How To Become A Lifeguard – The Requirements, Qualifications, and Process Details

Summer is here, and lifeguarding at a public pool, water park, or beach is an awesome summer job! We put together this guide to help you learn more about how to become a lifeguard. Read on to get started on your lifeguarding journey…

Lifeguarding is fulfilling and offers you valuable life skills you will use later in life. You will learn how to remain calm in medical emergencies, build your confidence, develop leadership skills, and work as a team with fellow lifeguards. Lifeguarding is a great summer experience for teenagers and young adults, offering you the opportunity to develop many new life skills. 

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Where to Start and What You Need To Know

The process of becoming a lifeguard can appear to be overwhelming, but as long as you are prepared, know what to expect, and learn how to become a lifeguard, it should not be a complicated process

Essentially, the first step to becoming a lifeguard is to enroll in a certification course through an accredited lifeguard program. Local Red Cross, YMCA centers, and other private organizations offer lifeguard certification programs. 

Lifeguard training courses include a physical pre-test, which includes evaluating your ability to handle swimming long distances and treading water without using your arms. Once you have completed this pre-test, you will be approved to take the certification course, including classroom learning, hands-on activities and drills, an in-water test, and a written test. 

In addition to receiving a lifeguard certification, you must also pass certifications for CPR, first aid, and AED (automated external defibrillator) usage. Most lifeguard certification courses include these certifications. However, it may be necessary to seek these certifications on your own. 

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Basic Requirements & Qualifications to Become a Lifeguard?

Knowing the requirements and qualifications on how to become a lifeguard is just the beginning of your journey to obtaining your perfect summer job. Essentially, to become a lifeguard, you must be at least 15 years old and pass the swim test before signing up for a certification course. After you are a certified lifeguard, other requirements will depend greatly upon where you get a job and what their requirements are. 

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Requirements to Be a Lifeguard

General requirements to be a lifeguard include turning the age of 15 before the final day of class, passing the swim test, and completing the certification course. Requirements for passing the lifeguarding training course include: 

  • Swim 300 yards continuously 
  • Treading water without your hands for two minutes
  • Complete a timed mock rescue involving retrieving a 10-pound brick from the bottom of the pool and exiting the water with it
  • Complete CPR, first aid, and AED certifications
pool lifeguard with a swimming buoy

How to Become a Beach Lifeguard

Being a beach lifeguard requires additional safety training, skills, and abilities to ensure you are prepared to rescue in an ocean or lake. Though the requirements to become a beach lifeguard vary by employer and certification course, most require the following: 

  • Swim 550 yards in open waters in less than 10 minutes
  • Run one mile in less than 8 minutes and 30 seconds
  • Perfect open water swimmer surveillance techniques
  • Learn how to use equipment, such as paddle boards, masks, fins, snorkels, kayaks, and all-terrain vehicles
  • Understand open water conditions, such as rip tides and dangerous wildlife

The Duties of a Lifeguard

When you are learning how to become a lifeguard, you may also want to learn and understand the many duties you will be responsible for during your shift. As a lifeguard, your primary role is monitoring and supervising the people in and near the water. Your duties will vary depending on your location, but generally, most places require you to perform similar tasks. 

You will spend most of your day monitoring the area near the pool and reducing risks to everyone there. This includes asking for bathers to not run near the pool deck, stopping horseplay, and stopping any other type of misuse of the pool and equipment at the pool. You will use your whistle or megaphone to get the attention of swimmers in an attempt to get them to stop potentially dangerous behavior. 

During your time of playing hall monitor at the pool, you must also keep a keen eye out for emergencies. You must be able to quickly recognize and respond to any struggling swimmers. If there is an emergency, you will alert other members of your team who will come to help. If it is a true medical emergency, you will perform first aid, rescue breathing, CPR, or anything else to help the distressed person while waiting for emergency services to arrive.  

Being a lifeguard means you will have other duties to perform throughout the day. This means you will not be spending all eight hours of your shift poolside. Other responsibilities you may have to perform while working include: 

  • Cleaning bathrooms
  • Cleaning the deck and chairs
  • Picking up trash from the ground
  • Treating minor cuts and scrapes
  • Test the pool’s chemicals
  • Clean the pool
  • Clean up the facility at the end of the day
lifeguard doing first aid

The Different Types of Lifeguards and Certifications

Before deciding you want to become a lifeguard, you must first understand the different certifications available. The type of certification you receive depends upon where you want to work as a lifeguard and the facility’s requirements to be a lifeguard. The different kinds of lifeguard certifications include: 

  • Extreme shallow water lifeguard (3-feet or less)
  • Shallow water lifeguard (5-feet deep or less)
  • Deep water lifeguard (over 5 feet deep)
  • Waterfront lifeguarding (for beaches, lakes, and ponds)
  • Oceanfront (surf) lifeguarding

The certification program you sign up for will depend greatly upon where you want to work and the type of lifeguard you want to be. Organizations such as the American Red Cross, local YMCAs, Ellis and Associates, and International Surf Lifesaving Association offer different lifeguarding certification programs. 

How to Get Lifeguard Certified

There are several steps you will need to take to become a certified lifeguard. The first step is deciding which certification you want to receive. To know which training course you need, call the location where you want to apply for a job and ask about which certifications they accept. Once you know which certification program you want, you will call the training organization offering that program to schedule the swim test. Once you pass the swim test, you are ready to start the lifeguard certification course. 

pool lifeguard monitoring the swimming area

What are the Pros and Cons of Being a Lifeguard?

Being a lifeguard may seem like a glamorous job, and for the most part, it can feel that way. There are pros and cons with any job, and you must weigh those out to determine if lifeguarding is the best summer job for you. When learning how to become a lifeguard, take a moment to weigh the pros and cons. Here is a look at the benefits of becoming a lifeguard and some drawbacks. 

Benefits to Being a Lifeguard

Though not an easy job, there are several benefits to being a lifeguard:

  • The pay is good
  • It’s a casual environment
  • You can make great friends
  • You can take a break in the pool
  • You gain customer service experience
  • You learn how to remain calm in emergencies
  • You learn valuable life-saving skills
  • You spend your summer outside

Drawbacks to Being a Lifeguard

Though there are drawbacks, these cons associated with being a lifeguard are generally outweighed by the benefits. Some drawbacks include: 

  • It can get hot outside
  • You get yelled at by swimmers
  • You may feel like a babysitter
  • You have to clean the pool and area

How does lifeguard training work?

The process involved in getting lifeguard certified requires training, including classroom instruction, discussions, and hands-on skill scenarios. During your training, you will learn how to identify and prevent land-based emergencies and activate the emergency action plan for your facility. Additionally, you receive training on avoiding distractions and how to alert swimmers they are doing something wrong. 

Technical training to be a lifeguard includes:

  • Performing CPR
  • Using an AED
  • Handling the different pieces of lifesaving equipment
  • Providing first aid and emergency care

Lifeguard training teaches you how to recognize water emergencies and how to properly remove victims from the water. 

Passing the certification course requires you to demonstrate an understanding of all these skills. Your instructor may seem strict, but they are working to ensure you receive the best training possible to become a lifeguard. If you feel confused, do not be afraid to ask questions of your instructor and fellow students. 

lifeguard with a megaphone

What to Expect in Lifeguard Training

Lifeguard training can take you up to 30 hours to complete, and you must attend all classes and demonstrate you can perform the skills taught efficiently and without supervision. Some training courses allow you a few attempts to complete the scenarios, and the instructor will offer feedback after each one.

You must also pass the written test before being issued your lifeguard certification. Some courses take the test in sections, while others give the entire test on the last day of the course. 

Where to Find Lifeguarding Classes and Training Programs

There are many nationally recognized lifeguard certification programs available. The best place to start when searching for lifeguard classes and programs is to call your local Red Cross or YMCA for courses. Other nationally recognized programs are available through Starfish Aquatics Institute, StarGuard, Ellis and Associates, International Surf Lifesaving Association, and NASCO

Contact the facility you plan to apply to and inquire about which lifeguard certifications they accept. Once you have that information, you know which company to go through for your training. 

Where to Find Lifeguarding Jobs

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Now that you are lifeguard certified (the most challenging part of the process), it is time to start looking for a job. Remember, just because you are certified does not guarantee you a job. In addition to your lifeguarding courses, it is a good idea to brush up and practice your job interviewing skills. Many locations hire lifeguards, and some of those locations include: 

  • City and county parks and recreation departments
  • Municipal and private community pools
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Recreation areas where there are bodies of water
  • Beaches and state parks, where there are lakes, ponds, rivers, and oceanfront access
  • Private communities, such as homeowners and condo associations
  • Theme parks and water parks
  • Country clubs and private clubs
  • Wet decks
  • Private parties, such as those at private homes with little kids
  • Marinas
  • YMCAs
  • Gyms and fitness centers
  • Cruise ships

One thing to keep in mind when deciding to become a lifeguard for the summer is that some companies and recreation departments offer lifeguard training to those who pass the swim test during the interview process. When wanting to work for a specific company or a parks and recreation department, call and ask if they provide training or if certification is needed before applying. Also, as there are many lifeguard certification companies available, ask which lifeguard certifications they accept. 

Why Lifeguarding is a Great Summer Job

Lifeguarding is the perfect summer job because you can spend your summer working outdoors, making new friends, and earning money. Though sometimes the job may seem complicated, you are sitting in a chair observing the pool most of the time. This means you get paid to suntan and get plenty of fresh air. 

Being a lifeguard may seem like the perfect summer job, but it is not the best option for some. Learn as much as you can about becoming a lifeguard, including the duties you will perform and how to get lifeguard certified before looking for a lifeguarding job. Though it may not be the perfect job for everyone, being a lifeguard can be an enriching experience as it helps you make money and learn essential life skills for future employment. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming A Lifeguard

How much does it cost to become a lifeguard?

The cost of lifeguarding certification courses depends significantly upon the organization you sign up with. On average, the classes will cost between $100 and $300 but could be more or less depending upon the organization and location. 

How long does it take to become a lifeguard?

Lifeguard certification courses take between 25 and 30 hours to complete all sections of the required training. Depending upon the organization’s training program, your course can be completed in a single week or taken over several weeks. 

How many hours do lifeguards work a day?

Lifeguards can work up to eight hours a day. Those under the age of 18 during the summer can work up to 40 hours; however, you will be restricted to only working 18 hours a week if it is during the school year.

How many laps is a 300-yard swim?

The number of laps depends significantly on the length of the pool. In a 25-yard pool, 300 yards would be six laps (back and forth), and in a 50-yard pool, it would be three laps. 

Is the lifeguard swim test hard?

As long as you are prepared and know what to expect, the swim test is not very difficult. If you are concerned about the difficulty, start practicing now to build up your swimming endurance. You can also do some weight training, running, and other activities to improve your strength and cardio.

How to become a lifeguard at the beach?

If you want to be a lifeguard lakeside, you must know how to become a beach lifeguard. Essentially it is similar to becoming a pool lifeguard, but you may also be required to swim additional lengths and perform more intensive lifesaving skills. Depending on the location, you may also need to be 18 years of age, have a high school degree or GED, and have basic EMT training. Previous lifeguarding experience may also be required.

Do I need to get my own certification? 

In most cases, you will need to get your own lifeguard certification. However, some companies will train you once you have passed the swim test and are hired. This is not common, but you should call the location you are looking to apply at and ask about their certification requirements before signing up for a course on your own.  

When do I need to get re-certified? 

Most lifeguard certification programs require recertification annually. To verify, check with the organization you are taking the certification course through. 

Do I need certification before interviewing to be a lifeguard?

In most cases, you do not need to be lifeguard certified before going on a job interview. However, when scheduling the interview, ask which certifications they accept and start looking for local courses to take.

Does lifeguard training include CPR Certification? 

To become a lifeguard, you must have current CPR, First Aid, and AED certification. Most lifeguard certification programs include these in their training, but not all do. If these certifications are not included, you will be responsible for obtaining them on your own before getting a job as a lifeguard.

Is Pool Chlorine Bad For Your Hair?

Swimming is great exercise and very healthy for your body but does the chlorine in most pools adversely affect your skin? Is pool chlorine bad for your hair too?

The answer is yes for both.

Chlorine and Hair: What You Should Know First

Chlorine is a chemical found in most swimming pools that helps keep swimmers safe from bacteria, viruses, and infections. This pool chemical can leave a distinct odor on clothes, skin, and hair after taking a dip – not enough to cause permanent damage but it can dry out your locks or leave you with irritated red skin.

Is Pool Chlorine Bad for Your Hair?

Chlorine is very drying for your hair and skin because it takes the natural oils that your hair and skin need to remain healthy out when you are in the water. Chlorine can leave your hair rough, frizzy, dry, and very damaged.

