Easy Pool Games – 11 Fun Games For The Family

easy pool games for entire family

Longer days and climbing temperatures make summer a time to get creative with entertainment.

Without a few tricks up your sleeve it’s tempting to default to indoor screen time, or feel pressured to spend a ton of money just to keep your family happy.

The good news is if you are smart with how you use your pool you don’t have to do either.  Whether you are throwing a kid’s party, hosting an event, or just trying to relieve boredom, this list of easy pool games will have your crew entertained throughout the summer.

The good thing is, most of these pool games need few to no materials to play. The best thing is, if a game calls for materials, you can always reuse them. So, read on to find fun and easy pool games for the whole family!

Easy Pool Games for Kids

Duck Push

If you are looking for an exciting game for both players and spectators, Duck Push will do the trick. Participants line up at one end of the pool with a rubber duckie. The first person to sail his or her duck to the other side wins.

Of course, there’s a catch!

No one is allowed to use their hands!

You’ll enjoy seeing what they come up with to get across. Some might use their nose, forehead, breath, or any number of ways to sail their rubber duckie. Since the ducks’ sailing paths can be unpredictable, I recommend using a variety of styles so players don’t confuse their ducks if they cross paths.

As a bonus, these can double as a gift for guests to take home if you are throwing a party!

These Fun Central Assorted Rubber Duckies are a perfect choice. These are a fantastic value for the money and make a fun gift.


The simplicity of this activity makes it a winner!

This is another easy pool game that your kids can play.

All you need is two empty and cleaned disposable plastic bottles. Fill the bottles with pool water and toss them in. Participants then swim to the bottom, searching for the “invisible” bottles.

The first to emerge wins!

A great feature of this game is that since it requires little preparation, kids can play it over and over.

A little advice—use a clear, untinted bottle and light-colored cap.

Pool Noodle Joust

Pool noodles are one of the most versatile pool toys you will find.

Add a pool float or raft and you have the perfect set-up for Pool Noodle Jousting.

The premise is straightforward. Two players steady themselves on some sort of floatation device with a pool noodle in hand. At the start, they whack each other with the pool noodles until someone falls in.

This game is always entertaining and gets big laughs!

Underwater Scavenger Hunt

This game is a perfect pool game if you are throwing a party.

There is some versatility here in how to play. Find sets of unique objects that sink to the bottom of the pool, such as spoons, rocks, or coins for the first option. Call out each item for kids to search for at the bottom of the pool.

This is great for keeping kids occupied during summer break without having to spend extra money.

The second option is to toss in a set of diving toys for players to retrieve. These toys can double as party favors at your next pool party. Each party-goer is told what to retrieve until all guests have an assortment of items to take home.

Ping Pong Scramble

If you are looking for a game to burn time and energy, look no further than Ping Pong Scramble.

The simplicity of this activity is perfect, so it will take minimal planning. You’ll need a large quantity of ping pong balls and a permanent marker. Give the balls a numeric value starting with 1 up to 20. Having multiples of the same number is ok. Divide your players into teams and toss the balls into the pool. The teams will compete to retrieve the balls into their buckets.

Competitors are limited to removing one ball from the pool at a time, but sequential order is not important. After they have retrieved all ping pong balls, add up the numbers on the balls to total the score.

Fun and Easy Pool Games for the Entire Family

Basketball or Volleyball

For those who enjoy entertaining, investing in a basketball hoop is an excellent idea.

This versatile 2-in-1 set is fun for swimmers of all ages! Whether you are playing a competitive scorekeeping game of volleyball or showing off your slam-dunking skills, this set easily transforms to allow you to do both.

Price: $134.99
(275 customer reviews)
  • DURABLE: Water filled base and plastic material provides strong stability during play
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: No tools are required for setup.
  • COMBO SET INCLUDES: 24" volleyball net, 1 volleyball, 2 basketball hoops/base, and 1 basketball.
  • HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION: This product is made of plastic. You will not have to worry about rust!
  • FUN IN ONE: Easily switch between your favorite pool games. The SwimWays basketball hoop easily transform into volleyball posts, and back again.

Fill the bases with water for stability, attach the proper net for your game, and start playing! The kit is weatherproof, so you can leave it assembled for as long as you will get frequent use out of it.

Best Pool Basketball Hoops – Top Picks for 2020

At the end of the season, empty the bases and store away until next year. 

Belly Flop/Cannon Ball Contest

If you’re looking for a good laugh, you’ll find it in a belly flop contest! Kids and goofballs alike will love taking part in this classic pool game.

The premise is simple.

Before playing, make sure you allow plenty of space to prevent injury. Competitors gather poolside while each person, one-by-one, shows off his or her best belly flop. The person with the best reaction, whether it be laughter, applause, or cringe, wins!

Are your friends and family not loving the idea of doing a belly flop? Try cannonballs as a variation. Players will experience less sting, but still make a big splash.

Cardboard Boat Races

Not only is this pool game fun for the entire family, but it is a wonderful lesson in physics!

Divide participants into groups. For this activity, groups of about 2-4 is ideal. All you need is cardboard boxes (moving box quality), scissors, and packing tape. These items are used to construct a boat big enough to hold a person or two. Use as much cardboard and tape as you wish.

The only catch is you may only use tape at the seams! After you have constructed your cardboard boats you will get inside and race them across the pool!

For an extra challenge, groups can paddle their boats with cardboard constructed oars, or players can paddle with their hands.

This easy pool game is both fun and terrifying since no one believes the boats reliably float. The sailors with the fastest race time win!

Regardless of the outcome of the race, this activity is sure to delight the entire family.

Shoulder Wars

This pool game has been a favorite for decades.

You don’t need any props, so if you are looking for a spontaneous way to amuse everyone this will be a hit! Competitors pair up in teams of two. One person sits on the other person’s shoulders and the opposing teams square up in the pool. The objective is for each top player to wrestle each other until one team topples over. 

The last team standing wins!

Floating Frisbees

Another choice for casual or competitive play is Floating Frisbees.

Just grab some frisbees and toss them in a pool rim side up. Assign each frisbee a point value with a permanent marker if you are planning a competitive game. Give the players a beach ball, ping pong balls, or other lightweight balls to toss into the frisbees from a reasonable distance. The object is to catch the ball on the frisbee.

This game becomes even more fun since the frisbees become moving targets as swimmers move around in the water.

Dive-in Movie

Ok, so watching a movie isn’t playing a game, but who doesn’t love an outdoor movie night?

If you can get your hands on a movie projector, the rest is easy! Hang a sheet taught and fill the pool with floats to create a night to remember. 

More Easy Pool Games for Your Pool Party

Read our Ultimate Guide “99 Swimming Pool Games and Activities” for a plethora of ideas.

Final Thoughts on Pool Games

Don’t let lack of inspiration rob you of precious time with your family. With a variety of easy pool games to choose from, parties will run smoothly and kids will stay occupied all summer.

No one wants to make memories of fighting over screen time, or fretting over finances. Instead, use these ideas to remember a summer spent laughing and having fun with your whole family.

Photo by Joe Shlabotnik

Pool Slides For Above Ground Pools – Top Slides Reviewed For 2020

best pool slides for above ground

If you’re getting bored with your above ground pool set up, then maybe it’s time to consider adding a little bit of excitement and fun to it.

One of the easiest ways to add more fun to your swimming pool is by adding a pool slide.

Pool slides come in different shapes and forms. Most pool slides are designed for in-ground pools, but there are some slides available for above ground pool owners too.

So how do you pick the best pool slide for your above ground pool?

How To Choose The Best Pool Slide For Your Above Ground Pool

When getting a pool slide for your above ground pool there are many important factors to consider. For above ground pool owners, pool slides are divided into two main categories: poolside and floating. Your needs and how you intend to use the pool slide will greatly determine which type is right for you.

Before you buy, here are some things you should be thinking about:

  • Do you have a deck around your pool?
  • How much use will you get out of your pool slide?
  • What is the age range of its users? How much do they weigh?
  • Do you need something that can be easily stored away?
  • What kind of budget do you have for your new pool slide?

Once you come up with the answers to those questions, it will much easier for you to choose the best pool slide for your above ground pool.

If you have a deck around your pool, then you will likely want a poolside pool slide.

If you have no deck around your pool or place to place a slide, then your only choice will be a floating pool slide.

Types of Above Ground Pool Slides

Poolside pool slides are the best pool slides for those with a deck around their pool. This type has the most number of available slides in the market today and can easily cater to adults if you get the right size.

Floating pool slides are best for kids and it’s also very easy to set up. You just have to inflate your floating pool slide and put it in your pool for your kids to enjoy.

The Best Pool Slides For Above Ground Pools

Let’s go ahead and review the best pool slides that you may get for you above ground pool.

Intex Water SlideAviva Sports Slider IslandSwimline Super SlideWOW Watersports Slide
Dimensions (L x W)11 ft by 6.75 ft7.1 ft by 3.5 ft8.5 ft by 5.7 ft9 ft by 7 ft
Max Weight176 lbs120 lbs150 lbs550 lbs
UsersAdults and kidsKidsKidsAdults and kids

Best Poolside Slide: Intex Water Slide, Inflatable Play Center

Price: $163.99
(1843 customer reviews)
  • Make a splash all summer long
  • Attach garden hose for sprayers to wet the slide surface
  • Featuring fun wave graphics, 5 air chambers, 6 heavy duty handles, and sturdy 20 gauge vinyl construction
  • Includes repair patch
  • 176 maximum weight limit. Dimensions: 10'11" L x 6'9" W x 3'10" H

This poolside slide will be a great addition to your above ground pool. If you have a deck that has about a width of 10 feet, then the Intex Water Slide will fit right in.

Once you’re able to install the pool properly, it can result in a long summer of fun and relaxation for you and your family.

The pool slide has a maximum weight limit of 176 lbs or 80 kg. And it’s equipped with five air chambers, six heavy-duty handles, and a sturdy 20 gauge vinyl construction.

What Customers Love

  • The pool slide is very easy to inflate and set up.
  • Well balanced and sturdy.
  • Great value for money.

Main Customer Complaints

  • Few buyers got a defective product that would not inflate.
  • Some also said the product got holes after a couple of use.

Best Alternative Poolside Slide: Swimline Super Slide Inflatable Pool Toy

Price: --
(46 customer reviews)
  • Slide into extra pool fun with this inflatable water slide with hose attachment
  • Heavy-duty PVC vinyl construction holds up season after season even during heavy use
  • Built-in climbing steps allow kids to easily get to the top of the slide without slipping
  • Built-in grab handles give kids firm place to hold while climbing
  • Includes garden hose attachment and adjustable spray head to keep the action moving

The Swimline Super Slide is easy to inflate and deflate, so you can store it quickly. This pool slide requires a deck that has about a width of 8 feet.

The slide comes with two outside chambers that can be filled with water for weight and stability. It is also equipped with grab handles, safety rails, and climbing steps.

The pool slide has a maximum weight limit of 150 lbs or about 68 kg.

What Customers Love

  • The pool slide is easy to set up.
  • The kids love this slide.
  • Very affordable slide for above ground pool owners.

Main Customer Complaints

  • Sprayer did not spray in a consistent direction.
  • It can be hard to climb for some users.

Best Floating Pool Slide for Big Pools: WOW Watersports Slide N Smile

Price: $248.99
(25 customer reviews)
  • Giant 108 x 84 x 50" 2 lane Waterslide
  • Makes a great dock or pool slide
  • Zippered connection system for connecting with WOW's 10'x6' Water Walkway or 6'x6' Water Mat so you can build your own WOW Water World Playground
  • Connect as many walkway and mats together as you like
  • Inflatable side rails. Bright graphics for high visibility on the water
  • Heavy-duty PVC construction

This large pool slide will be perfect for your large above ground pool. The WOW Watersports Slide N Smile is large enough to be used by 2 adults at the same time, so you need to have at least a 20 feet long pool for this to fit. This slide is best for pools like the Ultra XTR Frame Pool Set of Intex.

It has dimensions of 9 feet in length, 7 feet in width, and 4.2 feet in height. The slide is inflatable and has heavy-duty PVC construction. The pool slide has a maximum weight limit of 550 lbs or about 250 kg.

What Customers Love

  • The size of the pool slide is outstanding.
  • Easy to inflate.
  • The pool slide is very durable.

Main Customer Complaints

  • Some customers receive a product that already has holes in them.

Best Floating Pool Slide for Smaller Pools: Aviva Sports Slider Island

Price: --
(49 customer reviews)
  • Floating slide
  • Great for pool or lake
  • Inflates in minutes
  • Deflates compactly
  • 86" x 40" x 31"

The Aviva Sports Slider Island is way smaller than the WOW Watersports Slide N Smile but it’s also a floating slide that can be a great pool slide for those without a deck around their above ground pool.

Unlike the WOW Watersports Slide, this slide is only for kids age 6 to 12. The pool comes with an anchor ring on the bottom, so you can anchor it in the center of your pool for added safety.

The pool slide is 7 feet long, 3.5 feet wide, and has 6 comfy handles for easy access.

What Customers Love

  • The pool slide is very easy to set up.
  • It’s very sturdy for its price.
  • Kids enjoyed using the slide all day long.

Main Customer Complaints

  • Few customers said the pool slide tips on its side.
  • Some received an already defective item.

Final Thoughts on Pool Slides for Above Ground Pool

There are limited options available for above ground pool owners than those with in-ground pools. However, some in-ground pools can be used on above ground pools as long as you have a pool deck to install them on.

Make sure you install your pool slide properly to ensure your family’s safety and for your family to get the chance to enjoy your new pool slide all summer long.

Floating Pool Lights: Best Pool Lights This 2020

best swimming floating pool lights

As a kid, it always seemed like the fun ended when the sun went down.

But what if it didn’t have to?

With the addition of floating pool lights, you can not only keep the fun going into the night but customize your surroundings. You will get both the practicality of brightening your pool for use, and the novelty that many varieties provide.

Some lights can be included in water games, provide ambiance, and even be used as a speaker.

What are Floating Pool Lights?

Floating pool lights allow pool owners to add more fun and excitement to their swimming pools.

In the old days, pool lights are usually wired or connected to a power source outside the pool.

Because of the recent developments in lighting systems, pool owners now have an option to put lights right in their pool without having to worry about any complicated electrical wiring.

Here Are The Floating Pool Lights We Recommend

How To Choose The Best Floating Pool Lights For Your Swimming Pool

When buying floating pool lights there are some important things you should consider first. Generally speaking, these products fall into two main categories: solar-powered and battery-powered.

Your needs and how you intend to use the floating pool lights will greatly determine which ones are right for you.

Before you buy, here are some things you should be thinking about:

  • What type of floating pool light are you looking for?
  • How many will you be needing for your pool size?
  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • Will you want to hear some music while you’re using them?

Types of Floating Pool Lights: Solar vs. Battery 

As an added convenience, floating pool lights do not need to be hard-wired into a power source.

You’ll find them either as solar-powered or battery powered.

The solar-powered lights are typically equipped with some type of solar panel that charges when placed in full sun and provides hours of illumination. Since there is no need to replace batteries, the solar option is not only convenient but environmentally friendly, too.

Battery-powered lights are either rechargeable or replaceable. For rechargeable batteries, you will need an available power source and an included recharging kit. If the batteries are replaceable you will have to purchase new batteries when the old ones are no longer useful.

Battery-powered lights typically seem to have a longer life than solar ones with a life span of days rather than hours.

Best Floating Pool Lights Review

Blufree Floatable, Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with Color Changing Lights

Price: $38.99
( customer reviews)
  • 【IPX7 Waterproof Floating &Rugged】① IPX7 highest rating wireless bluetooth speakers can immersion up to 3 feet for 30 minutes underwater. Good as Splashproof, Rainproof shower speaker, a waterproof tub speakers, beach speaker etc. ②This portable Bluetooth speaker adopts special design that can floate on water, it can be applied to all water environments. ③ Rugged and durable design Perfect for for indoor and outdoor, party, travel, sport, boating, camping and more.
  • 【Astonishing Sound】 The bluetooth speakers portable wireless has excellent high-fidelity stereo sound with wide-ranging adjustable volume levels. Blufree Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker produces outstanding audio and blasts out rich, clear sound. It delivers excellent surround sound in both indoor and outdoor environments.
  • 【Long Play Time with Color Changing Light】① Our Bluetooth speaker portable wireless has long battery playtime up to 8 hours after a full charge. This Bluetooth speaker waterproof is rechargeable and requires no additional batteries. ②The led bluetooth speaker can provide 7 different color changing themes and slow flashing, fast flashing light modes. Speakers bluetooth wireless lights up and makes your night much more colorful and happy.
  • 【Hands Free Calling】①With built in microphone, you will not miss any important calls when taking shower, swimming in the pool(this is a pool floating speaker, it can floating on water); thus you no need to take your phone all the time. ②Adopt bluetooth 4.2 technology, this mini bluetooth speaker can easy and fast connect to your iPhone/iPad/Phones/Tablet/computer and all other Bluetooth devices. The wireless connectivity up to 15 meters, you can enjoy favorite music with ease in any where.
  • 【What You Get】Blufree compact waterproof speaker bluetooth, Micro USB charging cable and user guide. We guarantee our wireless speaker 30 days 100% money back or free exchange and 12 month warranty. Please feel free to contact us if you have any trouble. We will offer you a satisfactory solution within 24 hours.

To enjoy time in the pool listening to your favorite music consider this floating color-changing light Bluetooth speaker. It has hi-fidelity surround sound with a 50 ft range. The rechargeable battery life is 8 hours when full to provide plenty of fascination.

The LED light offers 7 color themes in slow flashing and fast flashing to match the mood you want to set. For added convenience, the speaker also features hands-free calling when paired to a mobile device.

The seller offers a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee and 12-month warranty. They also promise a satisfactory resolution within 24 hours of contacting customer service.

What Customers Love

  • The speaker has great sound quality, pairs quickly, and excellent battery life.
  • Customers love the convenience of the hands-free calling feature.

Main Customer Complaints

  • Customers didn’t have any criticism of this speaker.

