep your hot tub water clear and clean.

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