Chlorine can also cause chemical reactions to occur in your hair which can change the natural color or change up the color you just had put in by your hairstylist. The hair actually ends up green from copper in the water that has been oxidized by the chlorine and when that is absorbed into your hair strands it can leave your hair with a green tint to it.

Why Pools Have Chlorine in the First Place

According to, Brown University began using chlorine to clean its swimming pool all the way back in 1910. It is remembered as the first attempt to sanitize pools in the United States.

Chlorine is added to the pool water to kill the many germs that are brought in by the people who swim in the pool. It is an important and needed chemical in pool water to cut down on the spread of diseases and illnesses, especially at crowded pools, and also helps eliminate algae growth in a pool, according to

How to Prevent Chlorine Damage to Your Hair

Damage from chlorine does not have to be permanent because there are several ways to reduce the amount of chlorine that gets into your hair strands. Here are some suggestions you can do before and after you swim to prevent chlorine hair damage.

Wet your hair first

Since hair soaks up water quickly, it is good to wet your hair before you jump in a pool. This will help prevent the chlorine-filled pool water or damaging saltwater for that matter, from being absorbed into your hair.

Wear a swim cap

Speedo Unisex-Adult Swim Cap Fastskin Competition
  • FINA approved
  • The world's first cap featuring the IQ Fit Profile, and designed using accurate head mapping data for optimum comfort, outstanding hydrodynamic performance, improved fit and ease of use.
  • Reduces drag by 5.7% if used in conjunction with Fastskin3 Goggles
  • Developed as part of the world's first Racing System, engineering cap, goggles and suit to work in harmony

It may seem old-fashioned, but swim caps are still important to wear when swimming. You can enjoy swimming in a pool or saltwater without getting your hair wet at all. You can also wet your hair with regular water first then put on the swim cap since the wet hair will create a tighter seal of the swim cap to your head, keeping out the damaging chlorine water even better.

Use a leave-in conditioner before entering the pool

You can opt to apply a leave-in style conditioner before jumping into a chlorine pool which will help lessen the amount of chlorine that gets soaked into your hair. The conditioner will also moisturizer your hair while you are swimming so it is a win-win solution.

Apply oil

Apply some coconut oil or olive oil to your hair then put on a swim cap before getting in the pool to help prevent chlorine from infiltrating your hair strands. The oil will repel the water and does not allow as much chlorine water to soak into your hair.

Rinse your hair immediately

You should always rinse your hair after leaving the pool for the day. There are usually showers near the pool area which means you can easily wet your hair down before getting in the pool and again after getting out of the pool. This will rinse the chlorine, saltwater, or other chemicals and contaminants from your hair and you can even use a special shampoo after you swim that is formulated to remove chlorine from your hair.

Comb gently

Since wet hair tends to tangle pretty easily and brushing your wet hair can be damaging on its own, use a wide-toothed comb to detangle and comb through your wet hair.

Clarify your hair

Nexxus Clean and Pure Clarifying Shampoo For Nourished Hair With ProteinFusion, Paraben-Free 13.5 oz
  • CLARIFYING SHAMPOO: this lightweight, clarifying shampoo gently cleanses, leaving hair nourished and purified
  • HYDRATING SHAMPOO: from the Clean & Pure hair care system, this hydrating shampoo has ProteinFusion, an exclusive blend of elastin protein and marine minerals for smooth and nourished hair
  • HAIR DETOX: full of essential ingredients to replenish vital nutrients and recover hair's natural shine, movement and moisture
  • DETOXIFYING SHAMPOO FORMULA: made with no silicones, dyes and parabens, this shampoo is safe for even dull, dry or damaged hair

A hair clarifier will help to remove any harsh chemicals from your hair. You can purchase a hair clarifying shampoo or go with a more natural remedy, such as apple cider vinegar that will do the same thing.

Now that you know what to do before and after you go swimming to save your hair from the damaging effects of chlorine in the swimming pool water, you are ready to have a fun-filled day swimming and having some fun in the sun.

If you’re an Intex pool owner and you want to convert your swimming pool to a saltwater pool to stir away from chlorine, then you should read this guide on how to convert an Intex pool to saltwater.

5 Best Ladders For Intex Pools – Buying Guide And Reviews

When most people buy an Intex pool set from a retailer, the store throws in a ladder as part of their package. Of course, just because they include this doesn’t mean it’s going to be especially safe or durable. Most of these ladders are designed for light use and offer little protection against falls into the water.

For more years of comfort and stability (not to mention peace of mind!), consider upgrading to one that’s considered the best ladders for Intex pools.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall
Confer Plastics 7200 Roll Guard 48-56 Inch A Frame Safety Above Ground Outdoor Patio Swimming Pool Platform Ladder Steps, Warm Gray
Vinyl Works SLA A-Frame 48-56 Inch Adjustable Above Ground Swimming Pool Ladder Entry System with Slide Lock Barrier and Handrails, White
Main Access 48-54 Inch Heavy-Duty Adjustable Above Ground Swimming Pool Smart Step and Ladder Entry System with Handrails, Taupe
Confer Plastics 7200 Roll Guard 48-56 Inch A Frame Safety Above Ground Outdoor Patio Swimming Pool Platform Ladder Steps, Warm Gray
Vinyl Works SLA A-Frame 48-56 Inch Adjustable Above Ground Swimming Pool Ladder Entry System with Slide Lock Barrier and Handrails, White
Main Access 48-54 Inch Heavy-Duty Adjustable Above Ground Swimming Pool Smart Step and Ladder Entry System with Handrails, Taupe
Works on pools 48 to 56 inches tall
Works on pools 48 to 56 inches tall
Works on pools 48 to 54 inches tall
Made from Polyethylene
Made from Resin
Made from Plastic
Best Overall
Confer Plastics 7200 Roll Guard 48-56 Inch A Frame Safety Above Ground Outdoor Patio Swimming Pool Platform Ladder Steps, Warm Gray
Confer Plastics 7200 Roll Guard 48-56 Inch A Frame Safety Above Ground Outdoor Patio Swimming Pool Platform Ladder Steps, Warm Gray
Works on pools 48 to 56 inches tall
Made from Polyethylene
Vinyl Works SLA A-Frame 48-56 Inch Adjustable Above Ground Swimming Pool Ladder Entry System with Slide Lock Barrier and Handrails, White
Vinyl Works SLA A-Frame 48-56 Inch Adjustable Above Ground Swimming Pool Ladder Entry System with Slide Lock Barrier and Handrails, White
Works on pools 48 to 56 inches tall
Made from Resin
Main Access 48-54 Inch Heavy-Duty Adjustable Above Ground Swimming Pool Smart Step and Ladder Entry System with Handrails, Taupe
Main Access 48-54 Inch Heavy-Duty Adjustable Above Ground Swimming Pool Smart Step and Ladder Entry System with Handrails, Taupe
Works on pools 48 to 54 inches tall
Made from Plastic

How To Choose The Best Intex Pool Ladders

Selecting the right ladder is more than just a quick trip to your local hardware store. There are so many considerations that need to be taken into account before you make such an important purchase, but we’ve narrowed it down for you with these five criteria:

Material Quality

Think about what’s going to best suit your needs and lifestyle before you invest in a new pool ladder. You have four primary options: metal, resin, vinyl, or plastic.

Metal ladders are going to be hotter to the touch, so consider getting some protective pads if you live in warmer climates like Florida.

Ease of Use

As we age, it can become more difficult to do things like climb into the pool. But with a ladder that has features such as ergonomically designed or extended handrails and wide treads, this is much easier for older individuals or those with mobility concerns.


Some pool ladders are adjustable, which means they can be used with a wide range of swimming pools. Plus if you decide to get a bigger pool at some point down the line, your ladder will adjust accordingly and continue being useful.


Safety is the most important factor to keep in mind when choosing a ladder for small children. Some Intex pool ladders have a locking function that will disable them so there’s no way they can be used without an authorized key or combination.


Above ground pool ladders and steps can be found anywhere from $300 to a whopping $1000. What influences the price is the brand, as well as certain features each model offers – such as wedding cake-style steps which are more expensive than normal curve stairs, or A-Frames with steel frames being pricier compared to their aluminum counterparts.

5 Best Ladders For Intex Pools

Many people are unaware of the fact that there is a wide variety of pool ladders available on the market. Intex has a great selection to choose from but there are some good third-party companies that are offering a more superior pool ladder than them.

All our recommended ladders are made from high-quality materials including corrosion-resistant steel handrails and durable plastic treads, perfect for heavy foot traffic around your Intex pool.

Confer Plastics 7200 Roll Guard A-Frame Safety Above Ground Swimming Pool Platform Ladder Steps

On Sale Now!
Confer Plastics 7200 Roll Guard 48-56 Inch A Frame Safety Above Ground Outdoor Patio Swimming Pool Platform Ladder Steps, Warm Gray
  • ABOVE GROUND POOL LADDER: Conveniently and easily get in and out of your swimming pool; Aesthetically pleasing contemporary design in beautiful warm gray color
  • INNER SIDE RAILS: Inner side rails include integrated side barriers to prevent entry behind the ladder; Curved side rails designed with strength in mind
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: Easy assembly with minimal hardware
  • FEATURES: Fits pool top seats up to 14 inches wide; Lockable roll-guard barrier (lock included); Fill side rails with water to prevent floating, no sand or bricks needed; Large 5 by 18-inch wide...

This Confer A-Frame Ladder is a perfect swimming pool ladder for large Intex pool owners. This makes getting in and out of your Intex easy and safe, with the curved side rails designed to be strong and keep you secure at all times. It’s also adjustable so that it can fit pools from 48 inches to 56 inches tall – making sure this versatile product will work no matter which Intex pool size you have.

This A-frame ladder has an extra-large platform and is equipped with 18 x 5-inch comfort tread steps.

The lockable roll guard barrier on the frame keeps little ones away from any potential dangers when they’re climbing up or down. To prevent this ladder from floating – all you have to do is fill its side rails with water. No need to use sand or bricks.

What Real World Users Say…

“I have found this Confer ladder useful and it offers great value for my money.”

“LOVE IT! My 5-year-old feels very safe walking up and down the stairs. We have an Intex pool and it’s a perfect fit. The platform at the top of the ladder makes it much safer to climb in.”

Vinyl Works SLA A-Frame Adjustable Above Ground Swimming Pool Ladder Entry System with Slide Lock Barrier and Handrails

On Sale Now!
Vinyl Works SLA A-Frame 48-56 Inch Adjustable Above Ground Swimming Pool Ladder Entry System with Slide Lock Barrier and Handrails, White
  • IN-POOL STEP LADDER: Step-in pool ladder with double handrails for easy, safe entry and exit into an above-ground pool. Designed and intended for use with a 48-56 inch above ground pool with up to...
  • - GREAT STABILITY: 4 base treads and top platform tread for easy climbing and greater stability offering a 300-pound load capacity for one user at a time
  • - SLIDE-LOCK DESIGN: Slide-Lock design removes access to the ladder when pool isn't in use to prevent unwanted entry & injury. Padlock required for the Slide-Lock ladder design (not included)
  • - SAFETY SIGNAGE: Permanent safety signage includes no diving, no jumping, do not swim through or behind ladder, and secure ladder when not in use

The Vinyl Works A-Frame Ladder with Barrier is the perfect way to provide an easy and safe approach for you or your guests into and out of your pool.

The pool ladder supports up to 300 pounds so there’s no need to worry about it collapsing underweight, while its rigid frame makes sure that the ladder doesn’t rack when in use. With 4 base treads at each corner of the platform as well as two wide handrails on either side, climbing onto this little gem will be a breeze!

What sets this above-ground swimming pool ladder apart from others though is how they’ve designed their barrier slide lock – not only does it keep people off balance by preventing them from getting around or behind it (and potentially falling), but also keeps kids from any harm.

What Real World Users Say…

“I’m really enjoying this ladder, it is very durable and has the option to lock in place. I also like how easy it was to assemble!”

“I am so happy with this purchase. The instructions were a little hard to understand but other than that I would buy again in an instant!”

Aqua Select A-Frame Ladder with Removable Steps for Above Ground Pools

Aqua Select A-Frame Ladder with Removable Steps for Above Ground Pools | 48-inch Pool Wall Height | with Non-Slip Step Tread Risers | Top Platform and Rounded Handrails for Ease of Entry/Exit
  • REMOVABLE ABOVE GROUND POOL STEPS: Removable outside ladder prevents any unwanted pool entry and children from getting access to the pool when no adults are around watching.
  • SAFETY BARRIER: Safety barrier fits behind inside ladder to prevent swimmer entrapment.
  • MEASUREMENTS: Fits pools up to 48 inch wall height. Top platform dimensions are 15.9-in x 16.5-in.
  • STYLE: Textured, non-slip step tread risers and rounded handrails for ease of entry/exit.