Loftek LED Dimmable Floating Pool Lights

Price: $34.99
( customer reviews)
  • Amphibious LED Night Light: LOFTEK light ball can be used as a night light, a toy, or a decorative light. Excellent waterproof performance allows it to float, which is suitable for pool decoration lights and bathtub romantic lights. Multi-colorful can let kids or pets have attractive toys to enjoy happy time. Perfect decor outdoor and indoor, exhibitions, bars, weddings,nurseries, etc. Especially for sensory education of parent-child activities.
  • Customizable Colors and Multiple Controls: 16 static RGB colors, 5 brightness adjustments and 4 dynamic lighting modes(FADE, SMOOTH, FLASH, STROBE), cordless design color your life with remote control or press the bottom of the ball, eye-caring LED makes uniform soft color light that doesn't hurt eyes.
  • Eco-friendly and Add A Removable Metal Hook: The orb shell is one-shot molding with toy-grade polyethylene, completely waterproof and dustproof without any gaps, completely free of UV, IR, lead, mercury, and other toxic elements. Newly upgraded removable metal hook, easy to carry or hang, such as carrying it to parties, camping, show props, or hanging from the ceiling, trees, eaves, Etc.
  • 8-10h Lighting and 1.5-2h Charging: Upgraded 1000MAh battery with LOFTEK fast-charge technology, up to 8-10 hours of lighting only needs 1.5-2 hours to be fully charged. If the battery or light bulb life is exhausted, just unscrew the screw on the bottom of the ball and replace the new base to get it back to work like a new ball again. (Base's Asin: B07V1DLGCR)
  • What You Get: 40 days free return and quick refund, 12-month free replacement for product quality issue, and lifetime prompt customer service. Please note: If you need more help, please feel free to contact us and we will always be here to help.

The Loftek LED Dimmable Floating Pool Light is one of the best floating pool lights available in the market today. These amphibious LED orbs are perfect for any pool designs.

It has a rechargeable battery and you can easily control the lights with your very own remote control that comes with the product.

It comes with 16 beautiful RGB colors and 4 lighting modes you can choose from.

Customers enjoy the ability to use the product on or off their pool since it can be used indoor or outdoor.

What Customers Love

  • They’re very easy to use and control.
  • You can easily see that the materials used to make the product are of high-quality.

Main Customer Complaints

  • Customers don’t have any major complaints regarding this product.

BeTim Solar Floating Globe Pool Lights

Price: $18.99
You save: $1.00 (5%)
( customer reviews)
  • 1.Waterproof and Safe--We optimized the bottom waterproof battery box to make it rotate smoothly. NO LEAK RISK.4.5v low pressure and low heat.No worry about overheat.
  • 2.Color Changing--Color automatically changing,gentle and comfortable slow flash transformation (Red,Yellow,Green,Blue,White,Orange and Purple).Create a unique lighting experience in your garden,pool.
  • 3.Solar Powered--Solar-powered decorative light,it will continuously light 12 hours if it is charged over 8 hours by the enough sunlight.Energy-saving,environment-friendly.
  • 4.Auto ON/OF--When click the switch it will automatically recharge the battery by solar energy during the day time.The light turns on automatically when it gets dark and turns off when re-exposed to light or when the battery is fully discharged.Please push the switch to ON before installation.
  • 5.Multiple Application--Suitable for applying in ponds,pools,reservoirs,lakes,parks,hanging on trees, curtains,gates,lawns and other indoor and outdoor environments.There is a hole on the top so that it’s convenient to connect multiple lights in series and floating on the water.

This 2 pack of solar lights is a great way to enhance your pool. It has an LED light with 7 color changing options that can cycle automatically to provide the atmosphere you are looking for.

Not only can these be used in the pool, but they are equipped with threading holes to be hung poolside as well. This feature allows you the option of choosing between the floating pool light or illuminating the lawn and pathways.

Using a simple design, a topside solar panel charges in full sun during the day to provide continuous use at night. An 8-hour charge can provide up to 12 hours of lighted use.

What Customers Love

  • These lights are durable and give off good illumination.
  • They provide great ambiance.

Main Customer Complaints

  • There is no feature to prevent the lights from color cycling.

Esuper Inflatable Solar Floating Pool Lights

Price: $53.99
You save: $4.00 (6%)
( customer reviews)
  • 1.【 Solar Powered Rechargeable】 : 100% solar charging LED ball pool light. This floating LED pool lights charging in direct sunlight and illuminate in darkness automatically. Works up to 8 hours after fully charged. What’s more, this floating lamp with red, blue, green, white 4 color Changing every 15 seconds automatically, creating a soft light that won't irritate eyes, and Multi-color alternation gives you an excellent colorful world performance.
  • 2.【Inflatable & Floatable】:Our floating solar pool lights is inflatable that floats on the water.It is very simple to inflate the solar ball pool lights,made of vinyl material better than hard plastic LED lights.It is not only beautiful easy to use,but also floats on the water could decorate the pond and create stunning effect. Also these solar pool lights are much more durable,sturdy enough to toss them around, enjoy the pool game,perfect for kids bathing time.
  • 3.【IP68 Waterproof & Weather Resistance】: Compared to other floating glow balls pool light, Ours has excellent waterproof function and can even be placed directly in the swimming pool for all terrible weather and environments. You can use it in the pool , garden,indoors and outdoors.
  • 4.【Universally Useful and Practical】:Solar led glow pool lights floats on water to create a perfect atmosphere for parties and gatherings. It is also suitable for your landscaping, weddings, ponds, parties, festival decorations especially Christmas.
  • 5.【Guarantee】: Esuper Floating LED ball pool light promises 1 year warranty! If you meet any quality problem within 12 month, please feel free to contact our customer service. We guarantees that free replacement for any product with quality problem.

If you want to make a statement in your pool these lights are perfect for you. These inflatable sets come in 2 options: the 20 inches cone-shaped or 14 inches round-shaped.

Both options are solar-powered, charging in direct sunlight, with continuous usage of 8 hours of illumination. They have a 15-second color cycle of red, blue, green, and white with soft light so your eyes do not become irritated.

Because these floating pool lights are inflatable, they can serve a dual purpose and even be included in an evening water game. There is also some versatility in that they can be staked into the ground or hung for lighting poolside.

The seller also provides a 12-month unlimited warranty.

What Customers Love

  • These lights are easy to inflate and sturdy. Customers find them to be a good value for their money.
  • With the large size, they do not get caught up in the skimmer.

Main Customer Complaints

  • There is no on/off switch. Illumination is completely dependent on how dark it is outside, but this didn’t seem to be too big of a problem for most customers.

Homemory Flameless Floating Tealight Candles

Price: $21.53
( customer reviews)
  • BEST BUYS: If you need amounts of floating candles for decor. Adding them to your shopping cart! Popular choice for weddings, party, festival, centerpiece, bathroom, restaurants.
  • EASY TO USE: Battery include. Free-installation. Water actived. The light come on when hit the water and turn off when take out. Goodbye to the trouble of blowing out candles one by one. PS: You can put them in cylinder vases or bowl, mason jar.
  • SAFE&LONG LASTING: Battery operated. No danger of fire. Smokeless and unscented. The lights can lasting 150+ hours(CR2032) and the battery are replaceable. Don’t worry about the light will go out when you enjoy the happy hour.
  • REALITY&BRIGHT&ROMANTIC: Nice float with warm white light. Flicker like real candle. They adding a touch of elegance. Create a cozy atmosphere.
  • QUALITY SERVICE: Homemory all in LED tealights. We choose high-quality plastics. Every tealights you received are thoroughly and rigorously tested. And we have a professional after-sale service team to solve your problem.

For a touch of elegance, these beautiful candles will bring in the look and feel you desire. These are ideal as a great addition to the decor for outdoor weddings, parties, or other celebrations.

To turn on the flame, you simply set the candle in water. There is no on/off switch, rather there is a sensor on the bottom that is activated by water.

The LED lights have a life of over 150 hours and come with replaceable batteries.

What Customers Love

  • The LED light has a long battery life making it a good value for the money.
  • Since they are electric candles, they are safe from fire hazard and provide a beautiful ambiance

Main Customer Complaints

  • I could not find any customer complaints about these floating candles.

Acmee LED Light Up Floating Lily Pad

Price: $18.99
( customer reviews)
  • LED light up water lily---- real, soft, flexible and comfortable water lily. Measure: 3 pieces of 7 inches & 3 pieces of 4 inches lilies.
  • 7 color changing light alternately----All colors rotate through the flower core , the lilies come with 3 colors white, yellow and pink. Pretty and Impressive.
  • Waterproof light with no wax, and safe to use in water and no need to clean up.
  • Battery can be replaced----Every lily include 2xCR2032 batteries,with 48 Hour Battery Life, it can be reused just with new battery.
  • Casually and Relaxed to enjoy your night time or plan an event----Weddings /garden party /Christmas,etc, Can be used in your pool,fish tank or pond.

If you are looking for decor with a more whimsical feel the floating light water lily pads will do the trick. They are great for special occasions or to include in a photoshoot.

These floating pool lights come in 3 mixed colors: white, yellow, and pink. Each lily includes a replaceable battery with a 48-hour life as well.

These lovely floating lights are sure to dress up any event you have.

What Customers Love

  • The water lilies are very pretty and realistic looking.
  • This makes a great gift.

Main Customer Complaints

  • You have to watch them closely. To make sure they don’t get caught in the pool skimmer.

Final Thoughts on Floating Pool Lights

Floating pool lights are a great way to light up your pool, especially if you aren’t looking for a permanent option. These can be found in the convenience of the eco-friendly rechargeable solar option, or battery-powered using either rechargeable or replaceable batteries for longer use.

With the many products available you can customize any look or feeling you desire. They can be used as breathtaking decor or a magical atmosphere.

Whatever your goal is, they are sure to be a big hit.

Frequently Asked Questions about Floating Pool Lights

Are floating pool lights safe?

Floating pool lights are 100% percent safe to use since they’ve passed all the safety tests before hitting the market. Also, floating pool lights are made to be waterproof.

As long as there are no exposed parts on them, you can be certain that they’ll be safe to use in your swimming pool.

Are floating pool lights worth the money?

Floating pool lights are a great addition to anyone’s swimming pool. If you’re into swimming at night, then having a good pool lighting system is highly advisable.

Compared to other swimming pool accessories or items, floating pool lights are more affordable.

How long do floating pool lights last?

Floating pool lights’ lifespan varies depending on your usage and of course, how you maintain them. Typically it can take about a couple years or more before you notice any performance issue with your floating pool lights.

How do you maintain floating pool lights?

Maintaining your pool lights is very straightforward. Once you’re done using them, make sure you wipe them with a clean cloth to dry them. You should always store them in a clean and dry location.

When it comes to its batteries, make sure you follow the manual that came with the product. Avoid overcharging your battery and never store your pool lights without any charge on them.

Didn’t Find The Floating Pool Light You Were Looking For?

Product name Rating Price
Blufree Floating Pool Lights, LED Color-Changing Magnetic Pool Light 100% Waterproof Starfish Lamp, 3.3" Aquarium Pond Pool Spa Bath Light. Decor for Party Event Vase Wedding Halloween Blufree Floating Pool Lights, LED Color-Changing Magnetic Pool Light 100% Waterproof Starfish Lamp, 3.3" Aquarium Pond Pool Spa Bath Light. Decor for Party Event Vase Wedding Halloween
Bluetooth Speakers with Colorful Lights, Portable Speaker IPX7 Waterproof Floatable, Built-in Mic,Crystal Clear Stereo Sound Speakers Bluetooth Wireless 50ft Range for Home Shower Outdoors Pool Travel Bluetooth Speakers with Colorful Lights, Portable Speaker IPX7 Waterproof Floatable, Built-in Mic,Crystal Clear Stereo Sound Speakers Bluetooth Wireless 50ft Range for Home Shower Outdoors Pool Travel
Floating Pool Lights,Battery Powered Floating Flowers,Pond Decor,Floating Pool Flower Lights Color-Changing -for Wedding Outdoor Party Decor 6 Pcs (Dragonfly) Floating Pool Lights,Battery Powered Floating Flowers,Pond Decor,Floating Pool Flower Lights Color-Changing -for Wedding Outdoor Party Decor 6 Pcs (Dragonfly)
BeTIM Solar Floating Pool Lights 2019 Upgraded Waterproof Pond Light with Multi Color Changing LED Globe Night Light for Gargen Swimming Pool Tub Party Home Decor (7 Colors) BeTIM Solar Floating Pool Lights 2019 Upgraded Waterproof Pond Light with Multi Color Changing LED Globe Night Light for Gargen Swimming Pool Tub Party Home Decor (7 Colors)
GEEDIAR Floating Pool Lights Solar Swimming Pool Light with 16 Color Changing Outdoor Decorations Light Waterproof LED Lights for Patio,Garden and Pool GEEDIAR Floating Pool Lights Solar Swimming Pool Light with 16 Color Changing Outdoor Decorations Light Waterproof LED Lights for Patio,Garden and Pool
LOFTEK Submersible LED Lights with Remote RF(164ft),Full Waterproof Pool Lights for Inground Pool with Magnets, Suction Cups,3.35” Color Changing Underwater Lights for Ponds Battery Operated (4 Packs) LOFTEK Submersible LED Lights with Remote RF(164ft),Full Waterproof Pool Lights for Inground Pool with Magnets, Suction Cups,3.35” Color Changing Underwater Lights for Ponds Battery Operated (4 Packs)
Swimming Pool Lights Floating Pool Lights Underwater Lights Pool Accessories with 7 Modes for Disco Pool Party or Pond Décor Swimming Pool Lights Floating Pool Lights Underwater Lights Pool Accessories with 7 Modes for Disco Pool Party or Pond Décor
Floating Pool Lights Inflatable Waterproof IP68 Solar Glow Globe,14” Outdoor Pool Ball Lamp 4 Color Changing LED Night Light, Party Decor for Swimming Pool,Beach,Garden,Backyard,Lawn,Pathway - 2 PCS Floating Pool Lights Inflatable Waterproof IP68 Solar Glow Globe,14” Outdoor Pool Ball Lamp 4 Color Changing LED Night Light, Party Decor for Swimming Pool,Beach,Garden,Backyard,Lawn,Pathway - 2 PCS
LOFTEK Floating Pool Lights 10 Packs, RGB Color Changing LED Pool Balls Lights IP67 Waterproof, Replaceable Button Cell Hot Tub Bath Toys with 6 PCS Extra Batteries for Pond Pool Decor Outdoor Indoor LOFTEK Floating Pool Lights 10 Packs, RGB Color Changing LED Pool Balls Lights IP67 Waterproof, Replaceable Button Cell Hot Tub Bath Toys with 6 PCS Extra Batteries for Pond Pool Decor Outdoor Indoor
Upgrade Floating Pool Light with Remote (RF), Improved IP67 Full Waterproof, RGB Color Changing LED Pool Balls Battery Operated Light Up Bath Toys, Night Light, Yard Pond Pool Decor Lights (6 Packs) Upgrade Floating Pool Light with Remote (RF), Improved IP67 Full Waterproof, RGB Color Changing LED Pool Balls Battery Operated Light Up Bath Toys, Night Light, Yard Pond Pool Decor Lights (6 Packs)

Best Pool Umbrellas Reviewed – Here Are our Top Picks for 2020

Best Pool Umbrellas - Review

Sometimes you just want to sit and chat with a friend or take a break from swimming to have a family lunch. But no one wants to do those things with the summer sun beating down on them.

How can you beat the heat even when you are poolside?

There are many terrific pool umbrellas on the market that will protect you from the harsh sun, allowing you to enjoy time with your friends and family.

Yet, with all of the options, it’s hard to know where to start.

Here are the Pool Umbrellas We Recommend

What are Pool Umbrellas?

A pool umbrella, or most commonly known as patio umbrellas or outdoor umbrellas, has one primary purpose and that is to provide an outdoor shade solution to its users.

It’s also the best substitute for a tree in your backyard if you don’t have space for a tree or the time to wait for one to grow first.

Pool umbrellas are made to give you a good shade whenever you are outside your house and enjoying your pool or hanging out at your outdoor table.

It’s also a good addition to improve the aesthetics of your backyard. Of course, this is assuming you’ve managed to select a good looking pool umbrella out of hundreds of options.

How to choose the best pool umbrella for your yard?

When purchasing a pool umbrella for your yard, there are several factors that you should consider. Your needs and how you intend to use your pool umbrella will help determine the right pool umbrella for you and your family.

To help you choose the best pool umbrella, you should answer some of these questions first.

  • What pool umbrella size should I get?
  • What color umbrella is best for my yard design?
  • Should I get a center pole umbrella or one that is side-mounted?
  • Do I need a portable umbrella?

When adding a pool umbrella to your home decor, you want to make sure you are choosing the right product. These products come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles to fit your needs. To get a better understanding of how to choose the right umbrella, here’s what you should consider:

Pool Umbrellas Size Guide

Before you hit on add to cart for your pool umbrella, let’s make sure that you’re getting the right pool umbrella size for your backyard.

Since an oversized or undersized umbrella can easily throw off the balance in your outdoor arrangement.

Of course, you want an appropriate amount of shade for the area you intend to use it on. The general rule of thumb is to measure the longest length of the table you are using and purchase an umbrella with a canopy that is 4-5 ft larger.

For starters, your pool umbrella should at least extend a foot or two from the end of your pool’s sides or your table in your backyard.

If you have an above ground pool that has a diameter of at least 2 and a half feet up to 3 feet or a table that has a diameter of 30 to 36 inches, you should get a pool umbrella with a diameter of at least 6 feet.

If you have a 4-foot diameter pool or a table size of 38 to 48 inches in diameter, then you should get an umbrella that has a 9 to 11 ft diameter.

If you have a pool diameter of more than 4 feet up to 5 feet or a table size of more than 54 inches but less than 60 inches, then a much larger pool umbrella is advisable. Those umbrella that has 11 ft diameter or larger are best for you.

Table Size (diameter)Umbrella Size (diameter)
30 to 36 inches6 to 9 feet
38 to 48 inches9 to 11 feet
48 to 60 inches11 feet or more
Source: Patio Umbrella Size Guide

Which umbrella color is the best?

The best color for your pool umbrella according to design experts is those that have a solid light tone as its base color.

Colors that have tropical feel are also good if you want a more natural feel for your yard.

Solid colors are best for umbrellas since they’re more fade-resistant and are pleasing to the eyes.

Having a pool umbrella that has more than 3 colors is a big NO for us.

When choosing a canopy color most decisions will be made on a matter of preference. Darker colors tend to show more fading over time while lighter colors are more likely to show dirt.

Center Pole Umbrellas vs. Side Mounted Umbrellas

There are two main categories for a pool umbrella: center pole and side-mounted.

Umbrella with a center pole is the most common design before and is very self-explanatory, it has a pole in the middle and it’s perfect if you’re going to put it on the center of a table.

Side-mounted umbrellas, or most popularly known as cantilever umbrellas, offer versatility to its users since it is very easy to move and it can fit anywhere in your yard. It can also help define or improve the aesthetics of the space in your backyard where you put it.

