10 Funny Pool Floats – We Found The Funniest Ones You Can Buy

Last Updated on October 18, 2021

So you’re looking for a swimming pool float but tired of the old and boring ones? You know, like a flamingo or an inflatable pineapple pool float? Or maybe you’re just not into going through hundreds of Amazon products and reading thousands of reviews just to find the one you like?

Either way, if you are looking for the best funny pool floats, then you’re in the perfect place.

We have gathered the most unique, funniest, and cool pool floats that will make your summer a little more exciting. Stand out and make a splash with these eye-catching, Instagram-worthy, and sometimes a little inappropriate pool floats that are perfect for adults who like to party. 

Best Funny Pool Floats That Will Make Your Next Pool Party Memorable

1. SwimWays Goofimals Unicorn

SwimWays Goofimals Cute 43-Inch Outside Giant Water Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float for All Ages
  • GIANT INFLATABLE: Giant inflatable great for family fun and pool parties
  • CIRCULAR DESIGN: Circular design allows you to get comfy in almost any position
  • EASY TO INFLATE: Easy and quick to inflate
  • SUPPORT 1 PERSON: Supports 1 person rides

You’ve probably seen a lot of fancy giant unicorn floats. But have you seen a unicorn pool float with a goofy face? SwimWays’ Goofimals Unicorn offers a silly spin on ordinary swimming pool floats. It’s cute and colorful and complete with a funny pose. It’s the perfect addition to your awesome pool party

2. NinoStar Donald Trump American Float

NinoStar Donald Trump American Float Summer Pool Party 2018 Fun Inflatable for Adults and Kids
  • American Float You Must Have For Your Pool!
  • Huge donald trump float: trump inflatable has finally arrived to the market. This trump float is 42 inches.
  • Premium heavy duty material: our floats are made of the highest vinyl quality 30mm pvc material.
  • Amazing design: the trump float is a proprietary design, created with a beautiful color & character.

Whether you love him or hate him, this Donald Trump Float will surely be a big hit at a summer pool party. Its bright colors, character, and design are eye-catching and will surely get the laughs you want.

Guess it’s time to make swimming great again? Er, no? 

3. NPW Inflatable Hunk

NPW Pool Float, Inflatable Hunk, 2.7 x 2.4 feet
  • Fabulous floating pool hunk keeps you cool as you relax in his muscly arms
  • Sturdy rubber ring inflates to 2.7 x 2.4-Feet
  • The ultimate pool buddy and he'll even hold your cocktail
  • Lie back and admire the view

Don’t have a date? Well, meet Chad. He is hunky, cool, and incredibly funny. No doubt, he can make your friends crack up. Chad wears a Speedo with his name on it, follows you around wherever you go, and can also carry and wrap you in a warm embrace with his toned arms.

He can even hold your drinks for you while floating around the swimming pool. What more can you ask for from a date, right? He also makes a great addition to a bachelorette party. 

4. Sunshine-Mall Eggplant Lounger

SUNSHINE-MALL Pool Lounger Float for Adult,Eggplant mesh Bottom Pool Float,Pool Floating Chair, Great for Chilling in The Pool and Have held up with Kids Crawling on Them. (250x110cm)
  • 【Special design】:Loungers float with bright color and fun shape, It has the special leisure mesh detail on bottom, which can support you in the water like a sofa.
  • 【Suitable for all kinds of scenes】:you can enjoy parties in the pool, beach, seaside, enjoy the summer water fun, inflatable pool loungers are the perfect gift.
  • 【Easy to carry】:a floating inflatable bed, which means you can carry an inflatable bed with you and you will be the focus of everyone.
  • 【High quality】:Made of thick (0.25 mm) environmentally friendly pvc material, it is more durable, tear resistant and UV resistant than other products on the market;

Here’s a swimming pool float that will surely get a lot of laughs. The Sunshine-Mall Eggplant Lounger is a giant eggplant where you can lie down and enjoy the sun. It has mesh material in the middle, so your body will stay soaked and wet in the water.

The PVC will then keep your head and shoulder afloat. But what we truly love about this lounger is that it is a massive pool float. It’s long and big, so it’s good even for tall people.

5. Giant Golden Toilet Pool Float

giant golden toilet pool float

Flush away any boredom and add a little humor to the party with this funny pool float. The Giant Golden Toilet Pool Float by Big Mouth Inc. is your very own royal throne. It’s 3-foot long, so you can comfortably sit and laze around for hours while on it.

It even has a shimmery gold seat design to make you feel like majesty while in the swimming pool. 

6. Chicken Fight Inflatable Game Set

Is cockfighting not your thing? Well, it will be with this Chicken Fight Inflatable Game Set. Including two giant chicken ride-on, this inflatable float set allows you to battle it out and wrestle in the swimming pool with family and friends.

Getting on and staying afloat is a bit challenging though. But once you’ve got the hang of it, this will surely give you a great time. Just make sure not to play with it when intoxicated to avoid accidents.