Step up to your pool easily with the Aqua Select A-Frame Ladder. This economical pool ladder has all the features of a more expensive ladder at a price that is easy on your wallet!

Designed for above ground pools up to 48 inches deep, this tubular steel staircase with blue stairs is lightweight and easy to set up. Safety features include removable outside steps so no one can enter uninvited, as well as an inside safety barrier behind the platform which prevents swimmer entrapment.

The large top step and rounded handrails add ease when entering or exiting your pool–this lets you have fun in the water without any worries about getting in and out again.

What Real World Users Say…

“This is a very nice ladder. Works great for me!”

“This is a good safe pool ladder. I like the feature of having a removable outside ladder. Instructions could be a bit better though.”

Blue Wave NE1222 A-Frame Flip Up Ladder for Above Ground Pools

Blue Wave NE1222 A-Frame Flip Up Ladder for Above Ground Pools
  • Flip Up Steps Prevent Unwanted Entry
  • Child-Proof Barrier Meets ANSI/APSP Safety Standards
  • Adjustable for Above Ground Pools 48 in. to 54 in. Deep
  • Extra Deep 5 in. Treads

The Blue Wave NE1222 A-Frame Flip Up Ladder is the perfect accessory for any swimming pool owner. This resin ladder is perfect for those who want to save money and still have the safety features you need. The durable construction ensures that this product will last a long time while giving it enough flexibility to withstand heavy loads (up to 250 lbs.) when needed.

It includes wide non-skid platform treads for secure footing, a childproof barrier under the ladders to prevent entrapment, and comes with a 3-year warranty.

What Real World Users Say…

“This ladder promotes safety because it is so wide, sturdy, and built well.”

“Overall you get what you pay for. There are a lot of pieces. My only mistake was not The thing I love most about this ladder is that it’s made of high-quality, durable materials. The safety features are excellent and they make me feel totally safe. Without a doubt, you know what to expect when buying this pool ladder from Blue Wave.”

Main Access Heavy-Duty Adjustable Above Ground Swimming Pool Smart Step and Ladder Entry System with Handrails

Main Access 48-54 Inch Heavy-Duty Adjustable Above Ground Swimming Pool Smart Step and Ladder Entry System with Handrails, Taupe
  • POOL ENTRY SYSTEM: The Main Access Adjustable Smart Step and Ladder Entry System allows you to enter and exit your above ground swimming pool safely and easily.
  • COMBINATION: Combination of 200600T smart step and 200700T smart choice ladder.
  • ADJUSTABLE: Adjustable for 48 to 54-inch above ground pools. Measure before you buy to ensure proper fit for your set up!
  • SAFETY FEATURES: Designed with built in no-swim zone and swing up & lift-and-lock safety features

The Main Access Heavy-Duty Adjustable Above Ground Swimming Pool Smart Step and Ladder is the perfect way to make your pool accessible for kids, adults, and seniors. The 4-step design allows you a comfortable transition into the water with 24 inches of space per step on both sides.

Thanks to its swing up/lift-and-lock feature that provides an extra safety measure when entering or exiting the pool area – everyone will have easy access at all times without worrying about their footing.

This heavy-duty ladder system can be easily connected to your pool deck by removing the outside body and mounting it onto a platform. This will then create an easy transition from your deck to the pool for more safety.

What Real World Users Say…

“Love it! Very sturdy pool ladder.”

“Great product! Some of the pieces are difficult to get together but once they’re fitted we were very happy. The steps and stairs came in two different packages a day apart so at first, we thought we were missing pieces since my order said delivered. The ladder portion showed up the next day.”

Frequently Asked Questions About Intex Pool Ladders

What is the weight limit on Intex pool ladders?

Depending on the type of pool ladder you’ve purchased, the weight limit should be indicated in the box of the product. Typically, ladders for Intex pools can support up to 300 pounds of weight.

How do you make an above ground pool ladder sturdy?

Well, the best way to do this is by getting a durable pool ladder in the first place. Metal and resin ladders are some of the most durable pool ladders that are available today.

How long do ladders for Intex pools last?

The price of pool ladders is a big factor in their durability, as the more expensive ones can last up to 4-5 seasons. However, if you are rough with your Intex pool ladder and it’s not an especially costly one then it might last less than that time span.

Pool Fire Bowls – Buying Guide and Safety Tips

When you’re building or remodeling your pool, having pool fire bowls may not be top of mind. But maybe it’s a good time to consider it now. The addition of a pool fire bowl can elevate your outdoor space and add an element of luxury to your backyard oasis. The ability to use this area all year long is also possible with this amazing addition to your pool area.

What Is A Pool Fire Bowl?

Pool fire bowls are a perfect addition to your swimming pool and can be fitted on the decking or column. From a design standpoint, fire bowls are an excellent way to add ambiance and warmth in the cold winter months. They can also act as centerpieces for social gatherings when they’re lit up.

The bowl, often called a fire pot, is filled with everything from lava rock to colored glass and the output can be gas-powered – natural gas or propane. Fire bowls come in a variety of finishes including copper, cast iron, tile and stone, and steel. Whatever you decide, you should ensure that it complements adjacent features such as the landscaping or patio.

Our Top Picks

Vivid - 30" Concrete Fire Bowl - Grey Cement Round Fire Pit - Natural Gas (Grey)
Prism Hardscapes Moderno 4 Concrete Gas Fire Pit (PH-404-4NG), Natural Gas, Pewter, 48-Inch
Bond Manufacturing 67504 Mondavi 36" Round 65,000 BTU Faux Concrete Gas Fire Bowl, Height: 12.5&quot, Brown
Vivid - 30" Concrete Fire Bowl - Grey Cement Round Fire Pit - Natural Gas (Grey)
Prism Hardscapes Moderno 4 Concrete Gas Fire Pit (PH-404-4NG), Natural Gas, Pewter, 48-Inch
Bond Manufacturing 67504 Mondavi 36" Round 65,000 BTU Faux Concrete Gas Fire Bowl, Height: 12.5", Brown
30" in diameter
48" in diameter
36" in diameter
Uses Natural Gas/Propane
Uses Natural Gas
Uses Natural Gas/Propane
Vivid - 30" Concrete Fire Bowl - Grey Cement Round Fire Pit - Natural Gas (Grey)
Vivid - 30" Concrete Fire Bowl - Grey Cement Round Fire Pit - Natural Gas (Grey)
30" in diameter
Uses Natural Gas/Propane
Prism Hardscapes Moderno 4 Concrete Gas Fire Pit (PH-404-4NG), Natural Gas, Pewter, 48-Inch
Prism Hardscapes Moderno 4 Concrete Gas Fire Pit (PH-404-4NG), Natural Gas, Pewter, 48-Inch
48" in diameter
Uses Natural Gas
Bond Manufacturing 67504 Mondavi 36" Round 65,000 BTU Faux Concrete Gas Fire Bowl, Height: 12.5&quot, Brown
Bond Manufacturing 67504 Mondavi 36" Round 65,000 BTU Faux Concrete Gas Fire Bowl, Height: 12.5", Brown
36" in diameter
Uses Natural Gas/Propane

How Do Pool Fire Bowls Work?

For the average pool owner, you may not know what a pool fire bowl is or how it works. A pool fire bowl is an outdoor fireplace that uses gas to provide warmth and light for your backyard space. It provides a way for people of any age or physical ability to enjoy time outdoors in the cooler months of the year without needing a traditional wood-burning fire pit.

There are two ways you can operate a fire bowl. There is the manual and automatic way of operation, both dependable in their own right. Yet, during the rainy season, water may interfere with electricity if you are not careful.

Pool contractors often fix a gas line from the bowl to a safety shutoff valve. This ensures safety whenever electricity comes into contact with water. In most instances, these fire features have gas lines located next to a control panel that lights up and ignites when turned on by an electric switch or remote control.

Pool Fire Bowls Buying Guide

If you are looking for a way to make your pool more enjoyable and entertaining, then it may be time to consider installing a fire bowl. One of the newest trends in backyard entertainment is installing a fire bowl into your outdoor swimming pool.

Fire bowls can come in many shapes and sizes, but they all provide the same great benefits.

Different Fire Bowl Materials

There are many different fire bowl materials that you can choose from, and it can be difficult to decide which one is the best for your needs. The most common types of fire bowls are stone, steel, copper, and cast iron. These are the pros and cons of each material type.


Stone bowls are a great option for those looking to add some character and warmth to their outdoor living spaces. The weight of the stone is perfect if you want the fire bowl in one place all season long. Stone doesn’t rust like other metals, so it’s easier to keep your outdoor area neatly clean with this material.


Steel is a great material for constructing fire bowls because it can be shaped into any design. Just make sure to buy one that’s already been coated with powder so the steel doesn’t rust.

High-end steel fire bowls are often handcrafted by artists and come in a variety of sizes, styles, colors. Less expensive models can be found at your local home depot but their quality is questionable and they may not last as long.


Copper is an element that adds warmth to your fire pit regardless of whether or not you have a flame burning. Copper can quickly take on a rich green patina when it sits outdoors. If you want your copper fire bowl to keep its warm and shiny look for years to come, you need to do frequent cleaning.

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance material, then you should consider another type of fire bowls like stone or steel instead.

Cast Iron

Cast iron is a versatile material because it’s inexpensive, easy to work with, and light enough to move around. Cast iron is not as strong or durable as wrought iron but it has its own appeal – some people prefer lightweight cast irons over heavier ones because of its lightweight feature.

Propane Fire Bowls vs Natural Gas Fire Bowls

The gas fire bowls are perfect for anyone who just wants to relax. They’re easy, burn cleanly, and require less maintenance than traditional wood-burning fire features. The two types of fuel available include propane and natural gas but before you buy one you must decide which type is best for your lifestyle because they each have their benefits.

Propane fire bowls are a versatile option for outdoor living spaces. You can use them all year round and have the ability to move them from place to place with ease or make them permanent by connecting a gas line underground that goes directly into your propane tank on site.

Natural gas fire bowls have quickly become a popular way to make backyards more inviting. They do require permanent installation of natural gas lines, but for those without access, it’s not as complicated as you might imagine. A qualified pool professional can install your new line and hook up your fire bowl in no time at all.

Once this is done, just turn on the unit and enjoy a lovely evening with friends or family around an always-burning flame–no refills needed!

When it comes to how much you need to spend, natural gas is the clear winner. In some areas, propane can be six times more expensive than natural gas. Plus with a fixed delivery line and no tanks or refills needed, natural gas is also the more convenient option for your pool fire bowl.

Best Pool Fire Bowls

One Stop Outdoor Vivid 30″ Concrete Fire Bowl

Vivid - 30" Concrete Fire Bowl - Grey Cement Round Fire Pit - Natural Gas (Grey)
  • Material: Premium Glass fiber reinforced concrete
  • (GFRC).Burner: Stainless steel ring burner.
  • Ignition System: Match Throw Key Valve
  • Maximum Output: 75 K BTUs.

The One Stop Outdoor Vivid – 30″ Concrete Fire Bowl is made from premium glass fiber reinforced concrete that comes with a stainless steel ring burner. This fire bowl is plumbed for natural gas but can be converted easily to propane if needed.

Each fire pit has been hand-crafted by their expert craftsmen using their custom patina process, this guarantees every buyer will get their own one-of-kind creation with subtle variation.

Prism Hardscapes Moderno 4 Concrete Gas Fire Bowl

No matter the occasion, you can light up the night with this Prism Hardscapes Moderno 4 Concrete Gas Fire Bowl. Its durable and lightweight stainless steel design makes it perfect for outdoor living areas of all sizes.

The 48″ diameter fire bowl provides a beautiful and functional centerpiece for any backyard, patio, or lounging area. The ambient heat from this structure can provide plenty of warmth to multiple people even on the coldest days too. This 65,000 BTU unit operates with a natural gas hookup which is great because it’s so versatile that way.

Ohio Flame 30″ Fire Chalice Artisan Fire Bowl

30" Artisan Fire Bowl"Fire Chalice" (Made in USA) - Patina Finish
  • Made in USA
  • Individually Numbered Piece of Art
  • Two Piece Welded Design
  • No Assembly Required

The Skillman Signature Series by Ohio Flame features the most universal of all their fire bowls, the Fire Chalice. Crafted with quality and durability in mind—this artfully designed chalice can last a lifetime. This is perfect for those pool owners who want to use wood instead of natural gas or propane.

