10 Best DIY Pool Projects You Can Do This Summer

Last Updated on October 17, 2021

A swimming pool is great on its own. But you can make it even better and more convenient by adding extra features around it.

How? Through Do-It-Yourself, of course. If you are particularly good with your hands or keen to show off your amazing DIY skills, you can easily do one or more of these ten best DIY pool projects we’ve listed.

You can add a slide or a fountain to amp up the fun and excitement, especially for kids. You can add a pool waterfall as well to give the area more personality and style. There are also many ways on how to keep toys, towels, goggles, and other pool accessories in order without spending too much money. +

10 Best DIY Pool Projects

1. Simple Fountain for Above-Ground Pool

A fountain is a great addition to a pool. It adds an ambient, relaxing sound and something fun for kids to splash with. Plus, it’s easy and affordable. All you’ll need are connectors, pipes, and a ball valve, which can all cost less than $20. Not bad, right? Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to build a DIY fountain for your pool by JD Potter.   

This DIY project is perfect for those with above-ground pools. It goes on the side and connects to your existing filter. Take note, however, that you may need to add more pipes, a ball valve, 45-degree couplers, and elbows, depending on your set-up past the filter.   

2. Pool Fountain for Inground Pool

For those who want to install a fountain in their inground pool, here’s an instructional video from Badass Physique. You might be wondering, how is it different from installing a fountain on an above-ground pool. Well, to install a fountain on an inground pool, the easiest and most practical way is to use the jets – which above-ground pools don’t have. This is where you’ll connect the fountain attachment. 

3. Pallet Pool Storage

One of the biggest challenges that come with owning a swimming pool is figuring out how to manage all the pool accessories that come with it. Pool towels, toys, life jackets, pool noodles, floats, goggles, and a pool net can all clutter and create quite a mess in your backyard. So the solution? Create a storage area, specifically for such items.

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You can use a wood pallet, paint it, and hang it on your fence or empty wall. This will provide you the perfect place to store pool noodles, goggles, and towels. You can also add extra storage spaces by hanging baskets. For the complete list of steps and materials, visit the juggling act mama’s guide on how to create a pallet pool storage

4. Pool Deck for Above-Ground Pool

If you’re looking for ways on how to make your above-ground pool look better, then your best option is to make a pool deck outside of it. Aside from the aesthetics, this will also provide you a convenient place for sitting, hanging around, or storing pool accessories. To get started, here’s a quick guide on how to build a pool deck under $500 by Underground Creations. 

5. DIY Wood Stairs for Above-Ground Pool

Don’t have the time or the budget for an above-ground pool deck? You can make a ladder or stairs instead. This will make it easier for you and most especially your kids to enter the water. Your kids can also use the stairs to cannonball! If you don’t have one yet, here’s a quick and easy guide by In The Pool Daily on how to make wood stairs

Don’t need the whole wooden stairs set up? The article also includes the process of how to DIY a PVC pool ladder for above-ground pools. This is a faster and much cheaper option. 

6. DIY Waterslide for Inground Pool

Do you have an inground pool with a lot of space to spare? Why not DIY a massive waterslide? Using planks, beams, ground anchors, OSB boards, a rug, and a fishpond foil, you can install a wooden slide structure that’s fun even for adults. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper than buying a pool slide. 

Here’s a guide on how you can DIY a pool waterslide for an inground pool by KingBBQ. Since every pool and backyard is different, you may need to make a couple of modifications in the planning and materials. 

7. Pool Rock Waterfall for Inground Pool

Ever wished you could add a rock waterfall to your existing inground pool? Well, here’s your chance. You can now add an interesting focal point in your pool area and maybe even increase the value of your property. For the list of steps, check out Doityourself’s guide on how to build a pool rock waterfall in just four steps

8. Pool Towel Rack and Storage Area

If you are looking for a quick, easy, and cheap pool project that will solve your lack of storage, then try this pool towel rack and storage area by A Shade of Teal. This is a simple DIY project that’s perfect for beginners. 

With just wooden crates, caster wheels, paint, hooks, medium spray shelter, super finish max, and a turntable, you can create the perfect space to hang wet towels and storage for dry towels, sunblock, beer, small pool toys, and more. 

9. Above-Ground Camouflage with Pallet Sign 

An above-ground pool, on itself, can be an eyesore. But by just fencing it around with reed, it can blend in with your backyard a little more. You can also add signs using a pallet to make it look even better.

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This is a very easy and simple pool project that anyone can do. It’s also cheap since reed fencing only costs around $30. Check out Crafty in Crosby for the full guide. 

10. Outdoor Shower

You have probably thought about this pool project for a while. Well, maybe it’s about time that you finally do it. Here’s Fresh Mommy Blog to show you how to do your outdoor shower on a budget. 

An outdoor shower is a convenient and cute addition to your poolside area. Anyone can shower before and after swimming, which helps keep the pool and your home cleaner. You can also customize it and add hooks, signs, handles, and plants.

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