Best Swimming Pool Gate Alarms

Last Updated on October 21, 2021

Pool Gate Alarms – Everything You Need To Know To Keep Your Family Safe And Your Pool Secure

The benefits that come with owning a pool also come with many responsibilities, and it’s important to be responsible to keep your kids and your family safe as well as keep your pool secure.

swimming pool gate alarm

Maintaining your pool and keeping it covered when you’re not using it are good habits to practice, but if you want to keep your pool area more protected from intruders as well as protected from children entering the pool area unattended, it’s recommended you install a pool gate alarm or door alarm.

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You might think setting up an alarm system would be a huge undertaking, but with the accomplishments of modern alarm technology, it’s very simple and inexpensive to install a pool gate alarm. Keep reading to find out more about pool gate alarms and everything you need to know to keep your family safe and your pool secure.

Why You Should Have An Alarm For Your Pool Gate

There are plenty of reasons to consider having an alarm for your pool gate. Covering your pool is a good first step, but besides the basic precautions and maintenance required in owning a pool, here’s why you should keep it secure with an alarm.

Safety For Your Children

Before any other concern should be the concern of your children. If you have children that should be supervised while being in the pool area or have very young children that shouldn’t be near the pool at all, it makes sense to have an alarm that not only deters them from continuing to enter the pool area but also alerts you that your pool gate was just opened. Even if you usually keep your child in your sight at all times, all it takes is a few seconds for a child to wander somewhere they shouldn’t be.

Safety For Other People’s Children

Besides having a concern for your child’s safety, having a pool also raises the concern for other people’s children. You don’t want someone else’s child wandering into your pool while you’re home. Of course, you certainly don’t want another child to get hurt or being at risk of drowning. At the same time, you could be held liable if you were home while another child drowns in your pool. Having an alarm could be your best signal to tell you that something’s not right.

Safety For Yourself And Your Family

Some children, as well as adults, may attempt to sneak into your pool. Whether they are just planning to take a quick dip or have something more malicious on their minds, you’ll want to know about it. Having an alarm in place will alert everyone around them including yourself and will deter them from continuing to enter your pool area.

Features To Consider When Selecting A Pool Gate Alarm

Having a pool gate alarm or pool door alarm or even a fence alarm that provides access to your pool is a good idea. But with all the different alarm systems on the market, what should you look for when browsing the market for pool gate alarms? Here are some features to consider.

Ease Of Installation

You will want to think about how easy the installation is when choosing a pool gate alarm, especially if you are going to be setting it up yourself.

Some alarm systems are easy to install while others are quite difficult. Some require internet access and electricity and some require Bluetooth on your phone to be enabled, while others are as simple as setting up the contacts onto your gate and installing a couple of batteries.

Ease Of Operation

Ease of operation is another important factor to consider. If your alarm system is difficult to operate, it doesn’t make sense to have it at all.

Certain alarm systems make it very easy to operate. Instead of worrying about extra connections and signals and having to plug it into your wall to work, some systems have only the features you need and make it easy to use and operate for you and anyone else in your family.

How Loud Is The Pool Gate Alarm

If you want to know when someone is entering your pool area, you are going to need a loud alarm. Some people only find out how weak and soft the alarm sounds once they purchase an alarm system. It doesn’t do you any good if you can’t hear the alarm sound when the gate or door is opened.

Besides being alerted when your pool gate opens, a louder alarm with a more piercing sound will deter whoever decided to enter your pool area without your consent. Children will immediately turn away, and unwanted visitors will be so scared about someone hearing them that they’ll run away fast. And if the alarm doesn’t deter the one who entered your pool area, at the very least it should be loud enough to alert you when you are home.


Above all other factors you should consider, reliability is of the utmost concern of those who decide to install a pool gate alarm (and any alarm system for that matter). You want to know that your alarm will work every single time, not just most of the time.

Some alarm systems are more reliable than others. What you should be looking for is an alarm system that others have used and have reviewed and rated highly. Don’t settle for the alarms that “work most of the time.” There are many alarm systems to choose from and plenty that are extremely reliable.

Remote System

Some pool gate alarm systems come with remotes and others don’t. It doesn’t make sense to get an alarm system set up if it doesn’t come with a remote, because it makes disabling the alarm difficult. You’d have to push a button on the pool gate sensor itself to turn it off. Some alarms still come this way so make sure you stay away.

You want the ability to turn on and off your alarm remotely so you can have it siren when you need it and have it be quiet when you don’t. Most remotes also come with a panic button, so if you ever needed to set off the alarm without someone opening your pool gate, it’s just a push of a button on your remote.


As mentioned before, some people think alarm systems are expensive. And for good reason, I must admit, because just a few years ago alarm systems were very expensive. But with better technology and competition between companies to create affordable systems, you can find many pool gate and door alarms that are well within your price range.

Your Best Choices Of Pool Gate Alarms

Out of all the pool gate alarm systems on the market, we’ve narrowed our choices down to three that all offer some of the same features with some offering a little bit more. Based on how exactly you want your alarm to function will determine which of these three alarms to choose.

WSDCAM Wireless Door Alarm With Remote

The WSDCAM alarm works well for those who want an inexpensive alternative to a large security system. If you are simply looking to be alerted when your pool gate is opened and deter children from entering the pool area, this alarm system will do just fine.

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wsdcam Door Alarm Wireless Anti-Theft Remote Control Door and Window Security Alarms
  • Arm/Disarm/Panic/Doorbell mode controlled by the remote
  • Magnetically triggered alarm suitable for Doors or Windows
  • More alarms and remotes available for pairing
  • Detering thieves effectively by 105dB loud alarm

SECRUI A3 Wireless Door Alarm With Remote

An even better setup is the SECRUI A3 which comes with 2 sensors, 1 remote control, and an alarm unit. The reason why this is a step ahead of the WSDCAM is because of the portable alarm unit. Instead of the door sensor having the alarm sound included inside of it, you can place the alarm unit anywhere within 360 feet of range of the sensors and it will sound off. Instead of an intruder being able to break your sensor to shut off the sound, the sound will come from wherever you place your portable alarm unit. At 120dB, this siren alarm is loud.

You can set your alarm to 2 separate modes. One for chime on entry, and one for the high pitch siren alarm on entry. The remote control can arm and disarm the system, and includes an SOS/panic button allowing you to set off the alarm whenever you want. And on top of that, you can continue expanding this system with up to 30 accessories including motion detectors, smoke detectors and more.

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KERUI Home Security System With Remote

Another alarm system similar to the SECRUI is the KERUI home security system. Just like the SECRUI, the KERUI comes with a portable alarm unit. The only downside to this portable alarm unit is that you must plug it into the wall. But, if you have a nearby outlet and plan to set up your siren indoors, this will work just fine for you.

This system comes with 2 door contacts, 2 remotes, the portable alarm unit siren, and additionally, comes with a motion sensor. Besides a pool gate alarm, a motion sensor can be beneficial if you want your system to sense when someone is in the pool area that didn’t enter through your gate.

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It makes sense to install a pool gate alarm to ensure the safety of your family and children as well as the security of your pool. The prices of the recommended alarm systems are extremely inexpensive, and I’d suggest taking a look at all three to determine which one is going to work best for you. If it was my choice, I’d go with the SECRUI A3 system simply because nothing has to be plugged in and I can put my portable alarm unit wherever I want.