The bowl itself features thick American steel that will withstand all types of weather conditions year-round without ever needing any type of maintenance whatsoever – it’s been designed with you in mind!

Akoya Outdoor Essentials 34″ Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Bowl

34" Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table Square Bowl in Gray
  • ♦ MODERN DESIGN ♦ Impress your guests and family at your next outdoor gathering with this striking concrete fire pit. A unique shape and stunning finish enhance the beautiful smokeless fire this...
  • ♦ DURABLE MATERIALS ♦ This unit is constructed from lightweight fiber-reinforced concrete with a gray finish over a sturdy steel frame for durable outdoor performance. The burner and lid are made...
  • ♦ EFFORTLESS OPERATION ♦ Easy-to-use push-button electronic ignition with flame level control. Can be used with a 20 lb propane tank that is stored externally (*propane tank not included, propane...
  • ♦ SAFE TO ENJOY ♦ The heat output of 50,000 BTUs allows for a steady flame at a comfortable temperature. Built to the highest safety standards with multiple fail-safes in place.

The Akoya Outdoor Essentials 34” Fire Pit Square Bowl in Gray comes with a sleek and neutral look that can fit seamlessly with your outdoor oasis. It can serve as the perfect conversation piece for all of your backyard parties.

This fire bowl uses Liquid Propane (LP) to give you up to 28 hours worth of burn time depending on what setting it’s set at. This fire bowl has been cast from lightweight fiber concrete and steel which gives increased durability outside while maintaining its stylish look.

Bond Manufacturing 67504 Mondavi Round Faux Concrete Gas Fire Bowl

Bond Manufacturing 67504 Mondavi 36" Round 65,000 BTU Faux Concrete Gas Fire Bowl, Height: 12.5", Brown
  • Includes lava rock, cover, 10 feet regulator hose, and tank seat
  • 65k BTU heat output provides ample warmth and light.
  • Pulse ignition allows easy lighting and extinguishing of the smoke-free flame.
  • Adjust the flame to your desired size with the convenient control knob.

The Mondavi 36” Fire Bowl is the perfect way to liven up your pool area, providing a touch of warmth and ambiance in any type of space.

With its faux concrete finish, it’s sure to complement whatever existing décor you have outside already. Plus with no assembly required and an adjustable flame at your fingertips, this fire bowl will be ready for action right out of the box!

The pool fire bowl is natural gas convertible and comes with everything you’ll need to hook up to an external 20 lb. propane tank if that’s what you prefer to use.

Pool Fire Bowl Safety Tips

  • Ensure that open burning is allowed in your neighborhood in which you live to avoid any legal troubles.
  • The area on which your fire bowl will be placed needs to be stable and fireproof.
  • To protect your family and guests, especially those with small children, you must install a safety screen on your fire bowl.
  • You must keep a close eye on your fire pit, just as it is for the swimming pool when you have people using it.
  • Avoid using the fire bowl when it’s too windy outside. In addition to the potential for physical injury, embers can spread and cause damage to your property.
  • Make sure you extinguish the fire when you’re done with it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pool Fire Bowls

How much do pool fire bowls cost?

The cost of installing a pool fire bowl varies depending on the size and type that you want to be installed in your swimming pool area. The average cost is between $1,000 to $4,000 for both materials and labor, but it may vary depending on what kind of work needs to be done before installation starts. You also have to consider the design and material used on the pool fire bowl that you’re going to install.

What is the best fire bowl material?

Fire bowls are often made of stainless steel or copper. The choice between these two metals comes down to personal preference but both provide great benefits such as protection against water damage or rusting due to exposure from rainwater – not only do they protect your investment over time (and help it last longer!) but also enhance its beauty by adding color variations that fit your landscape design.

Can I place a fire bowl on a wooden pool deck?

The fire bowls can create a magical atmosphere in your backyard, and they’re completely safe for wooden decks. If you’re still hesitant, you can use masonry or a fire pad for additional deck safety.


If you own a swimming pool and want to add some fun to the summer while improving the overall look of your outdoor space, then you should consider adding a fire bowl. This can be a great addition that can help make your backyard feel more luxurious.

However, before committing to this purchase, you must understand how they work and what these options have to offer. We hope that our buying guide here made it easier for you to choose the best pool fire bowl that fits your pool area.

What Is The Best Pool Temperature For Swimming?

If you’re looking for the answer to the question, “What’s the best pool temperature for swimming?”, then you’re in the right place.

Swimming on pool water that’s too cold or too hot is not what you’re expecting when you dive into your pool to unwind or relax. And if relaxing is your main goal, then you should consider measuring your pool water temperature first before taking a dip.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), pool water temperatures between 78 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit are best for those engaging in moderate physical activity in a swimming pool.

However, that range does not consider the fact that you may have small children or some seniors swimming in your pool too.

The Best Pool Temperature For Swimming For Kids

We all know kids love swimming pools, but for the best pool experience, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that kids age four and above swims on water with a temperature of at least 84°F.

This helps in keeping their muscles loose and warm and to prevent any breathing problems that occur when they are swimming in cold water. Also, warmer water is more comfortable for those people trying to learn how to swim for the first time.

A water temperature between 90°F and 92°F is best for those who will be bringing their toddler or baby in for a quick dip into their pool.

The Best Pool Temperature For Swimming For Seniors

For those families with older members, having a swimming pool with a temperature of at least 86°F is recommended. If anyone of them is dealing with arthritis, then a water temperature between 88°F and 90°F will lessen the stress on their joints.

The main drawback here is maintaining a high temperature on your swimming pool can significantly increase your energy costs. It can also have a negative impact on your pool’s water chemistry when you have to always change your pool temperature.

If your senior family members or friends will not be using the pool often, then you might be better off getting a hot tub for them to utilize.

There are inflatable hot tubs nowadays that you can easily set up and store away if it’s not in use. Asking them to use that instead should not be considered a downgrade unless they think sitting in a warm bubble bath is a setback.

How To Heat A Swimming Pool

For those who prefer a warmer water temperature when they swim into their pool, you have various options to choose from to reach your ideal temperature for swimming.

Just remember that for every degree rise in temperature, you will be paying 10% to 30% more in energy costs, this is according to the Department of Energy. You might need to pay more if you’ll be using an older pool heater or if you’re living in a place with a colder climate.

The most common tools for heating a pool are pool heat pumps or gas pool heaters. The former is best for pool owners who are looking for the easiest installation while the latter is for those who want to reach their desired pool water temperature fast.

labworkauto Solar Pool Cover Round,Oval Rectangle Swimming Pool Solar Blanket Cover PE Blue 12mil,18 Round
  • Solar Blankets Are Made from a Film of Thousands of Tiny Bubbles, Which Work Together to Collect and Retain Heat Both at Night and on Those Chilly Days. The Blue Color Provides an Appealing Look While...
  • The Use of a Solar Cover Helps in Preventing Up to 95% of Pool Water Evaporation. When not Enjoying a Refreshing Swim, Keeping Your pool Covered Lessens the Vast Amount of Water Lost into the...
  • Spend More Time Swimming in Your Pool this Summer and Less Time Cleaning it with the Pool Cover. Helps Keep Your Above Ground Pool Free of Dirt, Insects and Debris When not in Use.
  • Made of Premium Harmless Polypropylene (PE). Light-weight, Reusable, Easy and Economical to Use.

Solar blankets or covers should be enough for those living in areas with warmer temperatures like Texas. There won’t be a need to invest in a more advanced pool heating system, unless, seniors will be the ones using the pool often.

Pool heat pumps will only work for those living in an area where the ambient temperature does not drop below 50° F, so if you’re residing in Chicago or Boston, your only choice will be to use a gas pool heater.

The main disadvantage of getting a gas pool heater is the installation process and its running costs. Since they can heat a pool to your desired temperature in less than an hour or two, gas pool heaters consume more energy than any other type of pool heating device and may require a professional to oversee its installation.

For those looking to save more money on their heating expenses, you should consider installing a solar-powered pool heater. A solar-powered pool heating system gets its power from the sun so you won’t have to worry about any increase in your energy bill.

On Sale Now!
SunHeater Pool Heating System Two 2’ x 20’ Panels – Solar Heater for Inground and Aboveground Made of Durable Polypropylene, Raises Temperature, 6-10°F, S240U
  • SOLAR POOL HEATER – The SunHeater Solar Pool Heating System allows you to capture free heat from the sun’s rays to effectively raise your pool water temperature. It’s an efficient and...
  • EXTENDS POOL SEASON – Your pool’s pump pushes the water through the panel’s many tubes where it’s warmed by the sun and then returned into the pool. This system can raise the water temperature...
  • EASY TO INSTALL – This pool solar heater uses your existing filtration system and has 4 end caps, 2 elbows for flex hose connection, 6 stainless steel hose clamps, 1 roll of Teflon tape, and rubber...
  • TUBE ON WEB DESIGN – The tube-web-tube design allows the SunHeater to capture the most sun possible, maximizing square footage. It offers rigid flexibility, allowing panels to expand and contract...

The suggested number of solar panels to be used is 50% of your pool surface area. However, this number can be increased to improve your system’s heating capability.

Keep Your Pool Clean

Bacteria, algae, and other organisms thrive under warm water conditions so you should clean your pool as scheduled to prevent them from spreading throughout your swimming pool. Using the right amount of pool chemicals should help keep your water clean and clear.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pool Temperature

What’s the lowest temperature I can have on my swimming pool?

Pool water temperature should always be kept above 70° F since going below that often causes increased heart rate and blood pressure.

Swimming on water temperature below 70° F also increases the chances of experiencing muscle spasms. If you’re prone to spasms, it’ll be best to only swim in pools with temperatures above 80° F.

How do you measure pool temperature?

There are various ways on how to measure a pool’s temperature and if you’re already using a pool heater, then you have the option to see the current water temperature using its built-in thermostat.

If you don’t have a heater or it may not be easily accessible to you, then you can use either a digital floating thermometer or an analog floating thermometer. Both devices are easy to use and should give you an accurate measurement of your current pool temperature fast.

What temperature should I set my pool heater?

Since the best pool temperature for swimming is between 78 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. It will be best to set your heater at anywhere between 78 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit.

You’ll be swimming at just the right water temperature, and you don’t have to worry too much about getting a high energy bill.

Is a 80-degree pool water cold?

An 80° F pool is ideal for those who are using their pools just for leisure. It’s not that cold and should be the perfect water temperature to teach your kids some new swimming lessons.

How To Keep Bees Away From Pool? – 7 Safe and Best Ways To Do It

Summer season is pool season.

And these days are the best time to do pool parties and cookouts with your family and friends. But there are times that an uninvited visitor may come in and crash your party, and we’re not talking about your annoying neighbor, we’re talking about those cute little buzzing bees.

First, we want to emphasize that this guide on how to keep bees away from the pool will not cause any serious harm to these hardworking creatures. After a long day of work, who does not want a refreshing body of water to hang out on, right?

Anyway, your pool is more of a bottle of water to them to rehydrate than anything else. Knowing this, what are the things you can do to keep bees away from your swimming pool?

Best Ways On How To Keep Bees Away From Pool

There are several ways you can do to keep these insects away from your pool for good without the need to exterminate or kill them.

Build another water source for them

Whenever bees come to your pool, all they want to do is to cool down and have a sip after a long day’s work. They do not come to your pool area to find you and sting you. Sure, there are some cases where a bee does exactly that but that’s rare and can be prevented by installing a fountain or birdbath in your yard.

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VIVOHOME Polyresin Antique Outdoor Copper Garden Bird Bath and Solar Powered Round Pond Fountain Combo Set
  • COMBO SET - Package include 1 garden birdbath and 1 solar-powered water fountain pump; A gorgeous addition to your garden, patio, yard, deck, or other spaces
  • DURABLE MATERIAL - The birdbath is made of weather-resistant polyresin with a beautiful design and finish, tough and durable for many years of use; It won’t dent, break, or fracture, withstanding...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN - The birdbath is very lightweight, so you can move this bath to the perfect spot effortlessly; For additional stability, you can fill the pedestal with gravel or stones
  • SOLAR POWERED FOUNTAIN - It is solar-powered and environmentally friendly, taking energy directly from the sun to propel water into the air; Allows for multiple birds to drink or bathe at the same...

Give them an alternative water source and these bees should leave your pool alone.

Tip: If you have a bee problem the previous pool season, it might be best to install your new fountain or birdbath a month or two ahead before you set up your swimming pool. This way they already have an established source of water to go to and should not bother you when your pool is up and running.

Avoid flowery fragrances

You can prevent bees from invading your pool area by not wearing sweet and flower-smelling perfumes. The same rule applies to your hairspray, cologne, and sunscreen.

