The Best Swimming Activity Trackers – Reviewed for 2023

Last Updated on January 30, 2023

Enjoying time at the pool isn’t all fun and games!  Swimming is a great fitness activity that many people enjoy.  Finding the best swimming activity tracker to monitor your workouts is important.

Activity trackers have become increasingly popular to help people achieve their fitness goals. Even though they are such small devices worn on the wrist, they can do so much for your swim workout. Most activity trackers allow you to set goals and provide stats so you can compare workouts to improve. And many do much more.

However, it is important to understand that not all activity trackers are created equal. When searching for the best swimming activity tracker, you have to be careful with your choice because there are a lot of factors that go into them. 

First and foremost, the watch must be swim-proof, which may seem obvious but what does that mean?

Some watches will claim to be water-resistant, but that doesn’t mean they are waterproof. When looking for information on whether or not the watch is waterproof or water-resistant, you will find one of two ratings: IP67 or 5ATM.

The numbers attached to the letters on either rating may vary slightly depending on testing, but this is what you are looking for. The IP rating tells you that the watch is water-resistant to a depth of more than 1 meter (depth determined by the manufacturer), and it is protected from harmful dust. Unfortunately, these watches have not been tested for the impact of swimming and not recommend for such workouts.

You can feel comfortable wearing it while washing your hands, and it can get wet, but it isn’t suited for water activities. The 5ATM watches are approved for a depth of 50 meters and have been tested for swimming. For this reason, I have focused on 5ATM and above activity trackers. You are sure to find the right option for you.

Here Are Our Best Swimming Activity Trackers Reviewed

Best Overall
Garmin 010-01614-00 Forerunner 735XT, Multisport GPS Running Watch With Heart Rate, Black/Gray
Fitbit Inspire HR Heart Rate and Fitness Tracker, One Size (S and L Bands Included), 1 Count
SAMSUNG Gear Fit2 Pro Smartwatch Fitness Band (Large), Liquid Black, SM-R365NZKAXAR – US Version with Warranty
Garmin 010-01614-00 Forerunner 735XT, Multisport GPS Running Watch With Heart Rate, Black/Gray
Fitbit Inspire HR Heart Rate and Fitness Tracker, One Size (S and L Bands Included), 1 Count
SAMSUNG Gear Fit2 Pro Smartwatch Fitness Band (Large), Liquid Black, SM-R365NZKAXAR – US Version with Warranty
Amazon Prime
Best Overall
Garmin 010-01614-00 Forerunner 735XT, Multisport GPS Running Watch With Heart Rate, Black/Gray
Garmin 010-01614-00 Forerunner 735XT, Multisport GPS Running Watch With Heart Rate, Black/Gray
Fitbit Inspire HR Heart Rate and Fitness Tracker, One Size (S and L Bands Included), 1 Count
Fitbit Inspire HR Heart Rate and Fitness Tracker, One Size (S and L Bands Included), 1 Count
Amazon Prime
SAMSUNG Gear Fit2 Pro Smartwatch Fitness Band (Large), Liquid Black, SM-R365NZKAXAR – US Version with Warranty
SAMSUNG Gear Fit2 Pro Smartwatch Fitness Band (Large), Liquid Black, SM-R365NZKAXAR – US Version with Warranty

Garmin Forerunner 735XT

On Sale Now!
Garmin 010-01614-00 Forerunner 735XT, Multisport GPS Running Watch With Heart Rate, Black/Gray
  • GPS running watch with multisport features.Special Feature:Bluetooth.Water Resistant: Yes
  • Estimates heart rate at the wrist so you can run freer on race day.Shock resistant. Battery life : Smartwatch Mode Up to 11 days. GPS mode Up to 14 hours. UltraTrac mode Up to 24 hours without wrist...
  • Provides advanced dynamics for running, cycling and swimming7, including ground contact time balance, stride length, vertical ratio and more (when paired with a Running Dynamics Pod, HRM Run or HRM...
  • Offers VO2 max estimate, lactate threshold (when used with a chest strap heart rate monitor), race predictor and recovery advisor

Garmin is known for making top-quality smartwatches. The Forerunner 735XT tracks your movements through GPS technology, rather than relying on its own built-in motion sensors. This gives you a more accurate indication of the distance you swam. The watch also includes built-in ElevateTM technology to measure your heart rate at the wrist. With this watch, there is no need for a chest strap. You will have a freer, more optimal workout, without overexertion. The watch’s display gives you the ability to monitor your heart rate in real-time.