Another great thing about cantilever umbrellas is that you can easily use it to cover you and your family when you’re using an above ground pool.

What type of fabric should I select?

The two fabrics I have focused on here are polyester and acrylic. Both are water, mildew, and fade resistant, however, polyester will fade more easily over time.

Acrylic is more expensive, but for good reason. It offers 98% UV protection and is certified by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Polyester is the less expensive option but still provides up to UV 40 protection you need.

Since we were able to tackle the important factors to consider before buying your pool umbrella. Let’s go ahead and start reviewing the best pool umbrellas available today.

Best Pool Umbrellas Review

The Best Overall Pool Umbrella: Patiassy Double-Top Offset Patio Umbrella

The Patiassy Double-Top Offset Patio Umbrella offers good coverage for you and your family against the heat. The umbrella’s fabric has been solution-dyed, so the color won’t fade easily.

With the size of this Deluxe patio umbrella, 10 ft by 10 ft, it can be easily used to cover a 60″ table with room for 6 to 8 chairs,

This pool umbrella has a solid base and an all-aluminum pole frame. It has a double-top canopy design for better airflow and it’s water repellent as per manufacturer.

The Patiassy Patio Umbrella would be a perfect addition to your family’s backyard.

What Customers Love:

  • Can take a gush of wind and stay in place
  • Very easy to assemble and use
  • High-quality materials

Main Customer Complaints:

  • Not much complain worthy to be mentioned here, the umbrella has been great overall

The main reason why we chose Patiassy Double-Top Offset Patio Umbrella as the best pool umbrella overall is that customers who bought it don’t have many complaints about the product and they all say they are satisfied with it. This umbrella is considered beautiful, sturdy, and an overall great product by most.

Second Best Pool Umbrella Overall: Abba Patio Rectangular Patio Offset Hanging Umbrella

The Abba Patio Rectangular Patio Offset Hanging Umbrella is a great addition in your backyard, whether you’re going to use it beside your pool or your picnic table. It can provide adequate cover for you and your family, and it has a very nice design.

It’s one of the most durable pool umbrellas available in the market.

This pool umbrella is also waterproof and UV resistant. It’s very easy to tilt with 6 different angles to choose from and includes a heavy-duty steel cross base.

What Customers Love:

  • Easy to fit design
  • Easy to assemble and good value
  • Sturdy and versatile pool umbrella

Main Customer Complaints:

  • Few customers received a product that already has holes on them or has a broken part

Best Pool Umbrella Based On Looks: Grand Patio Deluxe Napoli X Curvy Patio Cantilever Umbrella

Price: --
( customer reviews)

The Grand Patio Deluxe Napol Curvy Aluminum Offset Umbrella is unique because of its curve design and will be a nice addition to your yard if you want to add a more modern feel to it.

The size of this patio umbrella is 11 feet that are adequate to cover at least 6 people sitting around the table or shade you when you’re using your pool.

This beautiful umbrella is also UV protected and water-resistant to ensure that the fabric will last long.

It also has hidden wheels under its base making it easy for its owners to move around.

What Customers Love:

  • High-quality fabric
  • Aesthetic pleasing design
  • The large canopy provides ample shade on hot days

Main Customer Complaints:

  • Can be moved by the wind easily

Second Best Pool Umbrella Based On Looks: Leesons Inc German Beech Wood Wooden Outdoor Patio Umbrella

The Leesons Inc Geman Beech Wood Outdoor Patio Umbrella is one of the bigger umbrellas that can sufficiently cover at least 6 to 8 people and it’s one of the best looking umbrellas out there.

It’s perfect for those who want to add a tropical feel in their backyard. The umbrella comes fully assembled, so you won’t have to worry about putting it together once it arrives.

What Customers Love:

  • Great size for a pool umbrella
  • No need to assemble
  • Nice tropical look

Main Customer Complaints:

  • Seems a bit flimsy

The Best Pool Umbrella Based On Size: PHI VILLA Double-Sided Outdoor Market Extra Large Patio Umbrella

Price: $157.65
( customer reviews)
  • WITH MORE SHADE: 15ft double-sided patio umbrella provides extra large shade for your family and friends, which is ideal for both residential and commercial locations
  • EASY TO USE: With easy crank lift for smooth opening and closing. Umbrella Base are included and can also be used with a table or side patio furniture set
  • 100% POLYESTER CANNOPY: PHI VILLA double sided outdoor umbrellas canopy are made of 100% polyester fabric that can be waterproof, breathable, long lasting, fade resistant, UV protective and easy to clean
  • DURABLE FRAME DESIGN: Powder coated steel pole and 12 rust proof steel ribs provide enhanced durability to this large umbrella. Pole diameter: 1.89"(48mm)
  • Dimensions: 15(L) x 9(W) x 7.5(H) Feet; With high quality package in transit and 1 year warranty against manufacture defects; Attention: Please close and tie up the umbrella when you don't want to use it, especially in windy and rainy days, so that its life is prolonged

A big umbrella with a great-looking design is the PH Villa 15 Ft Patio Umbrella. The umbrella has a good base and is ideal for both residential and commercial use.

The fabric is fade-resistant, UV protected and is very easy to clean. The frame is powder-coated steel pole and 12 rust-proof steel ribs. This also provides enhanced durability to this large umbrella.

Owners of this umbrella are assured that they’ll be well-covered when this is in their yard.

What Customers Love:

  • Has great quality materials
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Good value for its size

Main Customer Complaints:

  • Unsecured umbrellas broke by the wind

Second Best Pool Umbrella Based On Size: Outsunny Outdoor Patio Double-Sided Umbrella

The Outsunny 15 Ft Outdoor Patio Market Double-Sided Umbrella is one of the largest pool umbrella available in Amazon and it’s has a nice design to it.

The umbrella is UV-resistant and has a good crank system installed for you to easily open and adjust the umbrella when you’re using it.

With its size, it can offer complete shade in any garden, patio, backyard, or pool setting.

What Customers Love:

  • Great coverage and value for money
  • Stylish design
  • Easy to use

Main Customer Complaints:

  • Can be easily blown by the wind because of its size
  • Can be harmful to kids or small animals  if not secured properly

Most Durable Pool Umbrella: Hampton Bay LED Round Offset Patio Umbrella

The Hampton Bay LED Round Offset Patio Umbrella is designed for lasting enjoyment. This umbrella is water-resistant as well, and UV-resistant for sustained color retention. It’s a great addition to your backyard even if you’re experiencing lots of wind in your area since this umbrella has a solid and heavy-duty base.

It also has LED lights to offer a gentle ambiance, and these lights are solar-powered to save you money on energy costs.

What Customers Love:

  • Can withstand wind
  • Great looking design
  • Solid base and frame

Main Customer Complaints:

  • Quite expensive
  • Heavy to move

Second Most Durable Pool Umbrella: Cobana Cantilever Offset Patio Umbrella

Another stable and durable umbrella for your backyard is the Cobana 10 Ft Cantilever Offset Patio Umbrella, it has vertical tilt and 360-degree rotation function.

The pole is 2.3” of powder-coated aluminum with a steel bottom frame. Due to its lightweight, the umbrella is also very easy to move around your place.

What Customers Love:

  • Easy to set up
  • Nice features
  • Great value

Main Customer Complaints:

  • Few encountered missing parts when they purchase

Best Budget Pool Umbrella:  Sundale Outdoor Table Umbrella

Price: $91.98
(63 customer reviews)
  • ★ Convenient crank opens/closes system and auto tilt, even easy to use for kids and the elderly. Keep cranking then the sun is at the back.
  • ★ 1.49in diameter rust-free bronze aluminum pole and 8 aluminum ribs provide stronger support than standard round poles. Air vented top enhances umbrella stability.
  • ★ 100% polyester canopy fabric features fade resistant, water repellent, sunlight protection. Provide a perfect shade for your patio, garden, deck, backyard, pool, beach life. Enjoy warm weather without getting burned.
  • ★ Wrapped with Hook & Loop strap to protect and store umbrella. keep from bad weather and prolong umbrella's life and appearance.
  • ★ Notice: Umbrella Base/Stand sold separately. Search ASIN B01GFDNLW4, B01N51M05U, B01KYXTP8U, B075N8J4CY, B075N9XSCF to get matched Umbrella Base, ASIN B07KG2BGNG for matched Umbrella Cover.

The Sundale Outdoor Umbrella is one of the best value pool umbrellas out there. It has a good design and is already UV-resistant as well as water-resistant.

This umbrella can provide shade for a 54-inch table and can be used for years. It also comes with a variety of colors, so you can easily choose the one that matches your yard design.

What Customers Love:

  • Best value for money
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy

Main Customer Complaints:

  • Some customer complains about the color fading too quickly
  • Few receive broken umbrellas but were able to return those easily

Second Best Budget Pool Umbrella:  Sunnyglade Outdoor Adjustable Cantilever Patio Umbrella

Another great pool umbrella under $100 is the Sunnyglade 10ft Hanging Patio Umbrella, it’s very easy to use and assemble.

The umbrella has a good base for stability and is built with 2” diameter powder-coated steel pole against corrosion, rust, and chipping. It has 8 steel ribs to keep the umbrella in shape and for added support.

What Customers Love:

  • Great coverage
  • Color does not fade easily
  • Good value for money

Main Customer Complaints:

  • Can be blown easily by the wind

Final Thoughts On Pool Umbrellas

We hope that our pool umbrella review was able to help you make a decision in which pool umbrella to get for your backyard.

We know how hard it can be when choosing a pool umbrella since there are hundreds of options, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

If you are looking for functionality and style, a pool umbrella is definitely the way to go. Consider how you will use it and the space you need shaded and you are sure to find one to meet your needs.

Remember, a little care goes a long way. To help your new umbrella stay in great shape close it when not in use–especially if you expect bad weather.

Also, do your best to keep it clean and dry. As with most things in life, a little TLC goes a long way to prolong its life and your enjoyment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pool Umbrellas

How do you clean your pool umbrella?

When cleaning your pool umbrella it is advisable to use soap and water to remove the dirt with a cloth. You may also opt to use a hose but don’t put too much pressure on the umbrella’s fabric to avoid damaging it.

Should I leave my pool umbrella in the rain?

We don’t advise pool umbrella owners to leave their umbrellas in the rain to prolong its lifespan. Since most umbrellas nowadays are very easy to store away, then you should consider storing them inside your home when it’s raining outside.

What’s the best pool umbrella?

Unfortunately, you’re the only one who can answer that question since it’s going to be your pool umbrella and different people may consider different factors when getting one. Hopefully, we were able to give you a good idea of which one to get with our pool umbrella review.

Didn’t Find The Pool Umbrella You Were Looking For?

Best Pool Basketball Hoop – 5 Top Picks for 2020

Best Pool Basketball Hoops

If you’re looking to add some poolside fun and games to your summer activities a pool basketball hoop is the way to go. A pool basketball hoop is a great way to bring people together for a friendly game, to showcase your skills, or add a fun element to your fitness routine.

With the many options available, you will no doubt find one that will bring hours of fun. But, how do you get through all of those options so you can get in the pool?

OUR TOP PICK – Best Pool Basketball Hoop

We Recommend the SwimWays 2 In 1 Pool Sport Combo Set as our top pick for this pool season for the following reasons:

  • Quick and easy to assemble since the pieces snap together
  • The set is all plastic, there are no metal pieces to rust
  • Well made and sturdy, high quality
  • Doubles as a pool volleyball net

Read on for more information, or click the link below to read more reviews on Amazon.

Price: $103.79
You save: $46.20 (31%)
( customer reviews)
  • DURABLE: Water filled base and plastic material provides strong stability during play
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: No tools are required for setup.
  • COMBO SET INCLUDES: 24" volleyball net, 1 volleyball, 2 basketball hoops/base, and 1 basketball.
  • HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION: This product is made of plastic. You will not have to worry about rust!
  • FUN IN ONE: Easily switch between your favorite pool games. The SwimWays basketball hoop easily transform into volleyball posts, and back again.

Here are the best hoops we’ve found on Amazon at a glance:

How to Choose the Best Pool Basketball Hoop

  • How much use will you get out of the set?
  • Do you need something that can be easily stored away?
  • What is the age range of the players who will use it?
  • Do you need something portable? Do you intend to travel with it?
  • What kind of budget are you working with?

However you answer these questions will not only increase your purchase satisfaction, but it will reduce the amount of time you spend having to choose the product that is right for you. This will reduce any headache so you can start having fun!

When purchasing a basketball goal for your pool there are many important things to consider. Generally speaking, these products fall into two main categories: poolside and floating. Your needs and how you intend to use the basketball hoop will greatly determine which type is right for you. Before you buy, here are some things you should be thinking about:

If you have an in-ground pool, then you will likely want a poolside basketball hoop.

If you have an above-ground or inflatable Intex pool, then choose a floating basketball hoop.

Here are the Top Floating Basketball Hoops

GoSports Splash Hoop 360 Floating Pool Basketball Game

Price: $39.99
( customer reviews)
  • MAKE A SPLASH: Beat the buzzer and the heat this summer with the Go Sports Splash Hoop 360 - Includes 1 Splash Hoop, 2 Water Basketballs, and Ball Pump for the ultimate swimming pool party game
  • MODERN DESIGN: Ditch the cheap looking hoops of the past and upgrade with Splash Hoop 360's new modern design
  • BUILT FOR POOL PLAY: Our Splash Hoop 360 is engineered to withstand all the splashing that comes with water basketball – the sturdy frame ensures maximum fun in the pool
  • INSTANT ASSEMBLY: The hoop assembles in seconds while other hoops take much longer and may require tools
  • GOSPORTS : Go Sports is a US company with US customer support – 100% satisfaction

This patent-pending 360° design floats on the water allowing for play anywhere in the pool. The set-in made in the US and comes with 2 water basketballs and 1 pump. It has a sleek sturdy frame that is quick and easy to assemble. Being a floating set, it may not hold up as well to rough play as a poolside set would. However, younger kids might find a floating set easier to play with since it can be moved to any spot in the pool. It is a pretty straight forward set with high customer satisfaction.

What Customers Love

  • Set on a frame, this set is not inflatable
  • Well balanced and sturdy, so it doesn’t flip over
  • Since it is not a fixed basketball goal, it can travel, be stored away, etc

Main Customer Complaints

  • If the foam pieces come off or shift the hoop becomes unbalanced, you may have to use adhesive to put them back on
  • A few customers received it missing items, such as the pump

Hoop Shark Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop Set by FLOAT-EEZ

Price: $39.97
You save: $3.00 (7%)
( customer reviews)
  • AMAZING VALUE: Experience why our customers rave about the quality and value of our Pool Hoop Set
  • TOTAL PACKAGE: The included basketball will have you playing pool games in no time
  • HIGH QUALITY AND DURABLE: Stronger material and improved geometry makes this the best pool hoop EVER
  • PORTABLE: Large bore valves allow for quicker inflation and deflation; perfect for traveling
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Any concerns? Contact us directly and receive a response within 24 hours

The Hoop Shark Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop is strong and durable with reinforced seams and includes the basketball. It floats on the water with an improved geometric design. This basketball hoop quickly inflates and deflates making it perfect for traveling or storing away easily. It also features a numbered scoring system for enhanced game fun. Since it is a floating set, it is perfect for younger players, as well. This set is loved by customers. Some have even said that they use it indoors!

What Customers Love

  • Provides hours of fun for the whole family
  • Deflates and stores well for next season
  • Made of thick, durable material

Main Customer Complaints

  • Need air compressor to inflate, which is not included
  • No patch kit included

Here are the Top Poolside Basketball Hoops

SwimWays 2 In 1 Pool Sport Combo Set – Outdoor Volleyball & Basketball Net

Price: $103.79
You save: $46.20 (31%)
( customer reviews)
  • DURABLE: Water filled base and plastic material provides strong stability during play
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: No tools are required for setup.
  • COMBO SET INCLUDES: 24" volleyball net, 1 volleyball, 2 basketball hoops/base, and 1 basketball.
  • HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION: This product is made of plastic. You will not have to worry about rust!
  • FUN IN ONE: Easily switch between your favorite pool games. The SwimWays basketball hoop easily transform into volleyball posts, and back again.

This 2-in-1 poolside basketball goal converts into a volleyball net across the pool. The net boasts a stretch of 24 ft across the pool, and the set comes with plastic bases that can be filled with water for stability. Both nets are mildew resistant and the bases are made of plastic so there is no concern of rusting. This 2-in-1 set includes a volleyball net and ball, basketball net and ball, and bases for both games. The basketball hoop may not hold up well to rough play, but with the addition of the volleyball net, this set is fun for the whole family. Customers really seem to love this 2-in-1 set.

What Customers Love

  • Quick and easy to assemble since the pieces snap together
  • The set is all plastic, there are no metal pieces to rust
  • Well made and sturdy, high quality

Main Customer Complaints

  • Not recommended for excessive rough play (lots of slam dunks), plastic hoop will begin to wear out/stretch out

Swimline Cool Jam Pro Poolside Basketball Hoop

Price: --
( customer reviews)
  • Commercial quality multi-height adjustable poolside basketball
  • Super-wide molded hard body backoard is a full 44" Wide by 32" Height
  • Comes with regulation size game ball, metal hoop and heavy duty net
  • Ships in certified Frustration-Free packaging

This poolside basketball hoop is commercial quality but priced with the consumer in mind. It features a high quality, extra-wide backboard measuring 44in wide by 32 in high. Along with having a heavy-duty net, this basketball hoop is certified shipped in frustration-free packaging. This poolside set also comes with a basketball. It holds up well to some slam dunks, according to customers, but there have been questions of how much rough play should be allowed.

What Customers Love

  • Good quality and affordable price
  • Quick, easy to assemble
  • Love the adjustable height for customization

Main Customer Complaints

  • Rust issues on hardware and rim – some recommend treating with Rustoleum
  • Issues with quick fading on rim and decal

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking to add some poolside fun, or are in need of a more temporary basketball hoop solution we’ve got you covered. Some customers enjoy the versatility of the floating hoops. Others love the stability the stationary poolside hoop provides, allowing them to turn their pool into an aquatic basketball court. All of these pool basketball hoops are built to last giving customers plenty of use season after season.