Australian Gold Australian gold little joey continuous spray, spf 50 broad spectrum water resistant for up to 80 minutes pediatrician tested hypoallergenic fragrance free, 6 Ounce, A70915
  • SUN PROTECTION FOR THE LITTLE ONES - Little Joey by Australian Gold is specially formulated for kids; Its SPF 50 formula with Aloe Vera provides maximum hydration & nourishment, and BROAD SPECTRUM...
  • GOODNESS OF NATIVE AUSTRALIAN INGREDIENTS - A rich blend of Kakadu Plum extract with highest content of Vitamin C, and Tea Tree Oil, a powerful antioxidant, fight off free radicals and leave skin...
  • A TOP CHOICE FOR KIDS - This fragrance-free sunscreen is Pediatrician Tested & Hypoallergenic, making it perfect for sensitive skin & noses; All ingredients are selected with utmost care and pass top...
  • EASY APPLICATION - Spritz this sunscreen liberally and rub onto the skin 15 minutes before sun exposure; Do not spray directly on the face; Spray on hands then apply to face; Use in well-ventilated...

We advise using an unscented sunscreen whenever you use your pool so you won’t attract unwanted attention from bees and other insects.

Avoid bright colors

If you have an ongoing bee problem in your swimming pool, then you should not wear any bright colored bathing suit or clothing. You should also refrain from using bright colored towels. Unlike humans, bees cannot distinguish right away if they’re touching a nice-smelling flower or your beautiful yellow shirt.

Add repelling scents

One of the best ways on how to keep bees away from the pool is by using scents that are unpleasant to them but not to us.

There are more than a handful of fragrances and essential oils that you can use to repel bees from your outdoor living space without the need to call an exterminator. These include spearmint, thyme, eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon, lime, olive oil, citronella oil, lavender oil, and even vegetable oil.

Plant Therapy 7 & 7 Essential Oils Set 7 Single Oils: Lavender, Peppermint & More, 7 Synergy Blends 100% Pure, Undiluted, Natural Aromatherapy, Therapeutic Grade 10 mL (1/3 oz)
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  • EASY, AFFORDABLE WAY TO FIND YOUR FAVORITE: Here's what's included: Lavender, Tea Tree, Sweet Orange, Peppermint, Lemon, Cinnamon and Eucalyptus single oils. Synergy Blends include: Germ Fighter,...
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  • HIGH-QUALITY AFFORDABLE ESSENTIAL OILS: At Plant Therapy our goal is to positively impact the lives of as many people as we possibly can, by selling such a high quality product at an affordable price....

If you have the option to get these plants around your pool area, then that could be a better solution to keep bees away from your swimming pool. You can add mint or lemongrass plants near your pool to repel them, then you can enjoy your pool without worrying about getting stung by a bee.

Move their nest/s

If dozens of bees come to flock your pool often, then this is a good indication that they have been living nearby. You can look for their nest’s location in your property and call your local beekeeper and ask them to move it away from your pool area.

Or you can call an exterminator and tell them you need help moving a bee’s nest. Be clear in saying this and that you do not want them spraying harmful chemicals in your yard where you and your family stay and enjoy your free time.

Add and use pool jets

Pool jets can be very effective in repelling bees out of your pool. And it also adds a little bit of fun to your pool area. Turning on your pool jets will make ripples on the surface of your pool water and may prevent them from landing.

Use mothballs

Mothballs are known for their unpleasant odor and can be an effective way to keep bees away from your pool. You can put mothballs in a decorative cloth bag or pantyhose and hang it near your pool. This should stop bees and other insects from ruining your pool party.

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  • SAY GOODBYE TO INDOOR BUG PROBLEMS: Flies, bees, roaches, moths, and mosquitos all have one thing in common--they aren't welcome in your home. From flyswatters to moth balls, cedar spray to roach...
  • WILLERT HOME PRODUCTS: Willert Home Products began in 1946 with a single moth repellant product. Still owned & operated by the Willert family, we make over 100 home cleaning supplies & pest control...

If you hated the smell of mothballs, try out these lavender-scented ones from Enoz.

Final Thoughts On Keeping Bees Away From Your Pool

Implementing those steps on how to keep bees away from the pool isn’t that difficult and should be effective in safeguarding your family from unwanted bee attention. The earlier you figure out the best way to keep bees away, the sooner you can get back to enjoying your swimming pool worry-free.

Photo by orangeaurochs

Can Dogs Go In A Pool? – Swimming Safety Tips For Dog Owners

As summer approaches and the heat is starting to settle in, one of the best and easiest way to cool down is to go swimming. It’s a fun and enjoyable activity that’s great for your family. And when we say your family, this means every member, including your canine friend. 

Just like people, some dogs love diving into the pool, especially during the hot summer season. But as a dog parent, you might have some concerns about the safety of your pet. Can dogs go in a pool? Should you allow your dog to jump in the water? Are there harmful effects of chlorine or saltwater on dogs? 

To help you, here are the answers to your questions as well as other information you need to know about letting your pet join you in the swimming pool.

Can Dogs Go in a Pool?

Yes. Generally, dogs can go to the swimming pool with you and your family. However, there are some precautions. For example, the common belief that dogs are natural swimmers is not true. Some dogs do not have the physical build to just jump in and swim without worry. 

For instance, Bulldogs have a weight distribution that makes it impossible for them to swim very well. Those with long bodies and short legs would also struggle in the pool, i.e. Dachshunds. But with a life vest and swimming lessons, any breed can get around in the water. 

EzyDog Premium Doggy Flotation Device (DFD) - Adjustable Dog Life Jacket Preserver with Reflective Trim - Durable Grab Handle for Safety and Protection - 50% More Flotation Material (Small, Red)
  • BEST HIGH-PERFORMANCE FLOTATION DEVICE DOG LIFE VEST JACKET: Combining advanced manufacturing techniques and the highest performance materials available, our DFD is designed, and extensively tested,...
  • ADJUSTABLE DESIGN WITH 50% MORE FLOATION MATERIAL: Adjustable neoprene straps form an ergonomic, secure fit that keeps up with your dog. The EzyDog dog life vest flotation device uses superior durable...
  • ERGONOMIC INTEGRATED GRAB HANDLE: The integrated grab handle in our dog life vest provides and easy and secure way to handle your dog and makes it quick and easy to guide your dog into and out of the...
  • HIGHLY REFLECTIVE INTEGRATED TRIM: The highly reflective detailing designed into your EzyDog Doggy Flotation Device provide you with greater visibility and improved night time safety.

Can Dogs Swim in a Chlorine Pool?

Yes. Dogs can swim fine in chlorine pools, given of course that the chlorine is at a normal level. According to the CDC, a small amount of chlorine in water can’t affect your dogs and you can even use it daily to bathe him. In particular, 4 mg/L of chlorine is considered safe and no harmful effects can occur. The real toxic concern is when your dog ingests the chlorine tablets. So make sure to put it in a safe location. 

The diluted amount of chlorine in water is unlikely to cause poisoning in people or animals. It can, however, affect your dog’s digestive system when taken too much. So to prevent this, have a bowl with clean water near the pool and train your pet to drink only from there. You should also make sure to prohibit your dog from licking or drinking pool water. 

Ear Infections

Another concern dog parents have with chlorine pools is ear infections. However, chlorine has nothing to do with this. Rather, it is related to the dampness in the dog’s ears. Thus, the more frequent a dog swims, you can expect more infections. To avoid this with your furry friend, carefully dry his ears with a soft towel. If he is more susceptible to infections, you can ask your vet for a drying solution that you can use after every swim. 

What is a Good Alternative to Chlorine?

Still unsure of chlorine? Some fur parents chose to use non-chlorine chemicals like Bromine – which is considered safer for pets. Compared to chlorine, it has a less pungent smell and milder bleaching side effects.

No products found.

Can Dogs Swim in a Saltwater Pool?

Do you use salt instead of chlorine to sanitize and clean your pool but still worried if it’s safe for your dog? Well, you don’t need to be. Salt is less corrosive than chlorine and it’s considered safer for your pet. 

However, salt in large quantities can still be toxic. So whether you have a chlorine pool or saltwater pool, always rinse your dog with fresh water once he is done and always provide clean water for him to drink. 

Benefits of Swimming for Your Dog

Swimming helps dogs cool down and it also serves as a total body workout for them. See, swimming is a great workout for your furry friend’s cardiovascular system. Just a minute of it offers the same advantages of a 4-minute jog. However, this doesn’t mean that it can be a substitute for workouts on land.

But more importantly, the swimming pool is a great place where you can all bond together as a family and have fun, especially if you have some dog pool toys with you. 

can dogs go in a pool saltwater or chlorine

Things to Keep in Mind Before Allowing Your Dog in the Pool

  1. Each dog is different

Take note that not all dogs want to go swimming. Some dogs are physically better equipped at swimming than others. For example, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and Golden Retrievers are better swimmers compared to pugs and dachshunds because they have longer legs and faces. This gives them an advantage in paddling and in keeping their snout out of the water.   

  1. Don’t force it

Don’t be surprised if your furry friend doesn’t immediately jump in the water as many dogs are scared the first time they encounter pools. So don’t force him or throw him into the water. Instead, experts suggest encouraging them and allowing them to enter the pool at their own pace. 

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  • ULTRA BOUNCE BALL: This ball toy for dogs entices play withhigh impact bouncing! Play fetch at the lake or pool thanks to the lightweight, buoyant design. Compatible with Chuckit! ball launcher.
  • TOUGH & DURABLE: Rubber ball for dogs has a textured surface & a thick rubber core for aggressive chewers yet is soft on dog's mouths.
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  • CHUCKIT! FETCH TOYS: Chuckit! creates toys that enrich the human-animal bond & bright colors help dogs & puppies stay engaged. Checkout Chuckit! for ball launchers, bouncy balls, frisbees, indoor dog...

To help your pet enter the swimming pool, you can use dog pool toys and toss them in the water. You can also escort him yourself as he approaches the water all while praising him in every step he takes. 

  1. Teach how to exit 

If it’s your dog’s first time to join you in the pool, it’s highly likely that he’ll panic when he wants to go out – which can be a reason for drowning. So as his owner, it’s your responsibility to show him how to use the steps. You can also make his exit easier by providing a ramp or ladder which are made especially for dogs. Remember, making his exit smooth and easy can encourage him to repeat going in the water with you. 

  1. Proper maintenance

Before jumping in with your best friend, you have to ensure you’re using the recommended chemical levels and that you’ve cleaned your pool. Without proper maintenance, your pool may just be standing dirty water that can make you, your family, and your furry friend sick. 

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RUNBO Pool Test Strips 7-in-1 (100 Count), Quality Testing Strips - Simple and Easy - Test Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Bromine, Total Hardness, Total Alkalinity, pH and Cyanuric Acid
  • 7 PARAMETERS in 1 STRIP - Ideal for Swimming Pools, Spa, Hot Tub, Jacuzzi. Test Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Bromine, Total Hardness, Total Alkalinity, pH and Cyanuric Acid
  • QUICK & EASY TESTING: Just one single dip in the water for 2 seconds. Remove and hold the strip horizontally for 30 seconds, compare with color chart on bottle to get accurate results of your water...
  • HIGH PRECISION RESULT: No need to shake strip after dipping into water, each test strip is made of high quality fiber paper that provides instant and reliable result for pool, spa, hotbath
  • LONG-TERM STORAGE: 100 strips in total. 50 in Bottle. 50 refills in sealed moisture-proof foil bag to ensure the strips can be stored for 2 years.
  1. Allergies and irritation

Watch out for any signs of irritation and allergies in your dog. If you notice any coughing, red eyes, or anything unusual, remove him from the pool. You can provide him with a kiddie pool instead, especially during the intense summer heat. 

Want To Have More Fun With Your Dog While Swimming? Check Out These Dog Pool Toys

Photo by Rusty Clark ~ 100K Photos

Best Sunscreen For Swimming In 2021 – Top Picks and Reviews

As summer approaches and the heat is starting to settle in, one of the best ways to cool down is to go swimming. Whether it be the beach, lake, or your backyard pool, swimming has been the favorite past time of most families.

It’s no wonder why as it’s the perfect time to bond and just have fun under the sun. 

However, it is also while swimming that you are more prone to sunburns and getting exposed to harmful UV light. Thus, you’ll need a sunscreen to avoid this.

But since not all sunscreens are the same and effective, you need the best one to ensure you and your family’s protection. 

There are many sunscreens in the market today, making it difficult for some to find the right one.

To help narrow down your choices, we’ve listed down the top 5 sunscreens for swimming.

But before that, here are the factors you should first consider when choosing the perfect product to purchase.  