7. Greenco Giant Inflatable Banana Float

Greenco Giant Inflatable Ride-On Banana Float, Yellow
  • Huge inflatable banana ride on float made of durable PVC vinyl material.
  • Enjoyed by kids and adult alike. Great for pool play, lounging, pool decoration and pool parties.
  • Easy to inflate and deflate. Features two handles on banana float for a good grip.
  • Includes a repair patch kit for extended life.

There’s just something funny about adults riding on giant pool floats shaped like bananas, especially when they end up tipping over. It’s hilarious and easily draws a lot of laughter from people. So if you want to experience that at your next summer party, then check out the Greenco Inflatable Banana Float. 

This funny swimming pool float is huge and sturdy, so it can easily fit adults. Like the Chicken Fight Game Set, however, it’s hard to stay upright. But that’s part of the fun. You can take turns and try to see who can stay on the longest.

8. Pool Punisher Inflatable Toy Tank with Squirt Gun

Pool Punisher Inflatable Toy Tank with Squirt Gun- Swimming Accessories for Kids, Teens and Adults - Giant Size Outdoor Water Toys for Lakes and Beach - Swim Stuff for Summer
  • SQUIRT GUN; The Pool Punisher pool float is the first ever inflatable tank with an inbuilt water cannon that blasts up to 50 feet; Dominate the pool this summer with swimming pool accessories that...
  • STRONG; Pool Punisher water toys feature rock solid design, engineered from ultra durable vinyl; Our pool floats for adults, teens and kids are crafted to be super tough, withstanding the most rowdy...
  • QUALITY; Each inflatable summer toy has undergone stringent quality inspection and many hours of development in consultation with kids; This outdoor water toy is crafted to the highest standards; Our...
  • NAVIGATE; Use your feet to paddle Pool Punisher inflatable toy while your hands remain free to blast the pump action squirt gun; With two leg holes that allow you to easily sit inside, our pool...

With the Pool Punisher Inflatable Toy Tank, all eyes will be on you. It has the shape of a tank and comes with a built-in squirt gun, so you’re well equipped for battle in the swimming pool. The goal: blast everyone with water and hose them down.

With this pool float, you’ll certainly have a great time playing around with your friends and family. It’ll even be funnier if you have two or more of it, so you can just shoot each other with the water cannons all day long. 

One thing about the Pool Punisher is that adults may find it difficult to get out of. The float has two holes for each leg like those you see in floaties for babies. But unlike a baby, you can’t just carry an adult out of this float when they are done. No adult can do that. So watching someone get out of this bad boy will certainly be great for laughs. 

9. Swimline Inflatable Rose Wine Bottle Pool Float

Swimline Inflatable Rose Wine Bottle Pool Float Pink, 92 x 27 inches
  • Shaped like an elegant bottle of a fine rose wine
  • Lounge on the water or by the poolside
  • Cup holder for relaxing on your beverage and drinking It too
  • Bottom of the float is Pink and the top is clear to keep it cool

With the Swimline Wine Bottle Pool Float, you can finally enjoy your wine and lounge on it too. It measures 94 inches long, providing you with plenty of room to stretch out. It also comes with a cup holder for your beverage of choice. Big, sturdy, and pretty, this is the perfect funny float for anyone who loves their wine. 

Prefer another drink? The shop also offers a beer bottle float and champagne bottle float. There’s even a fancy Glitter Rose BottleProsecco Bottle, and Rum XL Bottle.

10. High Five Hot Dog Pool Float

If you’re looking for a ridiculous and fun pool float that’s unlike any other in a pool party, then check out the High Five Hot Dog. It’s cheap for its size, cute, and great for making others feel hungry. To complete the set, you may want to consider getting the equally colorful and deliciously looking giant hamburger float too. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Pool Floats

Want to know more about pool floats? Check out our FAQs below.

What is the most popular pool float?

Based on customer reviews and ratings, the most popular pool float on Amazon is the Aqua 4-in-1 Monterey Pool Hammock and Float. It is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars and has more than 51,000 reviews. From those reviews, only 3% gave the product one star or two stars. Most customers said the float is super comfortable, versatile, easy to inflate, and perfect for the pool and ocean. 

How do you store pool floats?

Never leave your pool floats in the pool overnight. The chemicals, sunlight, and heat will break down the plastic and vinyl faster. You should also rinse them at the end of the day or at least once a week. This is because chlorine from the pool can cause inflatables to wear out. 

In the off-season, store pool floats in a cool and clean spot. It doesn’t necessarily need to be stored in a shed or garage. Any clean place with consistent shade will do. This will help preserve your floaties’ materials and extend their life. Just make sure to keep the other pool toys away since inflatables can easily get damaged by toys with sharp edges or hard sides. 

You can also keep your pool floats in an outdoor storage box if you want. But make sure it’s solid and airtight so it won’t get exposed to inconsistent temperatures. 

What are pool floats made of?

Generally, inflatable pool floats are made of polyvinyl chloride or also known as PVC. It’s also sometimes labeled as vinyl. Unlike the material you know from pipes, the PVC used for pool floats is added with plasticizers. This allows the material to be soft, flexible, and able to adapt to any form. 

On the other hand, pool floats that need no inflating and deflating are made of foam. These types of floats are usually coated with vinyl to make them more durable. 

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