Didn’t Find What You Were Looking For? Here are some alternatives

Product name Rating Price
GoSports Splash Hoop Pro Pool Basketball Game, Includes Poolside Water Basketball Hoop, 2 Balls and Pump GoSports Splash Hoop Pro Pool Basketball Game, Includes Poolside Water Basketball Hoop, 2 Balls and Pump
GoSports Splash Hoop 360 Floating Pool Basketball Game, Includes Water Basketball Hoop, 2 Balls and Pump GoSports Splash Hoop 360 Floating Pool Basketball Game, Includes Water Basketball Hoop, 2 Balls and Pump
Hoop Shark Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop Set by FLOAT-EEZ - 2020 Edition - Inflatable Hoop with Ball Included - Perfect for Competitive Water Play and Trick Shots - Ultimate Summer Toy (Orange) Hoop Shark Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop Set by FLOAT-EEZ - 2020 Edition - Inflatable Hoop with Ball Included - Perfect for Competitive Water Play and Trick Shots - Ultimate Summer Toy (Orange)
Inflatable Pool Float Set Volleyball Net & Basketball Hoops; Balls Included for Kids and Adults Swimming Game Toy, Floating, Summer Floaties, Volleyball Court (105”x28”x35”)|Basketball (27”x23”x27”). Inflatable Pool Float Set Volleyball Net & Basketball Hoops; Balls Included for Kids and Adults Swimming Game Toy, Floating, Summer Floaties, Volleyball Court (105”x28”x35”)|Basketball (27”x23”x27”).
SwimWays 2 In 1 Pool Sport Combo Set - Outdoor Volleyball & Basketball Net For Swimming Pool SwimWays 2 In 1 Pool Sport Combo Set - Outdoor Volleyball & Basketball Net For Swimming Pool
Hoop Shark Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop Set by FLOAT-EEZ - Yellow/Blue 2020 Edition - Inflatable Hoop with Ball Included - Perfect for Competitive Water Play and Trick Shots - Ultimate Summer Toy Hoop Shark Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop Set by FLOAT-EEZ - Yellow/Blue 2020 Edition - Inflatable Hoop with Ball Included - Perfect for Competitive Water Play and Trick Shots - Ultimate Summer Toy $39.97
Intex - Floating Hoops 3, Incl Inflatable Pool Hoop and Basketball Intex - Floating Hoops 3, Incl Inflatable Pool Hoop and Basketball
Wave Runner Swoosh 360 Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop Set by WAVERUNNER - (Yellow/Blue) Wave Runner Swoosh 360 Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop Set by WAVERUNNER - (Yellow/Blue)
Poolmaster 72783 Pro Rebounder Poolside Basketball Game Poolmaster 72783 Pro Rebounder Poolside Basketball Game
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Intex Pool Reviews & Best Buying Guide – 2020

Intex Pool Reviews

If you are like many families this year, you are hoping to add extra enjoyment and family time in your backyard! One of the most popular ways to add relaxation and fun to your backyard is by adding a swimming pool. Unfortunately, adding a pool can also be very expensive!

Intex pools have made pool ownership within reach for those without unlimited budgets!

If you are considering giving the gift of a backyard pool for your family this year, then read our Intex Pool reviews for our suggestions when considering an Intex pool. You and your family can be poolside with fun & games in no time!

Let’s start with the basics…

What are Intex Pools?

Intex is the industry leader in affordable above ground pools that can be installed and set up by a homeowner, without the need for specialized equipment or construction crews. They are a small fraction of the price of installing a permanent pool.

Intex makes several varieties of pools that have different construction materials and price points that you can choose from. They even make our favorite kiddie pool!

The types of Intex Pools are: Easy Set, Metal Frame, Prism Frame, Ultra XTR Frame

Intex Pools – At a Glance

Easy Set

Metal Frame

Prism Frame

Ultra XTR Frame

Construction Type

Laminated PVC Liner

Laminated PVC Liner and Steel Frame

3 Ply Liner and Powder Coated Steel Frame

3 Ply Liner and inner and OUter Coated Galvanized Steel

Price Range








Round, Oval, Rectangular

Round, Rectangular

Size Range

6 ft-18 ft

10 ft-18 ft

10 ft-20 ft

18 ft-32 ft


90 Day Limited

90 Day Limited

90 Day Limited

2 Year Limited

Intex Pool Reviews – The Various Types

Intex Easy Set Pools

This pool is pretty straight forward. It has a ring at the top that inflates quickly and is ready to fill with water in about 10-15 minutes. As the water fills the pool it will take shape to provide a great swimming area for your backyard. The set includes a 110-120 V Krystal Clear cartridge filter pump, and the larger sized pools (15 ft and 18 ft diameter) include a pool ladder, ground cloth, and pool cover. It is also equipped with a ground fault interrupter in the event that the electrical current becomes exposed to water. This safety feature prevents the risk of electric shock. The Easy Set comes in sizes ranging from 6ft in diameter up to 18 ft in diameter.

Price: $259.95
(1727 customer reviews)
  • A 110-120 volt filter pump is included and is very easy to install - just hook up the hoses and enjoy clean refreshing water.
  • Ready for water in 10 minutes - simply spread out on level ground, inflate the top ring, fill the pool with water and enjoy the fun
  • Includes: Super-Tough laminated PVC sidewalls. 110 - 120 Volt Filter Pump with 530 gallon per hour flow rate. Set-up and maintenance DVD
  • Convenient drain plug that connects to a garden hose so water can be drained away from pool or house area. Water capacity: (80%) 1,485 gallons
  • New dual suction outlet fittings improve water circulation resulting in better water hygiene and clarity
  • Do not set up the pool on sand, mud, or any soft or loose soil conditions. ; Pool Height: 36in or less

Intex Metal Frame Pools

Intex’s Metal Frame is a thick liner supported by strong, durable steel frames. The steel frames are powder coated to prevent rust for extra protection. A reinforcement band surrounds the entire pool to keep the steel frame stable and in place. Pool assembly takes approximately 45 minutes to be ready to fill with water. All sets include a 110-120 Krystal Clear cartridge filter pump. This pool also has a ground fault interrupter to prevent the risk of electric shock. If the current becomes exposed to water, the electricity is automatically shut off. The larger pool sizes (15 ft and 18 ft) also include a pool ladder, ground cover, and debris cover. This pool comes in 10 ft up to 18 ft diameter sizes.

Price: $365.10
(2247 customer reviews)
  • Super-Tough laminated PVC sidewalls; connect the Krystal clear cartridge filter pump to enjoy clean, refreshing water
  • Equipped with the ground fault circuit interrupter that shuts off the pump if electrical current is exposed to water
  • Includes: Krystal clear cartridge filter pump 530 gph (110 - 120v) with 1-year warranty
  • Convenient drain plug that connects to a garden hose so water can be drained away from pool or house area; water capacity: (90%) 1,718 gallons
  • New dual suction outlet fittings improve water circulation resulting in better water hygiene and clarity
  • Do not set up the pool on sand, mud, or any soft or loose soil conditions

Intex Prism Frame Pools

One thing that sets the Prism Frame apart from Intex’s other pools is that it is the only option that comes in 3 sizes: round, oval, and rectangle. A similar construction to the Metal Frame, the Prism Frame is constructed of a stylish, durable 3 ply liner set on strong powder-coated steel tubing. For added stability, a reinforcement band also holds this pool and its frame securely in place. The frame is built on simplified t-joints with no pins required, and assembly of this pool actually doesn’t require any tools. It is fitted for a dual suction outlet for improved water circulation as an added feature. Pool assembly takes approximately 45 minutes to be ready for water. Each set includes a 110-120 V Krystal Clear cartridge filter pump. The larger pools (all pools 14 ft and above) include the pool ladder, ground cloth, and pool cover. This option comes in 10 ft up to 20 ft pools.

Intex 15ft X 42in Prism Frame Pool Set with Filter Pump, Ladder, Ground Cloth & Pool Cover
Price: --
(118 customer reviews)
  • Durable & easy to assemble, prism frame pools feature all of the great benefits of metal frame pools, and are enhanced with strong powder-coated Steel Tubing and a stylish, upscale looking liner color
  • Hydro aeration technology has been incorporated into the cartridge filter pump providing improved circulation and filtration, improved water clarity, and increased negative ions at the water surface
  • Constructed with puncture resistant 3-ply material; Instructional DVD is included for help with pool setup and maintenance
  • Water capacity: 90%, 3,861 gallons; age Grade: 6+
  • Includes a 110-120V cartridge filter pump with a pump flow Rate of 1,000 gallons per hour
  • Do not set up the pool on sand, mud, or any soft or loose soil conditions.

Intex Ultra XTR Frame Pools

Intex’s Ultra XTR Frame pool is the top of the line. It is constructed of a strong, tough 3 ply liner that is puncture and tear-resistant supported by a frame. The frame on the Ultra XTR is made of galvanized steel that is powder-coated inside and out to help prevent rust. Each set also includes not only the pool, but a ladder, cover, and 110-120 V Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump filtration system. Similarly to the Prism Frame, no tools are required for assembly as the frame snaps together with t-joints for increased stability. Assembly takes about 60 minutes to be ready for water. Overall, this is also the largest pool option as well, with pool sizes ranging from 18 ft up to 32 ft. Read our full Intex Ultra Frame Pools review here.

Price: $1,799.99
(563 customer reviews)
  • Uniquely designed frame combines high quality galvanized Steel with Precision engineered locking system, enhancing the overall quality, durability and stability of the pools
  • Rust resistance: encapsulating inner and outer powder coating ensures the ultimate resistance to rust
  • 2-year manufacturer's Warranty
  • Includes 110-120V sand filter pump with pump flow Rate of 2, 100 gallons per hour, pool ladder, ground cloth and pool cover.Recommended for ages 6 and up
  • Ready for water in 60 minutes. Water capacity (90%): 8, 403 gallons

Are Intex Swimming Pools any good?

Intex pools are designed to be very affordable, and for the price you pay, the materials are surprisingly good quality. Of course, they are not the same quality as a permanent pool would be, but they also cost a fraction of the price. Overall, for the price paid, Intex pools provide hours of fun and entertainment for your family.

How long do Intex Pools last?

How long your pool lasts will depend on a few factors. First, is the specific pool you purchase. It should be no surprise that the Ultra XTR Frame pools will outlast the inflatable Easy Set pools.

Many owners report even the inflatable pools can last 4-5 seasons with proper care and maintenance.

How much do Intex Pools cost?

The various types of Intex pools have different price points. The Easy Set pool (which is the most affordable) starts at under $50 for the smallest sizes and up to $300 for the larger sizes. Even the affordable Easy Set pools come with a pump and filter, everything you need to get started.

On the upper end of the Intex range, the Ultra XTR Frame pools start at around $500 for the smallest size and go up to about $1500 for the largest pool system.

Where can you install an Intex Pool?

One of the best features of all the Intex Pools is that there is no special digging or construction needed to have a pool. Intex pools simply need to be installed on a flat, level, and solid surface with no sharp objects below it.

Intex Pools can be installed on:

  • Level areas of your lawn
  • Concrete patios
  • Driveways

Avoid installing Intex Pools:

  • On any incline or un-level surface
  • Under any trees
  • Too far from electrical power and a hose

We’ve even seen some very unique setups with Intex pools!

intex pool reviews
Photo by colmmcsky

What is the Best Intex Pool?

All the Intex Pool styles have their unique features and benefits. However, if you are simply looking for which Intex Pool is made from the best materials, then that is hands down the Ultra XTR Frame Pools.

Do Intex Pools need chemicals?

Yes. In order to keep your pool water clean and safe, you will need to use the proper chemicals in your water. Intex Pools are no different than any other pool in this regard.

Can you heat an Intex Pool?

Yes. If you live in a climate where you need to heat the pool for maximum use, this is possible. Keep in mind though, that the pool heater will likely cost almost as much as the pool itself!

A more affordable option is simply adding a solar cover to your Intex Pool. These covers lay on top of the water when the pool is not in use and helps to transfer the Sun’s heat into the water.

Where is the best place to buy Intex Pools?

Some of the smaller Intex pools can be purchased at your local retail stores like Wal-Mart. However, we recommend purchasing online since the boxes that these pools are delivered in can be large and cumbersome. It is much easier to have the delivery person handle your new pool rather than try to maneuver it into your car or truck at the store.

Amazon.com carries many Intex Pools at a great price. We have not found a better place to buy than there.

What are some great Intex Pool accessories?

There are a lot of accessories you can get for your Intex pool setup. Here are a few of our favorites.

Final thoughts

Once you understand your needs and the differences between each pool, you will feel confident making an informed decision on your backyard pool. Intex is known for making quality products and they offer plenty of support on their website. They provide information on winterizing all of their pools, maintenance, and delivery in their FAQ.

No matter what choices you make for your backyard pool, you are sure to enjoy a summer of fun!

Ultimate Kiddie Pool Setup – An Entire Summer of Fun Under $100

How to keep a kiddie pool clean

Let’s face it, summer is a time for fun and splashing in the pool, but it can be quite expensive to install a pool at your home.  One super alternative is an inflatable kiddie pool to keep the kiddos active and busy all summer long.

However, many parents get frustrated when purchasing the traditional cheap kiddie pool, filling it with water, then watching it sit unused all summer because it is dirty, leaky, and forgotten about.

We came up with some great kiddie pool ideas so that you have a great experience this summer.  You can put a kiddie pool in your yard, on your deck, or even in your driveway.

Here is everything you need for a fun and safe kiddie pool experience this summer.   All for under $100!


Intex Swim Center Family Inflatable Pool (~$30)

This Intex inflatable kiddie pool isn’t your parent’s kiddie pool.  At 10ft long by and 6ft wide, this pool can provide hours of fun and entertainment for 1-3 kiddos.  If you have read our reviews, you know that we think that Intex makes the best inflatable kiddie pool.

We like this pool because it is made of 15 gauge vinyl which will hold up for multiple summers if cared for correctly.

Intex Pool Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

The drain plug makes water changes easy.  The comfortable and wide sidewalls make lounging fun for kids and even the adults (but we won’t tell!)

The pool holds approximately 300 gallons of water and makes a terrific play area for your children.

Price: $70.57
(3868 customer reviews)
  • 120" x 72" x 22" large family pool
  • 3 air chambers each with double intake and free flow exhaust valve
  • 264 gallon capacity
  • 15 gauge vinyl. This product does NOT come with a pump.
  • Extra wide side walls for comfort
  • Drain Plug Included
  • Check the area under and around the pool for any sharp objects and/or debris that may cause a puncture

Intex Rectangular Pool Cover (~$15)

One of the most frustrating aspects of having a kiddie pool is the amount of debris that collects.  Dirt, leaves, bugs, etc…  Intex makes this great cover that completely takes care of this problem!  This cover is custom-fitted to the pool, so putting it on and taking it off is quite easy.

With this cover, you can keep your kiddie pool clean all summer long and save much of the hassle with changing the water all of the time!

Having a cover is one of the secrets to keeping a kiddie pool clean

Price: $37.95
(1020 customer reviews)
  • For use with 120in x 72in or 103in x 69in Intex Inflatable Pools
  • Comes with draw strings to close tight

Clorox Small Pool Chlorinating Tablets (~$20)

When you have a full-sized in-ground or above-ground pool, you use lots of chemicals, cleaners, and vacuums to keep it sparkling clean.

When you have a kiddie pool, there is no filtration or water circulation to help keep the water clean.  Without any of this, kiddie pools are prone to dirty and cloudy water.  Neither the kids nor the parents are too excited about playing in dirty and clouded water.

Clorox makes these kiddie pool chlorine tablets that are meant for small pools and spa tubs.  We find that they are perfect to use in this kiddie pool to keep the water clean; killing bacteria and fighting algae.

Kiddie pool chlorine tablets

Do NOT put these tablets directly in the water, instead see the chlorinator float below.  Simply put one tablet in the float per week and let it dissolve.  Your water bill will thank you since you will no longer need to continuously drain and re-fill the kiddie pool.

Price: $29.99
(1722 customer reviews)
  • Kills bacteria and prevents algae
  • Protected against sunlight to last longer
  • For pools up to 5, 000 gallons
  • *NOTE: Packaging may vary*

Floating Mini Tablet Chlorine Dispenser (~$5)

If you are using the Clorox tablets listed above, then use this dispenser rather than putting the tablets directly in the pool.  Just pop 2 tablets in the dispenser and it will gradually dissolve over about one week and keep the water crystal clear.

This will really minimize the number of times you need to drain and re-fill this pool!

We recommend taking the dispenser out of the pool while the kids are playing.

Price: $8.99
(2628 customer reviews)
  • Designed for use with 1" Bromine or Chlorine Tablets
  • Automatically releases sanitizer into your pool
  • Adjustable for custom dosage amounts
  • Blue and white design that blends into any spa
  • Easy to fill and adjust the chemical output

Here is what the ultimate kiddie pool setup looks like with the chlorine dispenser

6ft Sunshade Umbrella

With the kids enjoying the kiddie pool this summer, we need to protect them from the sun!

Simply install this umbrella next to the pool to keep the kids cool and protected.

Price: --
(224 customer reviews)
  • Aluminum undercoating for added sun protection. Spf50 sun protection Factor
  • Powder coated steel pole and ribs
  • 76 denier polyester fabric
  • PVC carry bag with shoulder strap

That’s it!  Everything you really need to have the ultimate kiddie pool setup this summer for under $100!

Here are a few extras that you don’t NEED but may WANT

Electric Air Pump for Inflating Pool

Although the Intex pool can certainly be inflated manually (fun activity for the kids anyone?), having this air pump can make it easier and quicker.  This is the same type of pump that is used to inflate an air mattress.  If you already have a pump for an air mattress, then no need to buy this one.

Price: $11.49
You save: $8.50 (43%)
(200 customer reviews)
  • AC Electric Pump: This small pump is perfect for indoor use with 110V AC socket. The cord length is about 1.3M/4ft, and the air pressure is 0.68psi, you can inflate the Queen-size/King-size air mattress within few minutes, which saves much time than other old hand pumps
  • Quick-fill: The hand-held air pump fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, and the max CFM is 21.8, which works fast inflation/deflation with your inflatables
  • 3 Nozzles to Choose: This electric pump allows you to inflate/deflate with different items, no need to buy extra nozzles
  • Wide Usages: This high-volume low pressure electric pump can be used with large inflatables, airbed, air mattress, pool, boat, raft, sofa, bathtub, water bed, swim rings
  • What You Get: Every WEIFA product includes 45 days money back, 18 months warranty and 24/7 friendly customer service

EZ Up Shade Tent

If your kids are really enjoying the kiddie pool setup this summer and you are concerned about sun exposure, then all the sunscreen and basic umbreallas just might not do.  You can step up your sun-protection game with this shade tent.

We recommend setting up the pool so that 1/2 in the tent.  Set up the tent in the right direction so that it protects your little ones from the hot afternoon sun!