The Forerunner 735XT has built-in activity profiles for swimming. It is designed to recognize the four competitive swimming strokes: backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly stroke, and freestyle. You can use the watch to create customizable workouts then review the data to improve your next workout. This takes the stress out of training for competitive swimming. 

You will also have access to Garmin’s free online fitness community, Garmin Connect, where you can automatically upload and share your stats with the online support community. The ability to receive notifications and LiveTrack makes this an optimal choice. Not only is it an efficient swim activity tracker, but it allows you to receive notifications on the display so you can leave your phone safely away from the water. Garmin also offers a wide selection of device apps to further help you meet your goals.

The watch also has enhanced features for running, cycling, cross-country skiing, paddle sports, trail running, hiking, and strength training. The auto multisport feature allows you to switch quickly and easily between workouts, giving you enhanced data for your training. To track your swim workout, the Garmin Forerunner 735XT is an excellent choice.

Fitbit Inspire HR Heart Rate and Fitness Tracker 

Fitbit Inspire HR Heart Rate and Fitness Tracker, One Size (S and L Bands Included), 1 Count
  • Utilize 24x7 heart rate to accurately track calorie burn, resting heart rate & heart rate zones during workouts
  • Track all day activity, including steps, distance, hourly activity, active minutes and calories burned. The Fitbit inspire band is made of a flexible, durable elastomer material similar to that used...
  • Automatically track sleep plus due to the heart rate feature and get more insights into your light & deep sleep stages
  • Enjoy up to 5 days of battery for daily progress without constant charging. Varies with use and other factors. Charge time (0 to 100 percent): 2 hours

Another popular choice for activity trackers is the Fitbit Inspire HR. Fitbit is already a household name in activity trackers, so you can feel confident you are getting a quality product. This watch has a smaller, sleek design making it lightweight and less bulky.

The Fitbit Inspire HR is both waterproof and swim-proof. This watch can be worn safely during your swimming activities, and it tracks how long you’ve been swimming. The 24/7 heart rate monitoring allows you to better monitor your heart rate during exercise, rest, and sleep. Your Fitbit will use this information to help you optimize your workout for fat burning, cardio, and optimal heart rate. The Fitbit app will provide you with a fitness score and tips on how to improve over time.

This device not only tracks the quality of your overall health, but it tracks the quality of your sleep as well. It tracks the amount of time spent in each sleep cycle including light, deep, and REM. The watch then uses this information to provide you with tips on how to improve your sleep. To help reduce stress levels, the Inspire HR provides guided breathing sessions based on your heart rate throughout the day. 

You can receive notifications on the watch from your phone wirelessly, as long as it is nearby, and it is compatible with over 200 Android, iOS, and Windows 10 devices. Not only does this activity device track swimming, but it is also used for 15+ workouts including running, biking, and yoga. The watch will even recognize if you are switching between activities and begin tracking your movements appropriately. The Fitbit Inspire HR will definitely give you what you are looking for in a multi-use activity tracker.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Smartwatch

SAMSUNG Gear Fit2 Pro Smartwatch Fitness Band (Large), Liquid Black, SM-R365NZKAXAR – US Version with Warranty
  • Water resistant up to fifty meters, now you can own the pool, run in the rain and recover in the shower
  • Power through intervals to the beat of your favorite tracks with music storage on your Gear Fit2 Pro. Bullet Point : 802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz
  • Boost every session with fitness apps powered by Under Armour. Count every mile on Map MyRun, and stay on top of your nutrition with MyFitnessPal. Dust and Water resistant : MIL STD 810G and 5ATM
  • Get a more accurate view of your performance and all day calorie burn with continuous heart rate monitoring. Battery - Battery Type and Size - 200mAh Li-ion. Typical Usage - Up to 3 days. Low Usage -...

The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro was designed with swimmers in mind. It comes with the Speedo app developed for the Gear Fit2 Pro which will track your pace, distance, calories burned, heart rate, and more. Then it will provide you with easy to read reports of your statistics so you can compare swims and track your progress. 