Our Top Picks At A Glance

Best Overall
TropicSport Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30, Reef Friendly, Water Resistant, Broad Spectrum, Natural Organic, Kids and Family Friendly (1.5 oz)
Best For Sensitive Skin
Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen SENSITIVE SPF30 Plus - 8.75 fl oz
Most Affordable
Australian Gold Sunscreen Lotion with Instant Bronzer, Broad Spectrum, Water Resistant, Non-Greasy, Oxybenzone Free, Cruelty Free, SPF 30, Coconut, 8 Fl Oz (A70902)
TropicSport Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30, Reef Friendly, Water Resistant, Broad Spectrum, Natural Organic, Kids and Family Friendly (1.5 oz)
Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen SENSITIVE SPF30 Plus - 8.75 fl oz
Australian Gold Sunscreen Lotion with Instant Bronzer, Broad Spectrum, Water Resistant, Non-Greasy, Oxybenzone Free, Cruelty Free, SPF 30, Coconut, 8 Fl Oz (A70902)
Best Overall
TropicSport Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30, Reef Friendly, Water Resistant, Broad Spectrum, Natural Organic, Kids and Family Friendly (1.5 oz)
TropicSport Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30, Reef Friendly, Water Resistant, Broad Spectrum, Natural Organic, Kids and Family Friendly (1.5 oz)
Best For Sensitive Skin
Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen SENSITIVE SPF30 Plus - 8.75 fl oz
Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen SENSITIVE SPF30 Plus - 8.75 fl oz
Most Affordable
Australian Gold Sunscreen Lotion with Instant Bronzer, Broad Spectrum, Water Resistant, Non-Greasy, Oxybenzone Free, Cruelty Free, SPF 30, Coconut, 8 Fl Oz (A70902)
Australian Gold Sunscreen Lotion with Instant Bronzer, Broad Spectrum, Water Resistant, Non-Greasy, Oxybenzone Free, Cruelty Free, SPF 30, Coconut, 8 Fl Oz (A70902)

Things to Consider When Choosing a Sunscreen


There are many forms of sunscreen, from lotion to oil, gel, stick, cream, butter, paste, and spray. If you are looking for a sunscreen that you can easily and quickly apply, we recommend sprays. However, any of them is great and it’s only a matter of personal preference. 


Every sunscreen will have a water-resistance label. This is the duration of time until the formula stops working in water – which is important to know since you’ll be swimming. For instance, most products have an 80-minute water-resistance label. But others can only last for 40 minutes.  

SPF Level

The SPF level measures a sunscreen’s ability to protect you from UVB rays or the kind of UV light that causes sunburns and skin cancer. The higher the number, the more protection it can provide. But the difference is minimal. To give you an idea, an SPF 15 can block 93% of UVB rays, SPF 30 filters 97%, and SPF 50 blocks 98%. But keep in mind, no SPF can provide 100% protection. 

However, there’s another type of UV light and this is called UVA. These rays are responsible for the damages in your skin, including tanning, skin aging, and wrinkles. Since the SPF level only determines its effectiveness against UVB, DFA recommends checking for the “Broad Spectrum” label as this means it provides you protection from both UVA and UVB. 

When choosing the SPF level, FDA suggests going with at least 15. For those with fair skin, consider going with SPF 30 to 50. 

Type of Sunscreen

You can choose from two types of sunscreen: mineral and chemical. While both types offer protection against the harmful rays of the sun, their process of doing so is very different. The reason behind this is its formulation and ingredients. 

Generally, there are 16 acceptable active ingredients for sunscreens. They are:

  1. Octisalate
  2. Meradimate
  3. Octocrylene
  4. Titanium dioxide
  5. Trolamine salicylate
  6. Oxybenzone
  7. Padimate O
  8. Ensulizole
  9. Sulisobenzone
  10. Zinc oxide
  11. Aminobenzoic acid
  12. Avobenzone
  13. Cinoxate
  14. Dioxybenzone
  15. Homosalate
  16. Octinoxate

In FDA’s new proposed rule, Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide are “Generally Recognized as Safe and Effective” (GRASE). They also suggest that PABA and Trolamine Salicylate are NOT GRASE and poses safety issues. 

The other 12, on the other hand, have not been determined as GRASE. However, this does not mean that these ingredients are unsafe. The agency simply needs additional data on its safety and effectiveness.

So why does this matter?

Well, because these are the ingredients that might be in the products you are choosing. And it helps to know whether they are safe for you and your family.

Another reason is that these ingredients determine whether a product is mineral or chemical. To understand better, here’s a brief comparison of both types:

Mineral Sunscreen

For mineral sunscreen, its active ingredients only include Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide which are considered safe and effective as mentioned above. This type of sunscreen works by blocking the sun’s rays.  

Best for individuals with sensitive skin, melasma, and for childrenTends to leave a white film on your skin and may cause breakouts
Works fastLonger to apply
Can be used with other skin-care products and make-upNeeds to be reapplied more frequently compared to chemical 

Chemical Sunscreen

As for chemical sunscreen, its active ingredients can include Oxybenzone, Avobenzone, Octisalate, Homosalate, Octocrylene, and Octinoxate. This sunscreen works by absorbing UV light, convert it to heat, and allow it to dissipate from the skin. 

In a recent study, some of these chemicals were absorbed in the bloodstream at higher levels than 0.5 ng/ml, particularly Avobenzone, Octocrylene, and Oxybenzone. The other chemical was Ecamsule. While the study didn’t prove that these chemicals are dangerous, it does mean that further studies should be made to determine if and whether there are possible toxic effects. 

Additionally, oxybenzone was found to cause bleaching and damage to coral reefs. So if you’re planning to go swimming in the ocean, you might consider reef-friendly sunscreens.  

Quick and easy application, and requires less amount for protectionCan cause a skin reaction to some
Offers longer protectionTakes longer to work
Feels thinner and lighter against the skinHas a higher chance of redness for people who are prone to rosacea

Whichever sunscreen type you choose, just make sure that it offers Broad Spectrum UVA and UVB protection and has an SPF level of 15 or higher as recommended by the FDA. Also, you need to reapply at least every 2 hours. 

Don’t have the time to check labels?

We searched for you.

Here is the list of the best sunscreen for swimming

What Are The Best Sunscreens for Swimming?

Best Overall: TropicSport Mineral Sunscreen Lotion

TropicSport Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30, Reef Friendly, Water Resistant, Broad Spectrum, Natural Organic, Kids and Family Friendly (1.5 oz)
  • ECO and REEF-FRIENDLY - Tropicsport sunscreen is reef friendly & safe, made without harsh active chemical ingredients. We spent 6 years formulating our sunscreen lotion so that it is Oxybenzone free,...
  • BEST WATER RESISTANCE - Passes both the U.S. 80-minute and more stringent Australian 240-minute water resistance tests. That means it lasts up to 3x longer than other sunscreens. No other sunscreen...
  • SAFE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY - approved for use by adults and children 6 months and older. Our baby sunscreen is gentle on sensitive skin and for children under 6 months old, ask a doctor before using....
  • GOES ON CLEAR, GOES A LONG WAY - No thick, goopy white look. We use high quality Zinc which dries clear or sheer on your skin. Mineral sunscreen goes a long way because you use less of it. Our...

Are you looking for a great mineral sunscreen? Then here’s your top choice. It has an SPF 30 Broad Spectrum, offering strong protection against UVB and UVA. Plus, it has natural and organic ingredients. So guaranteed it’s gentle to the skin, making it ideal for your kids and the whole family. 

Offers UVA and UVB protectionSome customers did not like how it felt or look on their skin
Water-resistant (80 minutes) and reef-friendly
Made with natural ingredients and has a convenient packaging

This sunscreen is strong enough to protect you from the extreme rays of the sun and gentle enough to keep your skin healthy and moisturized. You can swim with it for 80 minutes before reapplying. Moreover, since it doesn’t contain Octinoxate, Avobenzone, Oxybenzone, or Octocrylene, it’s safe for the reef and ocean. 

Also, unlike other mineral sunscreens, the TropicSport is silky smooth that’s fully absorbed by your skin. More importantly, it does not leave any white residue so you don’t have to worry about looking like a “ghost” while swimming. 

Best For Sensitive Skin: Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen

If you have sensitive or dry skin, the Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen is perfect for you. It has no chemical absorbers, no parabens, and no fragrances. Thus, the chance of skin irritations is lower. Also, it is UVB and UVA Broad Spectrum SPF 30, providing you protection from head to toe while swimming. 

Offers UVA and UVB protectionWater-resistant for only 40 minutes
Great for sensitive and dry skin and for babies tooMight be too greasy for some

This sunscreen has no Oxybenzone and Octinoxate, making it reef-friendly. Now, depending on how you look at it, this product does not have scents or perfumes – which makes it great for babies too. 

The downside, however, is that it has a shorter water-resistant level. It can only work for 40 minutes while you’re in the water before needing to reapply. Also, other people didn’t like the product’s thick texture as it came off as too greasy. 

Most Recommended: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch

On Sale Now!
Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Water Resistant and Non-Greasy Sunscreen Lotion with Broad Spectrum SPF 100+, 3 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)
  • 3-fluid ounce bottle of Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Non-Greasy Sunscreen with SPF 100 that helps defend against the signs of sun and decrease the risk of skin cancer caused by the sun when used...
  • This lightweight & sheer sunscreen is fast-absorbing with Dry-Touch technology for a non-greasy, matte finish and is formulated with Helioplex for superior sun protection for your skin
  • Packaging and formulation may vary. This sunscreen lotion helps prevent sunburn and when used as directed, may help decrease the risk of skin cancer caused by the sun
  • Both PABA-free and non-comedogenic, this lightweight sunscreen provides powerful face and body sun protection without the heavy finish, making it great to use for daily sun protection.

Want the highest SPF possible? The Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch has a Broad Spectrum SPF of 100+. Thus, guaranteed you are well-protected while enjoying the sun. It uses Avobenzone which allows it to provide optimal protection against UVA and UVB. It effectively prevents sunburns and skin-aging. 

Offers UVA and UVB protectionSome may experience skin irritation
Water-resistant (80 minutes)
Lightweight and non-greasy, and does not clog pores

This sunscreen is lightweight and has a matte finish. So it wouldn’t feel greasy when applied. It also has 80 minutes of water-resistance and absorbs pretty fast. With all its features and benefits, this is the top Suncare brand recommended by dermatologists. 

There are, however, some users who said they experienced skin irritations with the product. So we recommend checking the products’ ingredients first before making a purchase.  

Well-Rated Non-Mineral: Seven Minerals Sunscreen Lotion

EWG TopRated Non-Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50 - Safe for Sensitive Skin and Face - Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Sunblock Lotion with Moisturizing Aloe & Vitamin E - Reef Safe Ingredients - 8 fl oz
  • ✅OCEAN FRIENDLY - Made in the USA with reef safe ingredients and bottled in 100% recycled plastic collected from the coastlines of Haiti, Honduras and Mexico. A safe-for-you sun block that cares...
  • ✅EWG SCORE = 3 (Best in Class Non-Mineral Spf 50 Sunscreen) - Nourish and moisturize your skin with our unique mix of added skin friendly ingredients. Each bottle is blended with Aloe Vera Gel,...
  • ☀️RELIABLE PROTECTION - Water resistant up to 80 minutes with SPF50 broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. This kid friendly sun screen is made without oxybenzone, a harmful chemical in sunscreens...
  • ✅FACE FRIENDLY - Our non-comedogenic sunscreen is dermatologist tested and rated safe for sensitive skin. Strong enough to protect from skin damaging sun rays, gentle enough for delicate skin....

Here’s a top-rated non-mineral sunscreen that works well if you have sensitive skin. It has a Broad Spectrum SPF 50, effectively protecting you from the harmful effects of the sun. It also contains aloe vera gel, coconut oil, mango butter, watermelon extract, green tea extract, and vitamin E. Thus, you’re not only protected but your skin is also well-moisturized and well-nourished.

Offers UVA and UVB protectionMight be too oily and sticky for others
Water-resistant (80 minutes)
Moisturizes skin and good for kids too

This is a sunscreen that’s kid-friendly and ocean-friendly. It does not have Oxybenzone, Paraben, Octinoxate, and Retinyl Palmitate. So it’s also safe to put on your face. Moreover, it has a water-resistance of up to 80 minutes. So with this sunscreen on, you have more time to swim and enjoy the water before needing to reapply. The only downside is that some people might find this lotion oily and sticky. 