Price: $103.99
You save: $32.00 (24%)
(189 customer reviews)
  • UPF 50+ PROTECTION: You love the beach, but blazing sun and sunburns? Not so much. The Instant Shader is specially designed with a double silver coating that effectively blocks 97.5% of UVA and UVB rays. This surface reflects heat so even when the beach is scorching hot, you’ll remain cool inside—even in direct sunlight.
  • FAMILY SIZE: Take shade and comfort wherever you go. With a super-spacious interior of 99" W x 53" D x 57" H and 53” front porch, even 4 adults can sit and lay down comfortably inside. Enjoy as long as you like, and when it’s time to go, the Instant Shader packs down to 41" x 8.5" x 8.5". Toss it over your shoulder and easily load it into the trunk of your car without discomfort.
  • PATENT-PENDING OPENING MACHANISM: End the frustration of putting up and taking down large beach tents. The Instant Shader’s patent-pending opening mechanism allows to set up and disassemble with smooth movements. Create your family’s beach oasis in less time, with less strain. Winning!
  • GREAT AIRFOW: Some outdoor tents can get stuffy and humid on hot days. Not the Instant Shader. Large mesh windows and double guyout points let you enjoy great ventilation and breezes, while staying shaded from the sun.
  • VERSATILE & CONVENIENT: It’s inevitable: long days at the beach will have surprise pop-ups. The Instant Shader’s versatile design can handle them all. Zip up the front to change into dry clothes in privacy. Protect your tent from high winds with guylines. Store valuables in the overhead mesh pocket.

Handheld Leaf Skimmer Net

This small leaf and debris net is an easy way to clean the pool daily of any leaves, bugs, bees, or debris floating on top of the water.  It has a 12″ handle and can easily reach to clean this pool.

Price: $22.96
(344 customer reviews)
  • ENJOY A CLEAN POOL: Ideal daily use hand-held 2 foot long leaf skimmer that provides fast, easy and efficient cleanup of leaves, bugs, bees and debris in spas, hot tubs, ponds, small swimming pools or a inflatable kid, kiddie pools.
  • STURDY LIGHTWEIGHT NET: Net frame dimensions 11" wide x 12" long with 6" deep durable ultra fine mesh netting basket. Includes a detachable 12" aluminum pole handle, making the total length 2 feet (24"). An excellent long lasting sturdy handhold net with a little bit of flex for easier maneuvering.
  • SKIM THE FINEST DEBRIS: The large volume ultra fine mesh netting bag basket allows it to collect more debris at a time, and is also very effective at holding the leafs within the net bag while maneuvering the skimmer throughout the water.
  • SAFE & EASY TO USE: The durable plastic frame is safe for use in all types of pools and it won't mar pool liners.
  • ONE YEAR - 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Buy with confidence, as our premium quality pool leaf skimmer is built to last, and if you're not satisfied with it at anytime within one year of purchase, we'll provide a refund or replacement.

Water Tech Pool Blaster Aqua Broom

If you really want to go all-out in making sure the ultimate kiddie pool setup is as clean as can be, then the Pool Blaster broom will help tremendously.

The net above will do a great job in skimming the loose debris from on top of the water, but the Aqua Broom will help in getting those things that have collected at the bottom.

Battery powered, and using a fine filter, your kids who are squeamish about the bugs on the bottom of the pool will thank you for this one!

Water Tech Pool Blaster Aqua Broom Pool & Spa Cleaner
Price: $55.09
You save: $42.90 (44%)
(1813 customer reviews)
  • DEEP CLEANING: The Aqua Broom offers a more intense particulate cleaning of Sand & Silt than most vacuums for the Hot Tubs, Pools or Spas.
  • RUN TIME: The Aqua Broom is designed to run up to 3 hours and is powered by Five D-cell batteries.
  • EASY OPERATION: Simply twist the switch ON to operate. No forced-air operation, pumping or water hook-up required. Lightweight and easy to use by hand or attach to any standard telescopic pool pole. Weighs less than 2 lbs.(no pole included)
  • TRAPS DIRT: The Pool Blaster Aqua Broom traps dirt better than other vacuums. Our patented Retention Valve design stops the return of debris into the spa.
  • WHATS INCLUDED: (1) All-Purpose Filter Bag, (2) Disposable Micro-Filter Bags, (1) pole adapter

Scum-Ball Pool Water Clarifier

When the kids are outside in the kiddie pool, sunscreen is a must!

However, when the kids enter the pool with sunscreen, the water soon looks like an oil spill zone! Over time, those oils can build up on the side of the pool and cause a nasty looking scum.

Don’t fret!  Once the kids are done, just toss one of these Scum Ball cleaners in to float and soak up the oils.  They can be left in for 30 days, then just remove and clean before using again!

Horizon Ventures Scum-Ball Pool Water Clarifier - 2 Pack
Price: $9.99
(741 customer reviews)
  • Helps eliminate scum line from body oils, lotions and make-up in your pool or spa
  • Increases time between cleanings
  • Specialty patented foam absorbs 43 times its weight in oils / lotions
  • Includes 2 Scum Balls per pack
  • Prolongs pool/spa filter life by eliminating scum before it forms

25 Pool Party Favor Ideas To Make Your Party Awesome

Pool party favor ideas

Swim parties are always a crowd-pleaser. The party can be full of fun games and activities around the pool and guests have the option of splashing in the water, or mingling as they lounge poolside. When looking for a pool party favor ideas for your swim party, there are many factors to consider.

Are you looking for something to hand out at the end of the party? Are you looking for gifts that guests can use during the party then take home as a thank you? Should the gift double as a party game?

We have provided many options for pool party favor ideas that answer these questions. Here, you are sure to find an amazing gift for your guests at your next swim party!


Here Are 25+ Swimming Pool Party Favor Ideas To Make It Memorable

Neliblu Mega Pool Party and Beach Party Favors

This pool party pack is sure to be a hit at your kid’s party! As a 48 piece pack, there is plenty here to make party favor bags for your guests. Included are 12 each of inflatable beach balls, bubble bottles with wands, child’s size sunglasses, and mini squirt guns. With the bright colors, they are sure to be a hit at your next swim party.

Price: $26.97
  • 12 NEON PARTY SUNGLASSES in 4 assorted colors. A favorite eye catching party favor for both kids and adults.
  • 12 12" INFLATABLE BEACH BALLS in assorted colors. Super sized beach balls for superb fun!
  • 12 NEON EASY GRIP SQUIRT WATER GUNS in assorted two tone designs. Cool party favor or carnival prize for super soaking outdoor fun.
  • 12 BUBBLE BOTTLES WITH WANDS. 2 oz bubbles, a classic favorite beloved by both kids and adults, don't let the fun times blow away!

Boley Aquanaut Sinking Dive Torpedo Pool Toys

Your guests are sure to love these dive torpedoes as gifts. They glide smoothly through the water when tossed in, encouraging swimmers to dive in after them. You can use the numbers printed on the side of each torpedo as a scoring system, turning the torpedoes into a party game as well. The set comes with 12 torpedoes in pink, grey, blue and yellow.

Price: $19.95
You save: $10.04 (33%)
(3 customer reviews)
  • WHAT'S INSIDE: Summer's getting started with a set of Dive Torpedos by Boley! Comes with 12 brightly colored torpedo dive and sink toys with cartoon facial expressions. For ages 3 and up, adult supervision recommended when playing in the pool.
  • BOMBS AWAY: The pool games are endless with a set of Boley Dive Torpedos! Each piece is made of smooth, sturdy plastic that sails through the air (and the water) with every throw.
  • SAFE AND CHILD FRIENDLY: At Boley, child safety is of our upmost priority. That's why all of our toys are 100% nontoxic with production rigorously monitored by the most reputable organizations of child safety standards, including ASTM, Sedex, ICTI Care, and more.
  • OUR PROMISE: When you make a purchase from Boley, you have the confidence of knowing that your fun and highly educational toy is backed by a promise of great customer service. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to us and we will happily assist you!
  • LOOKING FOR MORE?: Check out our Boley store here on Amazon for an exciting and diverse array of children's educational toys. From dollhouses to dinosaurs, Boley is where the action is!

Multiple Sealife Beach Pool Party Favor Bundle

If you are looking for goodie bags for an under the sea themed party these will do the trick. This pack comes with 12 sea turtle tote bags, 12 acrylic dolphin necklaces on a 16-inch cord, 24 assorted squishy sea creatures, and 36 assorted sea life temporary tattoos. It also comes with a “shoot for the stars” bonus bag that can be used for the guest of honor, as a door prize, or game prize. 

Price: --
(8 customer reviews)
  • You get enough for 12 Kids, boy's or girl's. Bundle includes:
  • 12 Luau Sea Turtle Tote Bags. Cotton. 8" x 8" with 4 1/2" handles....
  • 12 Dolphin Necklaces, Acrylic. Each 3/4" dolphin hangs on a 16" cord.
  • 24 Squishy Sea Creatures, 1 1/2" - 2"...... 36 Sealife Tattoos, 1 1/4". Easy to apply and remove. Non-toxic
  • 1 Shoot for the Stars Bonus Bag. You can use this Bonus any way you choose, like giving it as an additional gift to the birthday child, using it as a reward, would make a terrific door prize or even as a prize for the winner of a party game.

Roksy Inflatable Drink Holders for Pool

For a gift suitable for all ages, these fun inflatable drink holders are sure to be a party favorite. Designed to hold both cans and cups, these drink holders will keep the beverages afloat while your guests relax in the pool. This set comes with 14 various styles of cup holders, plus an air pump to inflate the cup holders. Your guests are sure to love these cup holders!

Joyin Inflatable Swim Tube Raft

Everyone loves lounging around in the pool on an inflatable ring. This 3 pack of fruit themed rings are a great gift for teens and adults. Each pack comes with one watermelon, kiwi, and lemon themed float. They are 32.5-inch rings, so these would not be suitable for children. They are recommended for ages 9 and up.

Price: $23.95
(226 customer reviews)
  • This bundle includes one watermelon ring, one kiwi ring and one lemon ring
  • Inflate size for the rings is 32.5 inches, Recommended for ages 9 years and older
  • Great for kids summer fun, summer pool parties
  • The rings are made of high quality Phthalates free Materials, 0.25 mm thicker material delivery better quality and more durable than any other products in the market! (Repair patches are included)
  • Use these colorful fruit ring floats to add more fun to your summer!

Leehur Pool Toys for Kids Party Favors

This 25 piece party favor box is packed full of fun. It comes with diving rings, torpedoes, diving dolphins, and pirate treasure. Kids will have fun making games of diving for treasure at your swim party with this kit. All pieces are made of safe, non-toxic plastic and rubber and meet US Toy Standard for safety. Kids will have a blast at your next party with this party favor set!

Price: --
( customer reviews)
  • 【Package Included】Include: 4pcs Diving Rings, 4pcs Water Torpedo Bandits, 4pcs Diving Dolphin, 3pcs Water Grass, 10pcs Pirate Treasures, 1pcs Storage Bag, 1pcs beautiful box.
  • 【Pool Dive Toys Bundle Size】Ring diameter 5.3", torpedo bandit length 5.3", sinking seaweed length 5.9", diving dolphin length 6", private treasures nearly 1.25".
  • 【Non-toxic Underwater Swimming Toys】Made of 100% Non-toxic ABS material, ASTM Safety Test Approved. Meet US Toy Standard. It is very sturdy, unbreakable and noncorrosive. Recommended for ages 3 and up.
  • 【Great Summer Pool Time】Improve kids diving skills and have fun with family, having an enjoyable summer swimming pool time. Simply throw diving toys for kids into the pool, wait them to sink and then go in after them!
  • 【Popular Kids Summer Party Favor Gift】All items are packaged in a beautiful box. It can be used for beach, schools, pool, promotions and party favors, like birthday party gift, preschool rewards.

Matty’s Toy Stop Aquaflow Mini Fun Swim Goggles

These swim goggles make swimming fun. Designed for younger kids, ages 3-8, this 3 pack of swim goggles come with one frog, one fish, and one sea star themed pair. As a bonus, your purchase also includes a 16-inch inflatable beach ball for fun in the pool. These goggles will make for great photo ops and a great gift!

Price: --
(1 customer reviews)
  • Gift Set Bundle Includes 3 Different Aquaflow Mini Fun Goggle Designs and Bonus "Matty's Toy Stop" 16" Beach Ball & Storage Bag!
  • What would your child like to discover today? With the Mini Fun Swim Goggles, an entire underwater world opens up for exploration.
  • Designed for kids ages 3-8, these goggles are perfect for the young explorer who likes to touch the tiles of your pool, observe life underwater, or simply play games. Features 3 cool designs....a frog, fish & sea star!
  • Makes a great gift & is perfect for the beach, schools, party favors, backyard, the lake, promotions and so much more!
  • For Ages 3 and up - Fun for the whole family! - Includes Bonus "Matty's Toy Stop" 16" Beach Ball & Storage Bag

So There Liquid Activated Multicolor LED Highball Glasses

For a party thrown after dark, these drinking glasses will make a statement! The color-changing LED light turns on automatically when liquid is added and turns off when the drink is emptied. These drinking glasses make a great addition to bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and other special occasions. Their sparkly crystal design is highlighted when the LEDs flicker in a beautiful rhythm. These glasses are sure to delight your guests.

Price: $29.99
(11 customer reviews)
  • 💥 AUTOMATIC ON OFF - Just add liquid to activate the flashing multicolored LEDs in the base of the cup. The lights turn off when the cups are empty. When activated, the LEDs flicker, change color and glow in a beautiful changing rhythm that is sure to delight.
  • 💥 PERFECT FOR PARTIES AND SPECIAL OCCASIONS - Best drinkware party favors or decoration for Christmas, New Years Eve, birthdays, weddings, shots, bars, night clubs or discos.
  • 💥 ELEGANT CUT GLASS DESIGN - The sparkly crystal style design show off the blinking LEDs for a cool Highball glass your guests and friends will remember and covet.
  • 💥 DURABLE ACRYLIC PLASTIC CONSTRUCTION - Two long-lasting 2025 coin lithium batteries are included and installed in the bottom of the cup. The battery compartment is sealed with a twist on liquid resistant cap.
  • 💥 SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We KNOW you'll love these premium LED highball glasses, but if you don't, we'll take them back - no questions asked.

Big Mouth Inc. Inflatable Bling Ring Drink Holder Float

If you are throwing a bachelorette party or engagement party, these drink holders are a fun gift addition. This set of three drink holders accommodates cups or cans and will hold your guests’ drinks as they lounge in the pool or hot tub. These are guaranteed to be a talking point at your swim party. 

Price: $12.73
(51 customer reviews)
  • Big Mouth Bev Boat Bling Rings 3pk
  • FUN: Floating inflatable drink holder lets your drink lounge in the pool or hot tub alongside you
  • VARIETY: Includes 3 ring pool floats for holding drinks
  • EASY: Super easy to inflate quickly and clean
  • CONVIENENT: Each drink holder works great for cans or cups

Rhode Island Novelty Inflatable Mermaids

These inflatable mermaids are an adorable novelty for the pool. They come in a set of six, with three each of a brunette and blonde mermaid. They can be used as gifts and party decor for ocean themed parties. 

Price: $17.95
(17 customer reviews)
  • Set of 6 Adorable 36" Mermaids
  • Includes 3 Brunette & 3 Blonde Mermaids
  • Ideal for Pool / Ocean / Aquatic Theme Parties
  • High quality / Great Party Decoration / Party Favor

AerWo Nautical Themed Lifesaver Bottle Opener

For a poolside nautical themed baby shower, wedding shower, or birthday party these bottle openers are a great addition to your decor and gift to your guests. This 20 piece set includes red and white lifesaver themed bottle openers. Each item comes with a blank tag attached with a hemp rope. You can use them as thank you gifts, name tags for seating, or to write a welcoming message to your guests.

Price: --
(53 customer reviews)
  • ❤ Including 20pcs high quality and cute life saver bottle openers, perfect favors for nautical theme wedding, babyshower and other parties.
  • ❤ Anchor tag card and hemp rope design makes the little gift more exquisite as a party favor, a thank you note or a seat card for guests.
  • ❤ As a bottle opener, it is much more useful than other normal wedding favors for guests, it even can be used direatly in the nautical party.
  • ❤ Suitable for nuatical wedding, beach wedding, baby shower, birthday party. Perfect decors and gifrs bring your party more laughing and happiness.
  • ❤ AerWo is professional in all kinds of parties, we strive for your experience. Any problem just contact us, we always stand by for your 100% satisfied service.

Fun Express Nautical Canvas Tote Bags

Another great addition to your nautical themed are these adorable canvas tote bags. Each set of 12 comes with three sets of each print: a sailboat, life ring, anchor, and ship’s wheel. The tote bags are 8”x8.5” and are perfect for filling with goodies, or as a stand-alone gift.

Fun Express 14/229 IN-14/229 Small Nautical Canvas Tote Bags, One Size, white, blue, red, yellow
Price: --
(87 customer reviews)
  • Small tote bags made of natural canvas
  • Nautical theme with designs of life preserver; sail boat; ship wheel; anchor
  • Hand them out as a party favor
  • Measures 8" x 8.5" with a 5.5" nylon handles
  • 1 Dozen. Three each of four designs

4E’s Novelty White Sailor Hats

Just for fun, these novelty sailor hats would make a great gift at your nautical themed party. These 21-inch hats are designed to fit adults and older children. Guests will join together in the fun as they turn into sailors for the day!

Price: $21.99
You save: $14.00 (39%)
(66 customer reviews)
  • PARTY PACK – Our 12 pcs Set ensures everyone gets a sailor hat! Perfect for Yacht parties, fun events, and anything in between!
  • FITS ADULTS - White Sailor Hat is comfortable and has approx 21” inner circumference. Fits most adults. can be fixed with a hair clip to accommodate smaller heads
  • PARTY HATS - Everyone will enjoy being part of the crew on your Yacht or Sea theme Party. Great for cruises, vacations, fishing, sailing, pretend play, theater performances and more
  • NAUTICAL COSTUME - This costume accessory set package is a must have for Halloween, Dress Up Party, or any Nautical Boat Party!
  • BOATING PHOTO PROP - Take it along with you when Partying on a boat ride or a cruise ship excursion, imagine shooting a gorgeous photo from yourself, or snap a hit of a selfie, while wearing these beautiful hats

Youkwer Skeleton Coconut Palm Tree Shaped Bottle Opener

If you are hosting a luau, these are also great bottle openers to offer as gifts. They have a beautiful gold look and vintage style that are eye-catching. Even though the bottle openers are a small piece, they will surely make a big impact.