This watch will also track sleep, fitness, activity, and nutrition goals for you. It recognizes when you are switching between workouts and monitors your activity accordingly. It also continuously monitors heart rate throughout the day and makes fitness suggestions based on the readings. With built-in GPS, you can track distance, and with Spotify, the app gives you access to music, so you can workout without needing to carry your phone with you. 

With the UA Record app, you can log and set your fitness, nutrition and sleep goals. The app allows you to cross-compare data such as fitness vs sleep, activity vs nutrition, etc so you can make sure you are achieving balanced results. The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Smartwatch is impressive when it comes to swim activity trackers.

HUAWEI Band 3e Smart Band Fitness Activity Tracker

HUAWEI Band 3e Smart Fitness Activity Tracker, Dual Wrist & Footwear Mode, 5ATM Water Resistance for Swim, Professional Running Guidance, Black, One Size
  • Dual wrist & footwear mode with detachable body and built-in 6-axis motion sensor with 97% accuracy
  • 5ATM water-resistant and suitable for all-day wear including swimming, hand-washing and showering
  • Get up to 14 days of typical usage with One charge. System requirements - Android 4.4 and above , IOS 9.0 and above
  • Weighs only 0.6 ounces with wristband or 0.2 ounces without wristband that you can barely feel on your wrist or foot

If you are looking for an activity tracker with basic features at a low price, this is the option for you. This watch can track the distance, number of laps, stroke frequency, and swimming speed during your swim. It will also track calories burned and provide data on each workout. The watch has precise, innovative heart sensors that accurately monitor your heart rate. 

The HUAWEI TrueSleepTM 2.0 app identifies the six most common sleep issues and provides suggestions on improving sleep. It also tracks your progress on other activities such as running, walking, cycling, and weight lifting. Based on your workout and heart rate you will get data presented on your activity. You will also receive post-training results and recovery time suggestions to prevent overexertion. 

This option allows you to receive notifications on the display, and the Bluetooth feature enables the band to find your phone when it gets misplaced. This activity tracker is perfect for those just starting out and looking for something easy to use.

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple is known for making top-quality advanced products. The Apple Watch Series 5 is the latest in their line of watches and has all of the features you need to ensure an optimal swim workout. The screen has an automatic lock feature when you begin your workout so it doesn’t accidentally recognize splashing water as finger taps. It will track your laps, yards, calories burned, and your pace. Using this information you can track your progress and improvement.

The watch has a built-in ECG app to monitor your heart rate. You will be provided with information on your resting, walking, workout, and recovery heart rates during the day. There is also an option for notifications if your heart rate is outside of a selected beats per minute for optimal health. You can also track your walking, cycling, elliptical, running, rowing, stair-stepping, hiking, yoga, and even wheelchair exercises. It also enables you to link up with other Apple users to compete in challenges with your friends.

The Apple Watch Series 5 also comes with Apple Music so you can stream your favorite songs, while the Noise App will alert you if the decibel level reaches levels that could impact hearing. You can also link the watch to your phone, giving you the option to send and receive calls and texts from the watch, leaving your phone away from the water. With the Apple Watch 5, you have access to Apple Pay, so you can complete payment transactions where it is accepted. This product is a great option for activity trackers and all-around convenience.

The Benefits of Swimming as a Workout

To use swimming for your fitness is a great way to stay healthy. It is a great low-impact, whole-body workout that can be done recreationally or competitively. As you swim against the resistance of the water you build endurance, increase muscle tone, while increasing the health of your heart and lungs. It can improve coordination, balance, and posture as well. Swimming has been used often as therapy for injuries to heal and build muscle without strain.

It is important to remember safety when swimming. If you are a beginner, you might consider swimming lessons until you are comfortable in the water. Always make sure you are swimming in a safe environment. If you are swimming in a lake or ocean, make sure the water is clear of predatory animals and debris. You should also make sure the water is clear of contaminants. Double-check that any public pool is properly maintained for cleanliness. If you are using public locker rooms, you should also make sure they are cleaned regularly, too. 

If you want to improve your swim workout activity trackers will really help you to step things up. Not only will they give you stats to improve your overall performance, but some you will get tips on proper recovery time, sleep improvement, and help you meet dietary goals so you remain in optimal health. If you are a competitive person or appreciate the support of a community, you will find your match here as well.

Once you have found your match in your swim activity tracker you will feel amazed at what you can do. You will make this great fitness activity even greater!

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