Most Affordable: Australian Gold Sunscreen Lotion with Instant Bronzer SPF 30

Australian Gold Sunscreen Lotion with Instant Bronzer, Broad Spectrum, Water Resistant, Non-Greasy, Oxybenzone Free, Cruelty Free, SPF 30, Coconut, 8 Fl Oz (A70902)
  • SOFT ON SKIN - SPF 30 formula with Sunflower Seed Oil, Olive Fruit Oil & Cocoa Seed Butter is designed to provide ultimate hydration that deeply moisturizes the skin, and the caramel bronzer imparts a...
  • AUSTRALIAN NATURALS - A rich blend of Kakadu Plum extract with highest content of Vitamin C, and Tea Tree Oil, a powerful antioxidant, fights off free radicals and leaves skin fresh; Comes in a...
  • BROAD SPECTRUM SUNBLOCK shields the skin from both UVA and UVB rays and reduces the adverse effects of sunlight; Generously apply this lightweight, non-greasy sun protector lotion 15 minutes before...
  • QUICK-DRY FORMULA - This tanning lotion provides direct application control and gets easily absorbed by the skin; It is water resistant, up to 80 minutes

If you want to look tanned while swimming at the beach, pool, or just hanging out at your back patio, here’s the sunscreen that’s perfect for you. It has an instant bronzer that gives your skin an immediate golden glow.

While this may not last and washes away after use, it will make you look good throughout the whole day. But more importantly, it will protect you from the sun.

Offers UVA and UVB protectionNew product formula
Water-resistant (80 minutes)
Instant bronzer, moisturizes skin and it smells good

With Broad Spectrum SPF 30, this sunscreen is a wonder. Aside from its instant bronzer, it is also made with sunflower seed oil and olive fruit oil. Meaning, it offers deep moisturization that results in smooth and hydrated skin. On top of that, this sunscreen smells great. It has Australia Gold’s signature “Cocoa Dreams” fragrance combined with vanilla, orange, and coconut. 

That said, this is a new and (hopefully) improved product formula. So there are still no reviews or comments about it yet. However, if you’re familiar with Australia Gold, you’d know they only offer quality products.

Australian Gold Sunscreen Lotion with Kona Coffee Infused Bronzer SPF 30, 8 Ounce | Broad Spectrum | Water Resistant
  • Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Protection
  • Oil-free formula
  • Native Australian Acacia Extract provides antioxidant benefits
  • Water Resistant – 80 minutes

For your reference, here’s their last Sunscreen Lotion with Infused Bronzer.

FAQs About Sunscreen

When should I apply sunscreen before swimming?

It is recommended that you go swimming 20 minutes after you apply sunscreen. Whether you are going to swim at the beach or in your swimming pool at home, it’s best to wait at least 20 minutes before you dip into the water to get the most out of your sunscreen.

Can I skip moisturizer and use sunscreen?

If you’re using a sunscreen that has the same consistency as a moisturizer and enough protection indexes, you can skip the use of any moisturizer. However, if for some reason you start experiencing dry skin, it’s suggested that you add moisturizer back to your skincare routine.

Is sunscreen with SPF 50 enough?

According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), the minimum SPF your sunscreen should have is SPF 15. However, if you’re outside daily, you should use sunscreen with at least SPF 30 as recommended by the AAD.
Using SPF 50 is more than enough and should effectively block about 98% of the sun’s harmful rays or its UVB rays and can be used for most outdoor activities.

Final Thoughts About Sunscreens For Swimming

Choosing the right sunscreen for your skin type is crucial in protecting yourself against harmful UV rays. Hopefully, our list was able to help you find the best sunscreen for you.

We highly recommend using the TropicSport Mineral Sunscreen Lotion or the Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen for those with sensitive skin.

Did Not Find The Sunscreen You’re Looking For? Check These Out.

Photo by JeepersMedia

Pool Fence Ideas: 10 Ways To Improve Your Pool’s Security And Safety

So you’ve got yourself a brand new swimming pool, and now you’re looking for the best pool fence ideas to improve the security and safety in your pool area.

What’s the best pool fence to install around your pool?

That’s the question we’ll be answering on this guide, but before that, we’ll talk about the importance of having a pool fence installed. And the different pros and cons of using each type of pool fence.

Top Reasons Why You Need A Pool Fence Installed

The pool fence serves as a barrier between your pool area and the outside world. And it keeps certain things or creatures out of your pool area for good measure.

So why would you need to install a swimming pool fence?

To protect your children

The primary reason why parents install a pool fence is to protect their small children from going in their pool without them knowing. Children are mischievous creatures and one way to protect them from drowning is by using a strong fence that they could not climb on.

To keep your pets away

Unlike children, animals are good swimmers even when young, so why would you need to use a fence to keep them out?

Well, for starters, their fur can mess your pool water, and they usually bring dirt to the pool too. Also, wet dogs can make a lot of mess when they go inside after a good dip in your swimming pool.

So to save you from a lot of stress and headache in cleaning this type of mess, it would be best for you to install a pool fence around your pool.

To repel wild animals

Your pets are not the only animals you have to keep out of your pool if you don’t want to spend more time cleaning it.

Wild animals can also enter your pool any time they want without a barrier to keep them out of your pool area.

And unlike your pets, we’re not sure you want to interact with them while they’re at your pool. They’re also a small chance that they could bring disease to your pool water without you knowing, so it would be best to have something to stop them from entering your pool.

To secure your pool

The most important reason why you should install a fence around your pool is to improve the safety and security of your family and any other living creatures that may go in your pool and drown.

Also, pool repairs are not affordable, so it’s best to have a barrier to keep vandals or anyone who would sabotage your pool out of your property.

To abide by the law

In some counties and states, they require pool owners to install a swimming pool fence to prevent animals and children from drowning.

The most common rule here is if you have a pool that’s more than 18 inches, then you’re required to install a pool fence.

It would be best to familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations in your area regarding this to avoid any fines.

In conclusion, the need to put a fence around your pool is to avoid serious accidents, prevent unsupervised access to your pool, and keep clear of expensive repair costs.

How To Choose The Best Pool Fence

Before you can install a fence around your pool there are many important things to consider. Your needs and preference will greatly determine which type of pool fence is right for you. Before you decide, here are some things you should be thinking about:

  • How large is your pool area and are you planning to upgrade any time soon?
  • Do you prefer a permanent fencing or just a temporary one?
  • How much privacy do you need?
  • How much money are you willing to invest in your pool fence?

Types Of Pool Fence

Before we go to our best pool fence ideas, let’s talk about the different types of pool fence first. The different types of fence you can put around your pool are often classified based on their materials.


This pool fence is made from thick safety glass and metal posts to secure your pool area. It’s well-regarded for its aesthetic look and durability. It can cost anywhere between $100 to $200 per foot to install.


Another durable pool fence is using materials made from iron, steel, or aluminum. The most expensive to build among them is wrought iron fencing that can cost anywhere from $30 to a couple hundred dollars per foot. Tubular steel fencing is the most affordable since it will only cost $7 to $10 per foot to build. Meanwhile, aluminum tube fencing can cost you $12 to $30 per foot.


If you live in a region with a warmer climate, wooden fences can be a great option for you. A tall wooden fence gives your property a classic look. The cost of installing wooden fence around your pool will cost anywhere between $10 and $30 per linear foot coverage depending on the the wood that you will be using.


Vinyl pool fences are best for those pool owners who do not experience strong winds in their area. It only costs around $20 to $35 per foot to install and is very easy to setup.


A concrete pool fence is permanent and the best type of fence to protect your family’s privacy whenever you are using your pool. It also extremely easy to customize since you have the option to tile or paint it using the color of your preference. You can construct a bare concrete wall for only $6 to $8 per square foot.


If you want a more natural feel to your pool area, you can install a stone wall as your pool fence. It will cost you anywhere between $10 and $30 per square foot depending on the type of stone you’ll be using.


Among the types of fences you can use for your pool, a mesh pool fence is the most versatile. It keeps your pool secure and it can be adjusted easily without asking for any professional assistance. It can cost you $1,500 to $3,000 to install mesh fencing around your pool.

Pool Fence Ideas: In-ground vs Above Ground Pools

The main difference when it comes to fencing in-ground pools and above ground pools is the cost you have to pay for.

Fence around an in-ground pool tends to be more expensive than above ground pools since in-ground pools often have larger pool areas.

Also, some counties and states may only require you to build a pool fence if you have an in-ground pool.

Most types of pool fence can be used on both above ground and in-ground pools to secure them. But for above ground pool owners, we highly suggest getting a mesh fencing or vinyl fence around the pool itself.

Best Pool Fence Ideas In 2021

Here are some of the best pool fence ideas you can implement in your own backyard.

Build a glass pool fence

glass pool fence ideas
Photo by roger4336 pool fence ideas

Glass pool fence can be a great addition not only to your pool area’s security, but also to its overall look. Most pool owners use thick sheets of safety glass and support them with metal posts. As beautiful as it may be, you should be prepared for the expenses to construct this in your yard. Also, maintenance can be tedious and costly as well.

Beautiful to look atHigh upfront costs
Kids would have a hard time climbing on itCan be hard to maintain
Secure your pool without blocking your view

Surround your pool area with bamboo

bamboo fence
Photo by Adrian F pool fence ideas

Using bamboos as a pool fence is an affordable way to secure your pool area and add a natural look into your yard. You can either plant them around your pool area or construct a wall made from bamboo slats. Compared to other pool fence ideas on this list, this one is more affordable to build.

Backyard X-Scapes Natural Rolled Bamboo Fence 1in D x 6ft H x 8ft L
  • Natural Rolled Tonkin bamboo fencing panel. 1"D x 6't x 8'W. Commercial quality for indoor or outdoor use
  • Characteristics: earth tone varied colors. Fire straitened poles  exceptional strong with a tensile strength of Steel and the compression strength of cement.  
  • Ease of installation and fitting: flexible for curved surfaces. Can be cut to length. 
  • Usage: perfect eco-minded alternative to other wood products. Commercial and residential interior or exterior environments. 
Brings a tropical look to your pool areaMay attract panda bears 😜
Makes your pool area more private

Use metal frames as fence

metal pool fence photo
Photo by Phil Roeder pool fence ideas

Using a metal pool fence is one of the most popular ways to secure your pool area. They’re very easy to set up and with proper maintenance, it can last long. We advise painting your metal fence for better rust prevention, and it’ll look better that way.

DurableProne to rust
Easy to installKids may climb on them

Use an aluminum pool fence

Unlike metal frames made from iron wrought, aluminum pool fence is rust-resistant and it can effectively prevent wild animals from entering your pool area if installed properly.

Rust-resistantCan be climb on by kids
Strong and durable fenceHas some open space in between that makes you visible to other people on
Secures your pool area wellProne to denting

Build a concrete wall around your pool

concrete photo
Photo by jetheriot pool fence ideas

If you’re looking for ways to have s more secure and private pool area, then building a concrete pool fence might do the trick. Similar to the bamboo fence, this pool fence does not require you to spend a lot for it to be built. You can also customize it based on your preference. You have the option to paint it or put tiles on it to improve its overall design.

Improves the privacy in your pool areaCan impede air circulation
Hard to climb onCan be an eyesore if not designed right
Sturdy fence

Use vinyl for your pool fence

vinyl fence photo
Photo by pb3131 pool fence ideas

Another affordable way to fence your pool area is by using a vinyl pool fence. It does not require much maintenance. One of the good reasons why it had gain popularity among pool owners.

You can get a set of vinyl fence directly from Amazon and you can do the installation yourself to save money. We recommend the Zippity Semi-Permanent Vinyl Fence Kit.

Zippity Outdoor Products ZP19018 Manchester No-Dig Vinyl Fence, White
  • This fence is designed for semi-permanent residential applications that are not subject to intense wear and tear; not recommended to contain large dogs
  • Fence can be easily removed and re-installed
  • Assembles and installs with relative ease- little to no digging required compared to a normal fence; simply insert included pointed stakes into the ground or use a cordless drill and auger bit in hard...
  • Made with virtually maintenance-free weather resistant vinyl with a 10 year warranty; won't crack, warp, yellow, splinter, or rot; no painting

For above ground pool owners, you should check out the GLI Above Ground Pool Fence Base Kit. It’s very easy to set up and should effectively prevent your kids from entering your pool without your permission.

GLI Above Ground Pool Fence Base Kit (8 Section)
  • Each fence section measures 64.5" W x 1.5" D x 24" H
  • Helps improve your pool's safety
  • Maintenance-free, rigid vinyl construction
  • UV protected
AffordableKids may climb on it
Secures your pool area wellMay block the visibility of your pool water
Can be designed using any color you want

Build your pool fence using wood

wooden pool fence photo
Photo by danhurt pool fence ideas

Wood fence was one of the most popular pool fences before. But because it can be home to pests, some pool owners are opting to use other pool fence ideas. With proper care and maintenance, by painting and treating it at least once a year, a wood pool fence can be a great addition to your pool area.