Price: $19.99
(14 customer reviews)
  • Our Creative Style Palm Tree-shaped Bottle Opener Favors are made of high quality metal alloy and Plastic,it's beautiful and practical to use wedding or party favors gift.
  • Vintage Beach Style party favors Bottle Opener,Package Included:12 Palm Tree-shape Bottle Opener with tags;Dimensions:5.6*3.1*0.2inch;
  • Perfect for wedding,parties,crafters, DIY projects, man caves, bars, game room and restaurants.Creative Palm Tree Design make this bottle opener be a nice home decoration.
  • Widely used in wedding, kitchens, bars, beach and outside patio dining and hiking, as a gift etc.Fine workmanship with beautiful shape,this bottle opener is great wedding favors.
  • Wedding Favors for Guests:Your guests would remember you long after your wedding or party by gifting these gorgeous palm tree opener that are actually bottle openers!

Newcreativetop Adult’s Flowered Luau Hula Skirts

Of course with any luau, hula skirts are a must. This six-pack of adult hula skirts are 24 inches long, made of polyester synthetic grass, and come in an assortment of colors. They have cute flower embellishments at the waist and velcro to close. The skirt is adjustable to accommodate 23”-47” waist sizes. These grass skirts will be a fun addition to your party.

Price: $19.99
  • Made with polyester synthetic grass and have flowered waistbands with adjustable velcro touch fastener.
  • 6 adults hula skirts, different colors: blue, orange, purple,pink,yellow, red, colorful,green. The colors will be sent randomly.
  • adults size 24" long or 60CM and feature a waist that fits approximately 23" - 47" adjustable waist.
  • Holiday Christmas Party Costumes Hawaiian Hula Grass Skirt Dance Wears Clothing

Ginmic Hawaiian Leis (Necklace, Wristband, and Headband Set)

No luau would be complete without your guests donning leis! This 40 piece set includes 10 necklaces, 10 headbands, and 20 wristbands. They are the perfect addition to your party since they are designed to fit both adults and children. Made of soft and sturdy material, your guests will love wearing these leis.

Price: $13.99
  • Hawaiian Luau Party Supplies Set - 10 pieces elastic necklaces, 10 pieces headband and 20 pieces wristband. A must have for any luau themed party,wedding floral leis, and much more.
  • Soft,Durable & Safety Material - The Hawaiian leis are made of soft and odorless polyester fabric. Each flower garland with multi-color and vibrant floral design, and with a small plastic pipe separately, the Hawaiian flower leis will offer super great protection and comfortable fit for any age group.
  • Colorful Design & Varied Theme Parties - Different bright colors are vivid and attractive, the Party Favors are ideal for luau party, luau beach party, luau children birthday, Hawaiian pool party, wedding party, graduate party and any tropical party.
  • Multiple Usage - The party decoration set fits for summer vacation on a tropical beach, Hawaiian themed party, tropical themed party, gathering and most occasions; It can also be taken apart to make art or use in collage,or make hair clips,embellish clothes,decorate room decor,etc. Length of leis is approx. 100 cm/ 39.37 inches, suitable for both adults and kids.
  • Summer Popular & Perfect Party Favors - The Hawaiian lays garlands set would be perfect for any kind of luau party, festive, baby showers, birthday party, Hawaiian themed party, beach party, pool party luau. Just enjoy your Hawaiian Party Time!

GiftExpress Pineapple Cups with Flamingo Straws

For a gift your guests will love to take home this set of 12 pineapple cups will do the trick. Each cup comes with a lid and flamingo embellished straw. They would be perfect for any cold beverage including smoothies and pina coladas. They hold 8 oz and are reusable. 

Price: $24.99
(53 customer reviews)
  • Package includes 12 pineapple cups with lids and flamingo straws
  • Cup Measures 6 1/2" high
  • Cup Capacity: 8 ounces
  • Straws are Food safe / FDA tested
  • Tropical additions to beach party, luau party, Hawaiian party, Pineapple themed bachelorette party and any summer parties

USA Toyz Pool Floats and Swim Rings for Kids

This 3 pack of kid’s float rings are sure to delight your youngest guests. Each pack comes with a variety of designs printed on them that kids will love. At 26 inches, these floats are most appropriate for kids ages 3-10. Kids will have fun splashing around in the pool with these floats and they will love receiving them as a party favor.

Price: --
(68 customer reviews)
  • 3 KID-FRIENDLY POOL FLOATS: These inflatable kids inner tubes feature one-of-a-kind designs kids will love; this pool floaties set features unicorns, dinosaurs, and aliens designs
  • SUPER-SAFE SWIM RINGS FOR KIDS: Kids swim rings and pool tubes are made durable to withstand years of aquatic exploration; use these kids pool floats responsibly with adult supervision
  • PORTABLE INFLATABLE RING POOL FLOAT: This set of kids floaties for pool is compact for easy travel; inflatable swim tube is perfect for wading pools and freshwater floating
  • SPECS: Beach floats for kids come in a pack of 3 and measure 26 inches in diameter; this inflatable pool float set is sized for kids ages 3 to 10
  • QUALITY ASSURED: We love our in-house-designed kids pool floats and we hope you do, too! We’ll provide a full refund if you’re not completely satisfied with these pool tubes for kids

Cotton Craft Striped Terry Beach Towel

Providing your guests with a beach towel is a wonderful way to show your appreciation. These beach towels are 100% cotton and come in a 5 pack of assorted colors. They measure 30×60 inches, so they are perfect for both adults and kids. The yarn-dyed plush terry cloth resists fading when washed, so you can feel confident you are giving your guests a quality product.

Price: --
(406 customer reviews)
  • CONTENTS: Each set contains 5 Pack Assorted Terry Beach Towels. Sizes - 30x60 Inches. 450 Grams Per Square Meter
  • LUXURIOUS: Woven on the latest European looms from Pure 100% Ringspun Cotton. Soft velour pile is very soft to touch and made for your maximum comfort absorbency and durability
  • VIBRANT COLORS: Yarn dyed multi stripes produce a brilliant, intense and vibrant towel
  • MULTI PURPOSE: Highly versatile beach towel also works perfectly as a colorful bath towel, picnic or poolside blanket, or a colorful and soft bath towel.
  • Easy care machine wash

Top Race Beach Pails Sand Buckets and Sand Shovels

These sand buckets are a great idea for use as party favors because they can be used for play during the party or in place of a traditional gift bag. Parents and kids will love them for their functionality and fun. The set of 5-inch buckets comes in a set of six primary colors with white shovels.

Price: $12.98
(244 customer reviews)
  • Set of 6 beach pail buckets and shovels set assorted colors.
  • Each set will have at least 1 bucket of each color, Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue. (2 colors will have doubles)
  • The size of the pails are 5 inch which is the perfect size for kids (30 fluid ounces).
  • Great for beach play, outdoor play, at any sandbox or even at the pool.
  • High quality pail buckets and shovels, Fun for kids of ages 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and up.

Fun Game Ideas for Your Pool Party

Read our Ultimate Guide “99 Swimming Pool Games and Activities” for a plethora of ideas.

To keep guests engaged, you can also provide a few games at your party. This encourages mingling, great photo ops, and wonderful memories. This 2-in-1 inflatable volleyball and basketball game set floats on the water to encourage fun and interaction between guests. This 4 piece inflatable flamingo ring-toss set will match your tropical theme while bringing guests together in party fun.

If you are looking for adult entertainment, this beer pong pool float will be a big hit at your party. Not only does it have a 10 cup set up on each side for play, but it also has a built-in cooler in the middle for food and beverages.

If you are looking for a more structured game, “Jump! Dive!” is a popular choice.

The concept is similar to “Red light! Green light!”, except it has been adapted for a pool setting. A player is selected as the caller, while all other players line up together on the side of the pool. The caller yells out, “Jump!”, or “Dive!” and the players obey the command. Whoever does not follow the command is out. This continues until there is one player left, who is declared the winner. A word of caution: for safety, make sure the space players are diving into is deep enough. Also, players should be spaced out far enough so they are not hitting each other when they are jumping or diving.

“Soaked Shirt Relay” is another fun game for your swim party. You will need two oversized t-shirts for this game. Guests are split into two teams and line up at one end of the pool. The relay starts with the first person in each team wearing an oversized t-shirt while they swim across the pool and back. When they return, they must transfer the shirt to the next person on their team. The first team to complete the relay wins! This game is sure to get a lot of laughs!

A swim party creates fun and memories for everyone. Whether you choose an under the sea adventure theme for a birthday party, a nautical theme to mark a special occasion, or a luau for a fun celebration, these party favors and game ideas will delight guests of all ages. 

Photo by PBoGS

The Best Swimming Activity Trackers – Reviewed for 2020

Best Swimming Activity Tracker

Enjoying time at the pool isn’t all fun and games!  Swimming is a great fitness activity that many people enjoy.  Finding the best swimming activity tracker to monitor your workouts is important.

Activity trackers have become increasingly popular to help people achieve their fitness goals. Even though they are such small devices worn on the wrist, they can do so much for your swim workout. Most activity trackers allow you to set goals and provide stats so you can compare workouts to improve. And many do much more.

However, it is important to understand that not all activity trackers are created equal. When searching for the best swimming activity tracker, you have to be careful with your choice because there are a lot of factors that go into them. 

First and foremost, the watch must be swim-proof, which may seem obvious but what does that mean?

Some watches will claim to be water-resistant, but that doesn’t mean they are waterproof. When looking for information on whether or not the watch is waterproof or water-resistant, you will find one of two ratings: IP67 or 5ATM.

The numbers attached to the letters on either rating may vary slightly depending on testing, but this is what you are looking for. The IP rating tells you that the watch is water-resistant to a depth of more than 1 meter (depth determined by the manufacturer), and it is protected from harmful dust. Unfortunately, these watches have not been tested for the impact of swimming and not recommend for such workouts.

You can feel comfortable wearing it while washing your hands, and it can get wet, but it isn’t suited for water activities. The 5ATM watches are approved for a depth of 50 meters and have been tested for swimming. For this reason, I have focused on 5ATM and above activity trackers. You are sure to find the right option for you.

Here Are Our Best Swimming Activity Trackers Reviewed

Garmin Forerunner 735XT

Price: $228.75
( customer reviews)
  • GPS running watch with multisport features
  • Estimates heart rate at the wrist so you can run freer on race day.Shock resistant. Battery life : Smartwatch Mode Up to 11 days. GPS mode Up to 14 hours. UltraTrac mode Up to 24 hours without wrist heart rate
  • Provides advanced dynamics for running, cycling and swimming7, including ground contact time balance, stride length, vertical ratio and more (when paired with a Running Dynamics Pod, HRM Run or HRM Tri Monitor, sold separately)
  • Offers VO2 max estimate, lactate threshold (when used with a chest strap heart rate monitor), race predictor and recovery advisor
  • Connected features4: smart notifications, automatic uploads to Garmin Connect, live tracking and more
  • Customize with free watch faces, apps and more from our Connect IQ store

Garmin is known for making top-quality smartwatches. The Forerunner 735XT tracks your movements through GPS technology, rather than relying on its own built-in motion sensors. This gives you a more accurate indication of the distance you swam. The watch also includes built-in ElevateTM technology to measure your heart rate at the wrist. With this watch, there is no need for a chest strap. You will have a freer, more optimal workout, without overexertion. The watch’s display gives you the ability to monitor your heart rate in real-time.

The Forerunner 735XT has built-in activity profiles for swimming. It is designed to recognize the four competitive swimming strokes: backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly stroke, and freestyle. You can use the watch to create customizable workouts then review the data to improve your next workout. This takes the stress out of training for competitive swimming. 

You will also have access to Garmin’s free online fitness community, Garmin Connect, where you can automatically upload and share your stats with the online support community. The ability to receive notifications and LiveTrack makes this an optimal choice. Not only is it an efficient swim activity tracker, but it allows you to receive notifications on the display so you can leave your phone safely away from the water. Garmin also offers a wide selection of device apps to further help you meet your goals.

The watch also has enhanced features for running, cycling, cross-country skiing, paddle sports, trail running, hiking, and strength training. The auto multisport feature allows you to switch quickly and easily between workouts, giving you enhanced data for your training. To track your swim workout, the Garmin Forerunner 735XT is an excellent choice.

Fitbit Inspire HR Heart Rate and Fitness Tracker 

Price: $84.95
(19454 customer reviews)
  • Utilize 24/7 heart rate to accurately track calorie burn, resting heart rate & heart rate zones during workouts
  • Track all day activity, including steps, distance, hourly activity, active minutes and calories burned. The Fitbit inspire band is made of a flexible, durable elastomer material similar to that used in many sport watches, and fastens with a peg and loop
  • Automatically track sleep plus due to the heart rate feature and get more insights into your light & deep sleep stages
  • Enjoy up to 5 days of battery for daily progress without constant charging. Varies with use and other factors. Charge time (0 100 percent): 2 hours
  • Automatically and conveniently record workouts like walks, swimming & bike rides in a snap with smart track. Stores heart rate data at 1 second intervals during exercise tracking and at 5 second intervals all other times
  • Radio transceiver: Bluetooth 4.0. Fitbit inspire and inspire HR. are water resistant to 50 meters. We do not recommend wearing inspire or inspire hr. in a hot tub or sauna. Operating temperature: 14 degree to 113 degree Fahrenheit. Maximum operating altitude: 28,000 feet

Another popular choice for activity trackers is the Fitbit Inspire HR. Fitbit is already a household name in activity trackers, so you can feel confident you are getting a quality product. This watch has a smaller, sleek design making it lightweight and less bulky.

The Fitbit Inspire HR is both waterproof and swim-proof. This watch can be worn safely during your swimming activities, and it tracks how long you’ve been swimming. The 24/7 heart rate monitoring allows you to better monitor your heart rate during exercise, rest, and sleep. Your Fitbit will use this information to help you optimize your workout for fat burning, cardio, and optimal heart rate. The Fitbit app will provide you with a fitness score and tips on how to improve over time.

This device not only tracks the quality of your overall health, but it tracks the quality of your sleep as well. It tracks the amount of time spent in each sleep cycle including light, deep, and REM. The watch then uses this information to provide you with tips on how to improve your sleep. To help reduce stress levels, the Inspire HR provides guided breathing sessions based on your heart rate throughout the day. 

You can receive notifications on the watch from your phone wirelessly, as long as it is nearby, and it is compatible with over 200 Android, iOS, and Windows 10 devices. Not only does this activity device track swimming, but it is also used for 15+ workouts including running, biking, and yoga. The watch will even recognize if you are switching between activities and begin tracking your movements appropriately. The Fitbit Inspire HR will definitely give you what you are looking for in a multi-use activity tracker.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Smartwatch

Price: $159.00
( customer reviews)
  • Water resistant up to fifty meters, now you can own the pool, run in the rain and recover in the shower
  • Power through intervals to the beat of your favorite tracks with music storage on your Gear Fit2 Pro. Bullet Point : 802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz
  • Boost every session with fitness apps powered by Under Armour. Count every mile on Map MyRun, and stay on top of your nutrition with MyFitnessPal. Dust and Water resistant : MIL STD 810G and 5ATM
  • Get a more accurate view of your performance and all day calorie burn with continuous heart rate monitoring. Battery - Battery Type and Size - 200mAh Li-ion. Typical Usage - Up to 3 days. Low Usage - Up to 5 days
  • Compatible with Android and iOS smartphones (compatible with select Bluetooth capable smartphones using Android OS 4.4 and later with at least 1.5GB RAM as well as iPhone 5 and later with iOS 9.0 and above. Refer user manual for troubleshooting instructions. Not all features available with iOS paired smartphones. Gear Fit2 Pro supported smartphones may vary by carrier and device. For a list of compatible smartphones and features, please visit Samsung.com. For best results, connect with compatible Samsung Galaxy smartphones.)

The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro was designed with swimmers in mind. It comes with the Speedo app developed for the Gear Fit2 Pro which will track your pace, distance, calories burned, heart rate, and more. Then it will provide you with easy to read reports of your statistics so you can compare swims and track your progress. 

This watch will also track sleep, fitness, activity, and nutrition goals for you. It recognizes when you are switching between workouts and monitors your activity accordingly. It also continuously monitors heart rate throughout the day and makes fitness suggestions based on the readings. With built-in GPS, you can track distance, and with Spotify, the app gives you access to music, so you can workout without needing to carry your phone with you. 

With the UA Record app, you can log and set your fitness, nutrition and sleep goals. The app allows you to cross-compare data such as fitness vs sleep, activity vs nutrition, etc so you can make sure you are achieving balanced results. The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Smartwatch is impressive when it comes to swim activity trackers.

HUAWEI Band 3e Smart Band Fitness Activity Tracker

Price: $39.99
( customer reviews)
  • Dual wrist & footwear mode with detachable body and built-in 6-axis motion sensor with 97% accuracy
  • 5ATM water-resistant and suitable for all-day wear including swimming, hand-washing and showering
  • Get up to 14 days of typical usage with One charge. System requirements - Android 4.4 and above , IOS 9.0 and above
  • Weighs only 0.6 ounces with wristband or 0.2 ounces without wristband that you can barely feel on your wrist or foot
  • Stay connected anytime and anywhere with a powerful suite of Features: smart motion tracking, sleep monitoring and phone-connected alerts. Locate your phone using the Bluetooth Feature

If you are looking for an activity tracker with basic features at a low price, this is the option for you. This watch can track the distance, number of laps, stroke frequency, and swimming speed during your swim. It will also track calories burned and provide data on each workout. The watch has precise, innovative heart sensors that accurately monitor your heart rate. 

The HUAWEI TrueSleepTM 2.0 app identifies the six most common sleep issues and provides suggestions on improving sleep. It also tracks your progress on other activities such as running, walking, cycling, and weight lifting. Based on your workout and heart rate you will get data presented on your activity. You will also receive post-training results and recovery time suggestions to prevent overexertion. 

This option allows you to receive notifications on the display, and the Bluetooth feature enables the band to find your phone when it gets misplaced. This activity tracker is perfect for those just starting out and looking for something easy to use.

Apple Watch Series 5

Price: $440.36
( customer reviews)
  • GPS
  • Always-On Retina display
  • 30% larger screen
  • Swimproof
  • ECG app
  • Electrical and optical heart sensors
  • Built-in compass
  • Elevation
  • Emergency SOS
  • Fall detection

Apple is known for making top-quality advanced products. The Apple Watch Series 5 is the latest in their line of watches and has all of the features you need to ensure an optimal swim workout. The screen has an automatic lock feature when you begin your workout so it doesn’t accidentally recognize splashing water as finger taps. It will track your laps, yards, calories burned, and your pace. Using this information you can track your progress and improvement.

The watch has a built-in ECG app to monitor your heart rate. You will be provided with information on your resting, walking, workout, and recovery heart rates during the day. There is also an option for notifications if your heart rate is outside of a selected beats per minute for optimal health. You can also track your walking, cycling, elliptical, running, rowing, stair-stepping, hiking, yoga, and even wheelchair exercises. It also enables you to link up with other Apple users to compete in challenges with your friends.

The Apple Watch Series 5 also comes with Apple Music so you can stream your favorite songs, while the Noise App will alert you if the decibel level reaches levels that could impact hearing. You can also link the watch to your phone, giving you the option to send and receive calls and texts from the watch, leaving your phone away from the water. With the Apple Watch 5, you have access to Apple Pay, so you can complete payment transactions where it is accepted. This product is a great option for activity trackers and all-around convenience.

The Benefits of Swimming as a Workout

To use swimming for your fitness is a great way to stay healthy. It is a great low-impact, whole-body workout that can be done recreationally or competitively. As you swim against the resistance of the water you build endurance, increase muscle tone, while increasing the health of your heart and lungs. It can improve coordination, balance, and posture as well. Swimming has been used often as therapy for injuries to heal and build muscle without strain.

It is important to remember safety when swimming. If you are a beginner, you might consider swimming lessons until you are comfortable in the water. Always make sure you are swimming in a safe environment. If you are swimming in a lake or ocean, make sure the water is clear of predatory animals and debris. You should also make sure the water is clear of contaminants. Double-check that any public pool is properly maintained for cleanliness. If you are using public locker rooms, you should also make sure they are cleaned regularly, too. 

If you want to improve your swim workout activity trackers will really help you to step things up. Not only will they give you stats to improve your overall performance, but some you will get tips on proper recovery time, sleep improvement, and help you meet dietary goals so you remain in optimal health. If you are a competitive person or appreciate the support of a community, you will find your match here as well.

Once you have found your match in your swim activity tracker you will feel amazed at what you can do. You will make this great fitness activity even greater!

Photo by Fort Rucker

Didn’t Find The Swimming Activity Tracker You Were Looking For?

Product name Rating Price
Fitness Tracker With Blood Pressure HR Monitor - 2019 Upgraded FITFORT Activity Tracker Watch With Heart Rate Color Monitor IP68 Pedometer Calorie Counter and 14 Sports Tracking for Women Kids Men Fitness Tracker With Blood Pressure HR Monitor - 2019 Upgraded FITFORT Activity Tracker Watch With Heart Rate Color Monitor IP68 Pedometer Calorie Counter and 14 Sports Tracking for Women Kids Men
Fitness Tracker,Willful Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Watch Activity Tracker(14 Modes) Pedometer with Step Counter Sleep Monitor Call SMS SNS Notice for Women Men Kids (Color Screen,IP68 Waterproof) Fitness Tracker,Willful Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Watch Activity Tracker(14 Modes) Pedometer with Step Counter Sleep Monitor Call SMS SNS Notice for Women Men Kids (Color Screen,IP68 Waterproof)
Budding Joy Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor Sleep Monitor Blood Pressure Call Reminder,IP68 Smart Band with Calorie Counter,Pedometer for Kids Men Women and Gift Budding Joy Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor Sleep Monitor Blood Pressure Call Reminder,IP68 Smart Band with Calorie Counter,Pedometer for Kids Men Women and Gift
3D Fitness Tracker & Real Time Audio Coach, Moov Now:Swimming Running Water Resistant Activity Calories Tracker with Sleep Monitor, Bluetooth Smart Wristband for Android and iOS, Stealth Black 3D Fitness Tracker & Real Time Audio Coach, Moov Now:Swimming Running Water Resistant Activity Calories Tracker with Sleep Monitor, Bluetooth Smart Wristband for Android and iOS, Stealth Black
Fitbit Inspire Fitness Tracker, One Size (S and L Bands Included) Fitbit Inspire Fitness Tracker, One Size (S and L Bands Included)
Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker with Built-in GPS, Heart Rate, Sleep & Swim Tracking, Black/Black, One Size (S &L Bands Included) Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker with Built-in GPS, Heart Rate, Sleep & Swim Tracking, Black/Black, One Size (S &L Bands Included)
Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker, Graphite/Black, One Size (S and L Bands Included) Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker, Graphite/Black, One Size (S and L Bands Included)
Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch with Heart Rate, Music, Alexa Built-In, Sleep and Swim Tracking, Black/Carbon, One Size (S and L Bands Included) Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch with Heart Rate, Music, Alexa Built-In, Sleep and Swim Tracking, Black/Carbon, One Size (S and L Bands Included)
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Fitbit Inspire HR Heart Rate & Fitness Tracker, One Size (S & L bands included), 1 Count Fitbit Inspire HR Heart Rate & Fitness Tracker, One Size (S & L bands included), 1 Count

Swimming Pool Games and Activities – 99 Best Party Ideas for Kids, Adults, and Family Fun

Pool Party Games

Summer is in full swing, your pool is a place for fun for the entire family, and you need some ideas for games you can play in and around the pool

Whether you are planning a pool party, a family get-together, or just summer days in the backyard pool – we have a super list of games and activity ideas for everyone.

We have a ton of games for kids that will keep everyone busy for hours upon hours.

We also have swimming pool games for adults that the entire family will enjoy too. We have ideas for all ages on this list of swimming pool games.

Here is our giant list of 99 Swimming Pool Games and Activities

Table Of Contents

Water Balloon Volleyball

You’ve probably played a regular game of volleyball, but maybe not water balloon volleyball! This volleyball variation requires you to use a team of 2 people holding opposite sides of a towel to catch and fling the water balloon to the other side without bursting the balloon!

Floating Basketball

It’s just like a regular game of basketball, but with a twist! This giant basketball net floats, and you can choose to add up points like a regular game or use the point system displayed on the giant shootball floatie. There are a ton of basketball style games you can play in the pool!

Check out our best pool basketball hoops review for more great ideas!

Price: $28.69
(750 customer reviews)
  • Multi ports for multiple shooters
  • Comes with 3 balls
  • 45-inch tall by 36-inch wide

Floating Ping Pong

Have you ever played ping pong in the pool? This table tennis game floats right on top of the water, and you are provided with two waterproof ping pong paddles that make it easy to play your favorite game in the pool.

Price: $79.99
You save: $19.05 (18%)
(54 customer reviews)
  • Table is constructed with a non-corrosive EPS foam base and ABS top surface
  • Game table connects easily and includes molded compartments built into the underside of the table for easy storage of your game components
  • Set includes 2 oversize paddles, net with uprights, and 3 regulation ping pong balls
  • 54" x 27" (approximate size)
  • Recommended for adults

Rubber Duck Race

It’s a rubber duck race from one end of the pool to the other. However, you can’t use your hands, and only your breath to blow the rubber duck across the pool surface. Whoever gets their rubber duck to touch the other end of the pool first wins!

Floating Cornhole / Beanbag Toss

That’s right, your favorite game of cornhole has been made for the pool, and now floats right on the surface. Use the provided waterproof beanbags to toss across the pool trying to make them into the cornhole.

Price: $19.99
You save: $3.93 (16%)
(225 customer reviews)
  • FLOATING CORNHOLE GAME SET -- Play cornhole in the water with floating pool cornhole game! This outdoor water game for kids and adults brings the fun of corn-toss right into the swimming pool or lake!
  • TOSS GAME INCLUDES -- This cornhole game set includes 1 inflatable corn-hole game board (36 x 24 x 7 inches), 8 waterproof buoyant bean bags (4 yellow and 4 blue), and 1 mesh carry bag
  • WATERPROOF CORNHOLE BAGS -- Floating bean bags measure 4 ½ X 4 ½ inches. Buoyant waterproof bean bags are made of durable PVC fabric and filled with moisture/pest-proof plastic pellets
  • DURABLE -- Inflatable cornhole board is constructed of heavy gauge PVC with a speed safety valve for fast and easy inflation.
  • FLOATING CHALLENGE -- Waterproof corn hole game target floats and moves in the water to challenge your cornhole skill. To adjust corn hole target toss bounce, simply deflate or inflate a little

Marco Polo

It’s the classic swimming pool game, Marco Polo! One player is “IT,” and closes their eyes while swimming around. Each time they yell, “Marco!” all the other swimmers must yell, “Polo!” and the “IT” player must use their ears to find and tag all of the other players.

Diving Rings And Toys

If you want to provide a fun time for kids of all ages, try these diving rings and toys. You can create many variations of this game, but essentially the goal is for the kids to dive underwater and collect as many rings and toys as they can.

Price: $16.99
You save: $9.00 (35%)
(216 customer reviews)
  • Made of 100% Non-toxic ABS material, ASTM Safety Test Approved,it's totally safety for kids to use.Perfect size with ring diameter 4.7",torpedo bandit length 5.0", stringy length 6.2",your kids can grab it equally.
  • Great diving pool toys set giving you an enjoyable summer pool time with your kids and family.
  • Simply throw the dive toys into the pool, wait for them to sink to the bottom and then go in after them!Diving Rings can stand upright at the bottom of the pool which can be easy to grab. Excellent way to improve your diving skills and have fun with your friends.
  • Great for SWIM TRAINING Practice:Dive and retrieve, build swim skills by fun.Makes it a great gift for the beach,schools ,pool, promotions and party favors!
  • All-in-one Dive Set Includes: 4 Diving Rings, 4 Diving Torpedos Bandits, 3 Stringy Octopus, 3 Diving Fish,12Private Treasures Gift Set. With total 22 packs, it's enough to keep you busy and enjoy the pool time. Recommended for ages 3 and up.

Swimming Relay Race

In this swimming race, players will split up into even-numbered teams (2, 4, 6, 8) and will swim from one side of the pool to the other. Once they touch the other side, their teammate will jump in and swim to the other side. The last player who touches the edge of the pool first wins the race.

Inflatable Volleyball

Instead of setting up a huge volleyball area across the entire length of the pool, use this floating volleyball net (with weighted anchors for each side) to play a fun game of volleyball in the pool without taking up the whole pool.

Price: $14.99
(3634 customer reviews)
  • The dimensions are 94" x 25" x 36"
  • Comes with an inflatable volleyball and the pole bases are grommeted to add anchor weights of desired
  • Includes a repair kit
  • Also has a shelf box
  • Made from sturdy 10-gauge vinyl with a 7-gauge vinyl ball.

Handstand Contest

While difficult for many to achieve a handstand on land, it’s easy for anyone to do in the water! See who can hold a handstand in the pool the longest. The player who can keep their hands on the floor and feet above the surface the longest is the winner.

Inflatable Chicken Fight

You may have had a chicken fight before where the fighters get on the shoulders of their teammates and work to knock the opposing team into the water, but this one uses actual chicken floaties which makes it easy for even just two people to play. This also makes the classic chicken fight a safer alternative for kids and adults.

Price: $69.95
(92 customer reviews)
  • CHICKEN FIGHT Inflatable Pool Float Game Set includes 2 Giant Inflatable Chicken Floats
  • EASY TO PLAY: Flip Your Friends into the water! Mount your chicken ride-on water float and wrestle your friend off theirs!
  • FUN FOR EVERYONE: For Kids and Adults Ages 7+. Summer pool game fun for the whole family!
  • HUGE CHICKENS: Nearly 5-foot-long large chicken floaties support up to 250 pounds each when fully inflated.
  • SUPER STURDY: Heavy-duty durable 6P-free PVC plastic resists tears and punctures.

Musical Chairs

“Musical chairs” is one of those classic games that never gets old. Play this by the pool or on the lawn. Set up a circle of 5 chairs and 6 players (one more player than chairs), and start the music. When the music stops, the player who doesn’t sit in a chair is out. Keep removing chairs until there is one chair and two players left for the final round!

Floating Ring Toss

This ring toss game is fun in the pool and can be played with players in the pool or just outside the pool. Use this flamingo target and 3 floating rings to see who can toss the ring around the neck of the flamingo.

Price: $13.95
(119 customer reviews)
  • New Summer Toys 20"H x 17"L x 15"W Flamingo ring toss Game Made with strong durable material,Good for indoor and outdoor
  • Each toss comes with 3 different size rings with colors and numbers to track points for competitive fun.
  • For the children it¡¯s a great way for them to learn to count and have fun.perfect way to carry out theme an occasion or decor
  • All our toss games are completely inflatable which make the easy to store and carry,Great for classrooms, bedrooms, marketing displays and more
  • Play with them in multiple ways, at home ,on the ground or table, in the pool, on your head,for Indoor and Outdoor or Beach Pool Play Have Fun to The Children

Ping Pong Ball Collect

This game is fun for anyone, and especially for young children who want a simple game with not a lot of rules. Simply take a large number of ping pong balls and dump them in the pool. On “GO!” the players jump in the pool and try to collect as many ping pong balls as they can. Use buckets for collecting or see how many the players can hold.

Hotdog Battle Floating Jousting Set

Jousting games can be fun, but many find it difficult to play on noodles or floating logs, so use these floating hotdogs where the jousts are massive blow-up ketchup and mustard “bottles.” Whack the opposing player and the one who remains on the hotdog, in the end, is the winner.

Price: $23.95
(119 customer reviews)

(Human) Submarine Races

For this game, players will act as submarines and from one side of the pool, will swim underwater as long as they can. When they come up for air, they must remain in their place. The player who swam the furthest underwater wins!

Floating Water Frisbee

These Flying Frisbee Rings don’t hurt and fly straight. They are 80% lighter than your standard frisbee and can provide hours of fun with a variety of frisbee water games. Play a simple game of catch or use them for other aiming games as well.

Price: $12.99
You save: $6.00 (32%)
(2831 customer reviews)
  • AS SEEN ON ABC, NBC, CBS AND FOX, Activ Flyers are The World's Easiest Flyers To Throw & Catch! Perfect for young children! Our unique design flies straight and can be caught in the smallest of hands, on your wrist or even your foot!
  • STOP HURTING YOUR FINGERS! At just 33g, these best-selling flying toys are 80% lighter than standard flying discs, which means safe, comfortable catches. Kids Love Activ Flyers and so will you! This two pack comes with one black and one white!
  • GET OUTSIDE AND PLAY! Leave the video games and phone inside. Enjoy hours of outdoor fun with your family and friends! Ideal for players of all ages and skill levels. Play anytime and anywhere. They even float in water, making them great beach, lake and pool toys. Sorry dog owners, these are only for humans.
  • PERFECT BIRTHDAY PRESENTS AND CHRISTMAS GIFTS! Each 2-pack of Activ Flyers comes in a full-color gift box and are loved by children of all ages: 3-12 years old and fun for adults too.
  • BUY NOW WITH CONFIDENCE. Activ Flyers are made in the USA and have hundreds of 5-star reviews. But if you're not 100% satisfied for any reason, simply return your Activ Flyers for a FULL REFUND with no questions asked. Click the Add to Cart button now. You'll be happy you did!

Floating Tic Tac Toe Toss

With this floating tic tac splash set, you will use waterproof beanbags to toss over to a floating tic tac toe board. The aim of the game is to use the beanbags to spin the board to either an X or an O to get three-in-a-row!

Price: --
(9 customer reviews)
  • Tic Tac Float
  • The classic game of three in a-row made for the pool
  • Play in teams or one on one
  • Includes a floating game base and 6 floating bean bags
  • Recommended for children 8 years of age and older

Water Football

If you’ve ever played football or tossed around a standard football in the pool, you’ve come across how waterlogged the ball becomes. Remove your worries when you use the swimming pool football that is equipped with an inflatable inside with water-resistant fabric for an entire day of football fun in the pool.

Price: --
(506 customer reviews)
  • Includes one 9-inch action football for in-the-water and outdoor play
  • Constructed with inflatable bladder and lightweight foam layer all covered in water-resistant tricot fabric
  • Perfect for in and out of the water play
  • Item comes in assorted colors: will receive either - blue/green or red/yellow
  • Recommended for ages 6+

Belly Flop Contest

There’s always someone who can do a belly flop better than everyone else. You can judge the belly flops on style, sound, or which belly flop gets the biggest splash.

belly flop photo
Photo by Prayitno / Thank you for (12 millions +) view

Lawn / Floor Darts

For those who come to the pool party but don’t want to stay in the pool all day, here’s a lawn darts game called “Flarts” that you can play right near the pool. Just toss the floor darts at the mat on the ground and try to get the best score you can.

Price: $29.99
(392 customer reviews)
  • IF YOU'RE LOOKING INDOOR GAME YOU'VE FOUND it. our safe version of lawn darts is getting raving reviews, because at Giggle n Go we pride ourselves on the best family games for kids and adults. indoor games and outdoor games for family to enjoy TOGETHER, is what life's all about
  • OUTDOOR GAMES FOR TODDLERS OR OLDER, , kids inflatable toys like this can set-up easily be set-up in minutes. just open up the box, lay out the lawn darts mat, push some pegs into the corners to hold down if windy, blow up the 3 inflatable darts and you're good to go
  • QUALITY BOYS GIFT OR GIRLS GIFT, THE KIDS WILL HAVE A BLAST, if you're purchasing this as a gift for boys or need a girls gift, its a guaranteed winner. the family game itself is a lot of fun and you'll be pleased you bought it
  • PLAY ANYWHERE, ITS A GREAT GAME FOR THE BACKYARD, BEACH, CAMPING or FAMILY GAMES, great portable family games to play anywhere. take it and use it for camping games, beach games or backyard games for hours of hilarious outdoor games fun
  • OUR GUARANTEE TO YOU, at Giggle N Go, customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority. All Giggle N Go products come with a 1 year warranty

Inflatable Bowling

This inflatable bowling set is sure to put smiles on the faces of all the kids at your next pool party. Set up the bottom-weighted inflatable pins on one side of the yard, and use the huge inflatable bowling ball to try to knock them all down!