Brings a natural feel to your backyardRequires regular maintenance
Improves privacy in your poolHigh upfront costs
Blocks wild animals from entering your poolProne to pests infestation like termites

Install a mesh pool fence

mesh pool fence
Photo from

Mesh pool fences are very affordable and easy to set up. Making it the popular choice of pool owners who do not want much hassle when it comes to selecting and installing a pool fence in their backyard.

You can easily get a set of mesh pool fences at your local store or directly from Amazon. You have the option to install this pool fence on your own or contact a contractor to install it for you.

VersatileMesh fabrics may deteriorate over time
Great value for money
Secures your pool without hindering the visibility of your pool area

Build a stone wall pool fence

Another great pool fence idea similar to building a concrete wall is constructing a stone wall in your backyard. Unlike concrete, stone wall gives you a more natural look. However due to its construction, dust and dirt might accumulate, so it would be better if you regularly rinse it with water.

A great addition to your backyardHigh upfront costs
Improves privacy in your pool areaNeeds regular cleaning to prevent dirt from accumulating

Hedge pool fence

hedge photo
Photo by wallygrom pool fence ideas

A type of fence that adds a luxurious tone in your pool area. If you have the time and patience to wait for your pool fence as it builds itself up, then having a hedge pool fence is the right choice for you. Sure, you can get adult shrubs, but it would still take some time for them to acclimate and thicken.

Can easily blend in any yardHigh upfront costs
A good way to keep your children and pets off the poolRequires regular trimming
Improves the quality of air around your poolNeeds time to thicken

Best Pool Accessories To Improve Your Pool’s Safety and Security

If you’re still not that convinced that your pool fence can prevent pool accidents, and you want to make sure you have every member of your family safe and secured, then you might want to check out these pool accessories.

Pool Alarms

Sometimes having a pool fence installed may not be enough to keep your children out of your pool without your permission.

Getting a pool gate alarm or pool fence alarm that provides access to your pool is a good idea. It can notify you whenever there’s unwanted access to your pool area.

We suggest checking out the Poolguard DAPT-2 Water Hazard Pool Door Alarm.

On Sale Now!
Poolguard DAPT-2 Water Hazard Pool Door Alarm
  • UL Listed UL 2017 (Water Hazard Entrance Door Alarm)
  • Made in the USA
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Battery Powered; Outdoor wireless transmitter pass-thru feature. 85 DB Horn at 10 Feet.

Pool Safety Covers

Another great way to ensure the safety of your children is by installing a pool safety cover. This type of cover is usually used during the winter season, but to avoid any serious accidents you may also use it during the summer.

It can take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes for you to remove and reinstall the cover depending on your pool size.

If you have an in-ground pool, then you might want to check out the WaterWarden Inground Pool Safety Cover.

WaterWarden Safety Inground Pool Cover, Fits 12’ x 24’, Blue Mesh – Easy Installation, Triple Stitched for Maximum Strength, Includes All Needed Hardware, SCMB1224
  • HIGHEST QUALITY STANDARDS – WaterWarden Pool Safety Covers are UL classified in accordance with ASTM Standard F1346-91, giving you peace of mind that your inground pool will be properly safeguarded.
  • ADDED SAFETY AND DURABILITY – This swimming pool cover features 2-ply strapping that’s triple-stitched throughout for maximum strength. All straps have non-corrosive aluminum tips and large...
  • INSTALLATION HARDWARE INCLUDED – A tamping tool, installation rod and hex key are included for installation. The solid brass anchors recess flush into the pool deck so they don’t pose a tripping...
  • SUPERIOR PROTECTION – This mesh safety cover has a break-strength of over 4,000 lbs. Abrasion-resistant pads protect the cover from wear at its contact points with your pool decking.

For above ground pool owners, you may use the cover that came with your pool set or get the right-sized pool cover from Amazon like the Blue Wave Above Ground Pool Winter Cover.

On Sale Now!
Blue Wave Bronze 8-Year 24-ft Round Above Ground Pool Winter Cover
  • Pool size: 24 feet
  • Cover size: 28 feet
  • Protects against sun, snow, ice and wind
  • 4 foot overlap to ensure there is no stretching or ripping

Pool Nets

Another great option to secure your pool is by installing a pool safety net on it. You can get your own pool net from WaterWarden, they have pool nets available for both above ground pool and in-ground pool owners.

WaterWarden Inground Pool Net, 12’ x 24’, Blue – DIY System, for Kid Safety, Made of Durable UV Polyethylene Material, Water Resistant Reel Included, WWN1224, 12'x24'
  • HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Durably crafted using 100% polyethylene netting, the WaterWarden Pool Safety Net is built for long term use. Each safety net is treated with UV inhibitors to prevent sun...
  • OPTIMAL PROTECTION: This pool safety netting is available in a variety of sizes to safeguard any pool and protect children and pets from pool access. Our pool safety products are meticulously designed...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Available for your specific pool size and shape, you’ll receive your pool net cover ready for attachment. Simply trim the edges for an exact fit to your pool and install the...
  • VERSATILE USE: This pool safety net cover is great for homeowners with little deck space. Extremely lightweight, durable and easy to install, it’s pool safety netting that can be installed on almost...

Pool Lights

Pool lights do not necessarily keep your children or wild animals out of your pool, but they could help you monitor your pool area even at night for any unwanted intruders.

You can ask someone to install lights around your pool or get a portable/floating pool light.

Frequently Asked Questions When Putting Fence Around Your Pool

How long do pool fences last?

A pool fence should last for several years depending on the material that they’re made of.

Some pool owners had their pool fence longer than they had their pool.

This makes having a pool fence a worthy investment, especially if you want a specific place in your backyard to be your permanent pool area.

What is the best pool fence?

We prefer using a mesh pool fence. It’s best for both in-ground and above ground pools, and it’s very easy to set up.

The price depends on the size of your pool, and it seems quite reasonable since it keeps our pool well-secured and it does not block our visibility. It makes it easy for us to monitor our pool area.

How tall does a fence need to be around a pool?

The minimum height recommended when installing a pool fence around your pool is 4 feet. This should be sufficient in blocking any unwanted visitors to your pool like your dogs, wild animals, or your kids.

If you suspect that your kids might climb over your pool fence, you might consider installing a taller fence.

How long does it take to install a pool fence?

You can get your pool fence installed within 4 hours, or it could take the whole day or two depending on the materials you’ll be using and the size of your pool area.

Did Not Find The Pool Fence You’re Looking For? Check These Out.

Featured Photo by SurFeRGIRL30

Extension Cords For Pool Pumps – Okay or Not?

If you have found this article, it is likely that you are wondering if extension cords for pool pumps are OK for your new above ground pool.

Let’s get right to it.

Is it OK to use extension cords for pool pumps?

Yes, it is OK (but not preferred) with some considerations. Many pool owners successfully and safely run their pool pump with the right extension cord. However, please read on before purchasing any old extension cord from your local hardware store.

Maybe you have a new Intex, Summer Waves, or Coleman temporary pool for your family this summer, but it is too far from your house to be plugged in. Or maybe you don’t have a pool yet, but you are planning for your installation and pool pump setup.

It can be expensive to have an electrician install a dedicated outlet in your yard to power the pump and filter.

If you are in a hurry, here are the items you may need.

Best for Intex Easy Set
6 Foot Lighted Outdoor Extension Cord - 12/3 SJTW Heavy Duty Yellow Extension Cable with 3 Prong Grounded Plug for Safety - Great for Garden and Major Appliances
Best for Long Distance
AgriPro Southwire 64817501 10/3 SJTOW Foot Extra Heavy-Duty 15 Amp Farm/Workshop Extension Cord, Made in The USA, 25-Feet, UL Listed, Black
Must Keep Connections Dry
Outdoor IP44 Waterproof Connection Box by Restmo, Weatherproof Electrical Extension Cord Cover, Safety Seal Enclosure to Protect Holiday Decorations, LED Strip Light, Power Tool, Fountain, Black
12 Gauge Wire - Good for Small Pool Pumps - Available in 25ft, 50ft, and 100ft
10 Gauge Wire - Good for Larger Pool Pumps - Available in 25ft, 50ft, and 100ft
Waterproof Connection Box
Price not available
Best for Intex Easy Set
6 Foot Lighted Outdoor Extension Cord - 12/3 SJTW Heavy Duty Yellow Extension Cable with 3 Prong Grounded Plug for Safety - Great for Garden and Major Appliances
12 Gauge Wire - Good for Small Pool Pumps - Available in 25ft, 50ft, and 100ft
Price not available
Best for Long Distance
AgriPro Southwire 64817501 10/3 SJTOW Foot Extra Heavy-Duty 15 Amp Farm/Workshop Extension Cord, Made in The USA, 25-Feet, UL Listed, Black
10 Gauge Wire - Good for Larger Pool Pumps - Available in 25ft, 50ft, and 100ft
Must Keep Connections Dry
Outdoor IP44 Waterproof Connection Box by Restmo, Weatherproof Electrical Extension Cord Cover, Safety Seal Enclosure to Protect Holiday Decorations, LED Strip Light, Power Tool, Fountain, Black
Waterproof Connection Box

What Real World Users Say…

“I’ve been running my Hayward motor off a heavy gauge cord no issues. I also have the plug protector for where the 2 cords plug together.

“My electrician had me run mine on a 12 gauge cord. Was fine all year. Put the pump connection in a weatherproof box

“I run mine on an extension cord and have for 5 years

What type of extension cord should you use for your pool pump?

Before heading out to the local hardware store to buy an extension cord, please be careful. While you can use an extension cord to power your pool pump, it does need to be a certain type for safety.

There are two main factors here:

First, the wire gauge

Simply put, larger pumps/filters will need a bigger wire gauge (AWG). NOTE: The thickness of the wire INCREASES as the numerical gauge measure DECREASES. Thus, a 10AWG wire is thicker than a 12AWG wire.

Second, the cord length

You need to choose the shortest length of extension cord that will work for your situation. Do not buy a 100ft cord if you only need 15ft to plug in your pool pump. The longer the wire, the more voltage is lost as electricity travels thru the cord

Can the extension cord power the pool pump and other accessories?

Depending on the size of your pool and your pool pump, the extension cord must be rated to provide the right amount of power needed. Larger pool pumps can really use a lot of power and need a very heavy-duty extension cord.

You need to find the amperage that your pump uses to run. You can find this on the label on your pump (see picture). For most smaller pools (such as Intex, Summer Waves, or Coleman temporary pools) the 12AWG extension cord is fine. For larger pools, or pools with Saltwater systems, then we recommend the 10AWG extension cord.

Also keep in mind the electrical load of any other devices you plan to power from this extension cord such as pool lights or robotic pool cleaners. For this reason, some folks just choose to go with the 10AWG cord to future-proof their setup.

Extension Cords for pool pumps
You can find your pump’s amp draw here.
AgriPro Southwire 64817501 10/3 SJTOW Foot Extra Heavy-Duty 15 Amp Farm/Workshop Extension Cord, Made in The USA, 25-Feet, UL Listed, Black
  • [COLD WEATHER] Rated for -58F to 221F (-50C to 105C) AgriPro extension cords are ideal for farm, ranch and workshop jobs.
  • [EXTRA HEAVY DUTY] 25 foot all-copper wire extension cord recommended for use with heavy duty equipment and tools
  • [EXTRA DURABLE] oversized, molded plug prevent accidental bending or breaking and UL listed for your safety

What are your local building code rules and regulations?

You should understand your local building code rules and regulations. It is likely that your building code has specific requirements for certain types of pools. For some pools it may be required to have a hard-wired installation.

Do you have a GFCI receptacle to plug in to?

If you are going to use an extension cord for your pool pump, then it really should be plugged in to a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interruptor) outlet.

YouTube video

Should you have an electrician install an outlet near your pool?

You can have an outlet placed near your pool by a qualified electrician. The costs for this vary depending on how far your pool is from the house. You can save money by digging the trench yourself.

Will my pump warranty be voided if I use an extension cord?

Possibly yes. Most pump manufacturers do not advise you to use an extension cord. Check your manual and warranty information to understand whether using an extension cord may jeopardize your warranty coverage. You can find information about Intex Pool Warranties here.

What is the best extension cord for a pool pump?

An extension cord that is at least #12 gauge and 25 feet or less is best. If you need to have a longer distance, then use a #10 gauge cord.

What is a heavy duty extension cord?

Simply put, a heavy duty extension cord is a cord that has features that help protect it from being outdoors such as thicker coating and more robust connection points. They also usually have a wire gauge of #12 or #10.

How long is the cord on Intex pool pumps?

The power cord on most Intex Pool Pumps are 25 feet long.