Price: $29.99
(445 customer reviews)
  • HILARIOUS OUTDOOR GAMES FOR KIDS, perfect indoor or outdoor games for family or kids party games. it's lightweight and easy to carry. wonderful games for kids to play and uses no electricity. this giant inflatable bowling set is sure to get your kids off the couch, get some exercise, and develop their hand/eye coordination, balance, and some friendly competition
  • SAND WEIGHTED BOTTOM, yes, thats right, our flat sand weighted base provides just enough weight to keep the pins standing even in light wind while playing some lawn games, but not too much to prevent them from being knocked over when struck by the ball
  • MADE IN A STRONGER QUALITY PVC, customer satisfaction is always our number 1 priority, so a high quality PVC was chosen to make our giant bowling set. whether you love to play indoor games or outdoor games, its most important to us that our kids inflatable toys exceed your expectations
  • BOWLING SET INCLUDES 6 giant inflatable bowling pins measuring 27" tall, and one inflatable bowling ball measuring 24 " in diameter, all made of durable PVC plastic. our kids outdoor toys also includes a repair patch and hand pump
  • Giggle N Go, customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority. All Giggle N Go products come with a 1 year product replacement warranty.


In this swimming game, one player stays in the center of the pool and chooses a category. The other players outside the pool on one side choose something within the category (like animals or colors or numbers from 1-10). When their animal or number or color is called, players will try to jump in the pool and swim to the other side before being tagged.

Underwater Singing (or humming)

Have you ever tried to sing or hum a tune underwater? With at least 2 players, everyone goes underwater, and one player sings or hums a song. Go back up to the surface, and whoever guesses correctly first wins and becomes the next singer.

Giant Checkers

This giant checkers game is sure to bring lots of joy to children and adults. Set this up near the pool and provide a game of checkers for those taking a break from swimming.

Price: $27.77
You save: $11.22 (29%)
(110 customer reviews)
  • Fun, eye-catching conversation piece – our checkers large folding board game is a classic! ! everyone loves a good game of checkers and multiple the fun by the size of the game set! Fun to play, fun to watch! ! !
  • Checkers on the go – Take this folding oversized checkers game with you to BBQ’s, parties, Church activities, classrooms, picnics, or use it at home as a fun family game!
  • Easy to set up, transport & store – our deluxe checkers board game is Lightweight and easy to take with you and to set up as a floor game or outside as a lawn game. Just fold it up for easy transport and storage.
  • Durable & long lasting – the 5' X 5’ mat is made of a tear resistant, Rip resistant plastic material that makes it durable enough for kids and adults alike. The checkers pieces are a large 8” Wide and “ tall.
  • 100% satisfaction - We are so confident that you will like our giant Checkers game that if you return it within 30 days for any reason we will give you a full refund on the product price. Try it we know you will like it!

Giant Connect 4 Game

Another giant version of a classic game. Use this giant wooden 4-in-a-row game to provide some fun for those taking a break from the pool.

Price: $89.99
(870 customer reviews)
  • Giant size fun: Game measures over 3 feet wide and 32 inches tall and can be setup indoors or outdoors in seconds
  • 100 percent wooden construction: Each game is crafted from sturdy premium wood and painted white for our signature look
  • Game pieces included: 42 gosports plastic coins (21 red + 21 blue); the coins are made from extremely durable plastic and will never break
  • Travel case: Includes a robust carrying case for neat storage and easy portability on the go
  • 2 players: Fun jumbo yard game for kids and adults of all ages makes for a big life size decoration in the backyard and is a hit at parties, family game night, outdoor weddings, and more
  • Gosports warranty: This ships in a large box so inspect for damage on arrival and please reach out to us right away if the game arrives with any issues so we can send you a free replacement

Giant Jenga / Tumbling Timbers

Have you ever wanted to build a Jenga tower to taller heights? Here’s a giant set of Tumbling Timbers that starts at 2.5 feet which you can build to 4 feet tall or higher!

Price: $69.99
You save: $10.00 (13%)
(1462 customer reviews)
  • Giant size timbers include 56 timber blocks measuring 7.5 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches and stacks 19 levels high! Includes two extra blocks for added height and best packing arrangement.
  • Fully set up game starts at 7.5 x 7.5 inches and is 2.5 feet tall! Game can grow to over 4 feet while playing based on skill level.
  • Comes with 56 sustainable sourced New Zealand Pine wood blocks hand sanded smooth for easy setup and game play. Perfect for indoor or outdoor events such as parties, BBQ's, tailgating, group events, camping and much more.
  • Includes high-quality and high-strength nylon carrying case for easy storage and transport and makes the perfect sized present.
  • Provides hours of fun and entertainment for the entire family. Anyone can play and create lasting memories.

Tug Of War

Use this tug of war rope for inside the pool or out. Get an equal number of players on each side and pull the opposing players across the middle marker in the pool or on the lawn to win.

Price: $24.99
You save: $15.00 (38%)
(83 customer reviews)
  • Our Tug of War rope is a GREAT GIFT IDEA and comes with a free all natural, jute carry bag which makes gift wrapping and carrying/storing the rope both attractive and easy!
  • ~16.5 Feet Long - Long enough for an intense game of tug 'o' war with a gaggle of kids (2 - 10 kids or 2 - 8 adults)
  • Our Tug of War Ropes are made with soft cotton and polyester fibers - IT'S EASY ON THE HANDS!
  • SAFETY FIRST: Our rope is made with multiple fibers, this reduces the recoil affect. The only other type of rope that is recommended by the International Federation of Tug of War is the Manila rope, for the same reason. Ours though, is SOFT compared to a manila rope. OUR PROMISE: you'll be completely satisfied or your money back!

Bobbing Heads

Have you ever played whack-a-mole? This game is played where one player holds a beach ball in the pool while other players can be underwater or above water. But when their heads bob above the water, the “hammer” player throws a beach ball at the players. If a beach ball hits a player, they are out. The last player standing (or swimming) is the hammer next.


Here’s a classic game that never gets old. Use this wooden limbo set to see how low you can go, and the player who can go the lowest wins.

Price: $38.99
(29 customer reviews)
  • HAVE FUN & GET EXERCISE: The Get Out! New & Improved Wooden Limbo Set Adults and Kids Limbo Game is a fun novelty item for luau games and festive games for parties for kids and adults; This limbo bar kit will get you on your feet and into the luau groove while testing your flexibility and agility skills
  • ALL AGES (4+): Enjoy as Hawaiian party decorations, luau games, birthday party games, relay race games for kids or relay race games for adults, beach party decorations, carnival games for kids party, tiki party decorations, field day games, summer party supplies, games for family reunion; 4.8x5.4 foot (1.5x1.6m) playing dimensions for 2 people at once; 2 inches (5cm) between pegs with lowest peg 29 inches (73.6cm) high; 16 pegs color-coded and numbered to align and lower level of difficulty pole
  • NEW & IMPROVED WITH NO DIGGING HOLES FOR SIDE POLES: The two 14.25-inch (36.2cm) wide bases are large in size and are threaded together during assembly for a sturdy stance even when bumped into; You cannot expect people to hold a limbo stick at the same exact height by hand for the entire length of the game, which is why this set stands on its own with footing bases that self-support it so you do not have to
  • LIGHT ASSEMBLY: Easy assembly and disassembly – No tools required and instructions are included; Set comes in 5 pieces and everything you need (1 limbo stick, 2 poles with pegs, 2 bases); Place 1 threaded base leg piece on the ground with open notch facing upward and nonthreaded piece laying over it with open notch facing downward into the notch on the other piece, thread the 2 pegged poles into 2 bases and slide into place (limbo stick is placed on pegs)
  • EASY STORAGE: 8.25-inch x 36.5-inch (21cm x 92.7cm) nylon mesh carrying bag with locking drawstring closure for easy transportation, safe storage, and quick organization of this limbo stick for kids and adults when not in use

Yardzee (dice)

Another giant version of an all-time favorite game, “Yardzee” instead of Yahtzee. Use these 6 giant dice to play the classic game near the pool and see who wins.

Price: $39.99
(86 customer reviews)
  • 【GREAT YARD FUN】- Kids and adults all enjoy this fun set of giant wooden dice for outdoor entertainment. It can be used both indoors and outdoors at BBQs, beach, backyard games, and much more. Also it‘s great gift idea for grad parties or housewarming .
  • 【EASY TO STORAGE AND CARRY】- ROPODA giant wooden lawn dice set included a collapsible bucket, built to withstand repeated use from both kids and adults. Easy to carry to your next group outdoor event. It's prefect lawn games for kids and adults.
  • 【QUALITY WOOD & WATER RESISTANT】 - Our gaint dices made of sturdy, solid pine natural wood. Dots burned into the wood for ensuring it will never rub off. you can clean the dices very easily just by washing them since they have some waterproof protection on the surface.
  • 【DOUBLE SIDED SCOREBOARD】- ROPODA giant wooden yard dice set provides 2 dry erase score sheets, the instructions are on one side of the cards, while the other side keeps the score. And it come with a dry erase marker for reusable use.
  • 【ROPODA HELP】- Customer satisfaction is our first priority. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we are willing to help you.

Swimming Pool Scrabble

This pool alternative to the classic scrabble game can be played with the normal scrabble tiles or your own larger self-made tiles using permanent markers and sponges. Players search the pool for letters and use their letters to craft as many words as they can either on the classic scrabble board or on their own.

YoYa Toss And Catch

Here’s a fun game that can be played inside or outside the pool. It’s the family favorite toss and catch game with tennis balls and velcro disc paddles. These velcro paddles from YoYa are the highest quality paddles that keep the ball stuck the best.

Price: $15.99
You save: $2.00 (11%)
(266 customer reviews)
  • ⚾ HIGH QUALITY BALL CATCHER GAME: If you are looking for some fun ways to keep yourself and your kids entertained and active then we got you covered. This old time classic outdoor game is now at its finest. Have fun with your family but also keep fit as well. Top notch quality materials and excellent craftsmanship have been combined to make this toss and catch balling game a hoot.
  • ⚾ THE MOST DURABLE CONSTRUCTION BALL DISC PADDLES: Forget all those easily torn apart touch fastener discs that after a few games would stop being effective and always drop the ball. Play carefree from now on with the most durable circular mitt pads and feel sure that there will be no ball dropping. Our premium self-stick surface catchers will allow you and your family enjoy this game like never before.
  • ⚾ TWO DIFFERENT SIZES GREAT BALLS: We here at YoYa Toys, have cleverly designed this outdoor summer game so as to satisfy even the most demanding ball players. We will be offering you not only one but two balls in different sizes for your greater convenience. The smaller one is ideal for little kids and youngsters whereas the bigger one for adults. It’s all up to you.
  • ⚾ RESILIENT PLASTIC BLACK BACK TOSS & GRIP BALL CATCHER: Our ball catcher can be easily used by simply holding it in your hands through its back handle. It’s convenient and ergonomically placed handle will help you move the disc catcher nice and easy without straining your wrists. This ball catcher pad along with the balls bear vivid green and pink joyful colors ideal for all ages and genders.
  • ⚾ THE BIGGEST & STRONGEST BALL CATCHER IN A CARRYING BAG: This ball catcher set consists of two heavy duty discs, two wonderful balls and all of these come in a great PVC carry bag for your comfort. Take this ball catcher toy with you at the next party your child goes and everyone will love it. It’s size 8.07 inches (20 cm) is larger than all the others in the market and will make ball tossing and grabbing such a fun activity.

Outdoor Giant Dominoes

With a load of different games you can play, use this outdoor giant dominoes set to play whatever dominoes games you can think of. This is sure to put a smile on many faces.

Price: $34.82
You save: $5.17 (13%)
(68 customer reviews)
  • PERFECT INDOORS AND OUT - Play large format domino games outdoors for even more fun
  • 28 PIECE SET - 28-piece wooden domino set with each domino measuring 3.5" x 7" x .5"
  • COLOR CODED - Dominoes feature varnish finished and color-coded pips
  • PERFECT ADDITION TO ANY OUTDOOR EVENT - Best for use outside at parties, tailgates, camping, and more
  • SIMPLE STORAGE - Conveniently store and transport set in Oxford cloth storage carry bag

Leaky Balloon Toss

Similar to hot potato, fill up a water balloon and use a pin to poke a few tiny holes in the balloon. As the water continues to leak out, toss the balloon from player to player until one player catches a fully deflated balloon.

Potato Sack Races

Sometimes the classics never get old. Use these burlap bags to start a potato sack race. With up to 6 players, see who can hop their way to victory the fastest.

Price: $26.99
(112 customer reviews)
  • Easter Race Game Playset includes 6 Pieces Jumping Burlap Potato Sacks Bags.
  • Superior Quality. High Quality. Size is approximately 40” x 24”.
  • Super Value Pack for Easter Games. Perfect for Easter Theme Decoration, School Classroom Supply, Easter Party Favor Supplies, Easter Basket Stuffers Fillers, Easter Goodie/ Goody, Easter Toy and Prizes, Teacher Treats, Easter Gifts and more!
  • Enjoy Burlap Potato Sacks Race Bags for Hours of fun at Easter Egg Hunting Party!
  • CHILD SAFETY: Meet US Safety Standard. Safety Test Approved. Non-Toxic. Superior Quality.

Floaty Pong

This floaty pong set can be played by adults or kids, and uses 6 attachable floating rings on each side with points on them. Kids can toss ping pong balls into the rings to get the best score, and adults can use these perfectly crafted rings to insert drink cups inside to play the classic beer-pong game in the pool.

Price: $14.39
You save: $5.60 (28%)
(147 customer reviews)
  • ✔️ PARTY FAVORITE: Grab your friends, a few drinks and prepare for an entirely new spin on a party time favorite! What better way to spend a summer day than with some ping pong balls, some drinks, and friends
  • ✔️ EASY TO USE: Rings have been assigned numbers to represent your score; Creativity and customization are encouraged as all twelve rings can be interlocked to one another in a design of your choosing
  • ✔️ MULTI FUNCTION: A collection of multi-colored rings are an ideal fit for standard sized plastic cups; This set also includes six foam balls that are great for tossing short to long distance shots

Freeze Tag / Popsicle

This classic freeze tag game is converted to “Popsicle” when in the pool. One player is “IT” and when another player is tagged, they must freeze and put their hands in the sky like a popsicle. Other players can tag them to unfreeze them. When all players are frozen, a new player is chosen to be “IT.”

Capture The Flag

You can play an all-time favorite of capture the flag right inside the pool. Put two flags at opposite ends of the pool. Players from each team try to capture the other team’s flag and bring it across the center line before getting tagged. To make this more challenging, players who are tagged while having the flag are “out” until the next game.

Water Balloon Fight

What would a pool party be without a water balloon fight? Use these 400+ instant self-sealing water balloons to make it easy to fill up water balloons quickly and easily. No more spending hours tying up the ends of water balloons, finally!

water balloon fight photo
Photo by Mark Surman
Bunch O Balloons Zuru 420 Instant Self Sealing Water Balloons, Brown/a
Price: $36.88
You save: $8.07 (18%)
(373 customer reviews)
  • Fill & Tie 100 water balloons in less than 60 seconds!
  • Self-sealing water balloons
  • 12 Bunch O Balloons included
  • New vibrant colors

Slammo Spikeball Game

Spikeball has become a worldwide sensation, and this “Slammo” game set includes 3 balls, a net, a carrying case and the rules of the game. Use the net to bounce the ball to other players using only the palms of your hands.

Price: $34.99
(1831 customer reviews)
  • Slammo: An exciting outdoor lawn game for kids and adults. Set includes 1 slammo target, 2 competition size balls, 1 training ball, travel carrying case and game rules
  • What is slammo: Slammo is an action packed 2 on 2 volleyball style outdoor game; Teams have 3 hits to bounce or spike the ball to the net fun for family and friends out on the yard, at the beach, cookouts, camping, and more
  • Active fun: Slammo is an engaging game that works great for just having fun and even breaking a sweat, or as cross training for many other sports plus slammo is a unique gift idea for kids, teens, and adults
  • Lifetime replacement warranty: GoSports is a US company with US customer support. If anything ever breaks or you misplace a part, we will replace it free, so you can buy with complete confidence
  • Beware of knockoffs: Beware of cheap knockoffs that look similar in pictures, but are low quality and will leave you stranded if something goes wrong

Pop ‘N Catch Game

Children will have hours of fun with this pop and catch game. Get a set of 4 pop-launchers and 4 children to launch balls from one catcher to the other. Young children will love this.

Price: $17.99
(93 customer reviews)
  • USE ANYWHERE - All components are waterproof and easy to transport. Take the game on vacations, or use at home. Perfect Stay-At-Home game! Made for indoor or outdoor play in the backyard, park, game room, beach or pool!
  • FUN FOR ALL - Entertaining fun for both kids and adults with all skill levels: a fun game for everyone in the family (ages 3 to adult).
  • GAME PLAY - Play "catch" with a friend or practice "pop 'N catching" by yourself by clicking the launcher and catching the ball in the basket. See how many times in a row you can “Pop N Catch” without dropping the ball.
  • STAY ACTIVE - Great for hand/eye coordination, plus a fun way to keep kids and adults active and alert.
  • SPECS - Our 2-pack version includes 4 lightweight handheld pop-launcher baskets, 4 launchers and 4 ping-pong balls. Purple and green colors.

Paddle Ball Game

Badminton can be quite challenging especially for younger kids, so use this paddle ball game with larger paddleboards and slow-moving birdies to make it easy for kids to play this favorite.

RC Boat Races

Use these remote-controlled boats and watch your kids have a blast. After 2 hours of charging time, you can use these boats for 20 minutes of continuous use which makes it easy to have many races that only take less than a minute to complete. Race from one end of the pool to the other or set up a course to go around.

Price: --
(102 customer reviews)
  • 【Long Battery Life】 Different from others, this Remote control boat can be used continuously for 20 minutes (other rc boats only 8-10 minutes) when fully charged (2 hours), just enjoy constant fun with this boat!
  • 【High Speed & Long Control Distance】 The speed of this rc boat is up to 14km/h, and the control distance can be up to 50m.
  • 【Easy To Control For Kids】 Infrared remote control to control them forward, backward, turn right or left; High-quality material& special design: Superior ABS plastic and special propeller,more safe and durable; Cutting edge head design to reduce resistance from water, making sailing faster and easier; rc boat let all the kids experience the fun of remote control.
  • 【Waterproof Hull And Anti-tilt Modular Design】 This electric RC boat toy is equipped with a high quality anti-tilt modular designed waterproof hull. Constructed by impact-resistant ABS plastic, our self-righting hull convoys your wonderful journey and provides much more fun.
  • 【Water Detection & Guarantee】 The engine will only start when the water is detected which protect the engine and prolong its life.ROTOBAND provide the full refund or exchange new one for order within 30 days. Ready to response in 24 hours.SO ADD to CART NOW!

Underwater Glider Games

These underwater gliders make underwater games so much more fun. This glider will glide, boomerang, and spiral up to 60 feet underwater for hours of underwater fun. You can play games like keep-away or aiming games underwater with these gliders.